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Xander Grey-Summers

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Summary: school is over and Xander is left with nothing to do. When his mother tells him about his true parents he has to face a something about himself and the monster that created him.

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Chapter One

Xander Grey-Summers

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy or the X-men universes. I am only borrowing them for my own twisted entertainment.

Summary: High school is over and Xander is left with nothing to do. When his mother tells him about his true parents he has to face a something about himself and the monster that created him.

AN: I know that the people I have decided to make Xander’s parents are a really disturbing combination but hey considering how he came about it’s not too hard to believe possible. I wanted to try something that hasn’t been done in the comics like twenty times. Also I though it was something twisted enough that i couls see Sinister doing it.

Jessica couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had always been a selfish, self protecting woman. She had known from a young age when her powers had first developed that she was not meant for the tights. Her powers were not that special. She was a low class telepath who could read others thoughts but had trouble manipulating others minds. She was lucky if she could make anyone forget something.

She had originally gone looking for Sinister because she had heard that he could help her improve her powers. He had helped in every way she had wanted. She was now a powerful telepath. She was still nowhere near the strength of the legendary Xavier but she could do way more than she could do before. She hadn’t known what she had been signing herself up for. She had sold her soul for the ability to alter people’s minds. Now she was using these powers to hunt down other mutants for Sinister.

It was most likely the guilt that was building up inside her that was causing her to do this act of idiocy.

Jessica walked down the hallway trying not too suspicious. She stopped when she finally reached the door she wanted. Jessica turned around and smiled at the man that had been trailing after him. His name was William Delaine he was the head researcher under Sinister. He was her ticket in. Usually she would feel guilty for what she was doing to him. After this Sinister would blame him and most likely use him for one of his experiments. The thing was, she had been insides Williams mind and it was not a nice place.

“Open the door.” Jessica said at the same time enforcing it with a mental command. She watched as he entered his code and let the retina scanner do its job. Jessica walked into the room with William trailing after her like a little puppy. She looked around the room and quickly saw what she had come for.

In front of her inside a tube was a young boy that looked no older than six years old. The thing was that she knew that he was no older than three weeks old. She had been there since he was a baby. Sinister had ordered her to force feed the poor thing an education. She had already given him a high school education and had started giving him a college one.

The thing was that even though Sinister was fascinated by the boy. Everyone else in the lab looked at him with revulsion. Jessica had known that if she didn’t do anything this poor boy would grow up never knowing love. Jessica didn’t care who the boy’s genetic parents where, after all she had been in the same boat as he was.

“Let him out.” Jessica commanded walking over to the tube. She watched as the liquid the boy was in slowly lowered. Finally the tube was empty. Jessica quickly opened the tube and took the sensors off him.

‘Wake up Xander its time for us to go’ Jessica thought into Xander. Jessica watched as the boys eyes opened. Jessica tried to hide her surprise at the amount of affection that was shining from the boy’s eyes.

‘Mommy!’ Xander thought as he wrapped his arms around her. She felt warmth in her chest that she had never experienced before. For reason she felt protective of this boy, she would do anything for this boy.

‘That’s right. I’m here you don’t have to worry any more. I’ll take care of you.’ Jessica said. She picked him up and turned around to give William another order. She was shocked to find Anthony standing over the Williams burning body.

“Where do you think you’re going Jessica?” Anthony asked with blue flames dancing around his hands.

Jessica studied him for a moment. Anthony was a brute that lived for the fight. He was a sadistic monster that had been trying to get into her pants since the day she had begun working for Sinister. Even with this attraction to her she knew that Anthony wouldn’t let her go and would never stop hunting her. If there was one good thing about him was that he was as loyal as a dog if a little dumber. It took only a second for her to think of what she was going to do.

“I’m leaving anything and you’re going to take us out of here.” Jessica said. Before he could do anything Jessica entered his mind and quickly got to work. She quickly erased every memory that he had of working for Sinister. In its place she created memories of him romancing her. Months of dating that had culminated in them getting married. She had quickly become pregnant with their child. They had just bought a house when they had been kidnapped by Sinister. Sinister had experimented on her and their baby.

Anthony stood there staring blankly into space before shaking his head.

“What are you waiting for Jessica? Come on Sinister’s going to be back any minute now.” Anthony said.

“Alright lead the way Honey.” Jessica said smiling as Anthony led the way out of the building. Jessica was feeling better about her decision as she watched Anthony deal with the soldiers that were trying to stop them. She had known that it would be difficult staying away from Sinister, but now she had a trusty body guard that thought of them as family.

They quickly made their way out of the building and where on their way out of the state.

“Where are we going to go?” Jessica asked as she held Xander closer. Anthony looked over at her before looking back towards the street. He took one of his hands off the steering wheel and grabbed her hand.

“Don’t worry honey I know a place where no mutant would ever go. Sinister will never find us there.” Anthony said.

“Why don’t mutants go there?” Jessica asked as she ran her hands through Xander’s hair to make sure he stayed asleep.

“Something about this place affects our powers. I heard from the few mutants that have gone there that it cuts your powers in half. I’ll most likely lose the power to create my fire but still be able to control fire. You’ll most likely stay stronger than you were before Sinister experimented on you but nowhere near the strength you have now.” Anthony said.

“Are you sure that’s safe. If someone finds us we might not be able to defend ourselves.” Jessica asked.

“I know we won’t be able to defend ourselves as well but whomever finds us will be in the same boat as we are. It will at least give us a fighting chance.” Anthony responded.

“Ok if you think it will work. Where is this place anyway?” Jessica asked.

“It’s in California a small town called Sunnydale.” Anthony said.

Xander couldn’t keep a smile off his face as he continued staring at the burning school. He had survived graduation. He was going to go on his road trip and the girls were going to go to college he kind of felt like he was being left behind. He already had a college education though. His mom had continued his education after she had broke him out of his tube. Xander knew that he was weirder than anything that the Scooby gang had ever run into. That’s why he had kept his abilities a secret from them.

They wouldn’t have believed him anyways. Xander had started acting the fool long before Buffy had come to Sunnydale. He had let his boredom with school manifest in what his mom affectionately called willing ADD. She had tried to tell him to pay attention in class even though he already knew what they were teaching. That actual experience could be useful. His dad had sided with him saying that he was taking after his old man.

“Xander are you coming?” Willow asked from behind him.

“Nah, I’m gonna go home. My parents are most likely worried. The only way I could convince them not to come was if I promised them I came home right after.” Xander said as he turned around to face her.

“Yeah your parents are really cool. Go ahead and go I’ll tell everyone you couldn’t join us.” Willow said. She turned around and was about to leave.

“Willow, I’m leaving tomorrow for my road trip.” Xander said walking over to her. He hated how her face fell in obvious sadness. He hated that he was hurting his friends but he had to leave. He had never known anything but his tube and Sunnydale. He loved hearing the adventures his parents had when they were younger.

He wanted to see the world. He knew that his powers were weaker here than it would be out there. He wanted to find out how strong he could be. He was already a way powerful telepath than his mother. His telekinesis was strong too but he felt that it could be stronger. He knew that his parents didn’t want him to go saying he was too young. He was only twelve years old even though his body was eighteen years old.

“Do you have to go? I know you’ve been talking about this trip since we were little…I just thought that you would stay here a little while longer.” Willow said.

“Yes I have to leave. I finally convinced my parents to let me go. I’m not going to wait around for them to change their mind.” Xander said.

“Can’t you stay around for a little longer? I thought we could hang out before I go to college.” Willow asked almost sounding like she was begging.

“I’m sorry Willow but I have to go. I’ve only ever been to Sunnydale. I want to go see the world can’t you understand that.” Xander asked getting closer to Willow.

“I can understand that but what about the gang are you going to give up helping us stop the bad guys.”

“Willow, we both know that you guys don’t need me. I’m not good at fighting. I’m no good at magic; in fact magic tends to go wonky whenever I’m around. Let’s face it Willow you guys don’t need me.” Xander said.

“That’s not true. You help us all the time.”

“Of course I help you guys. The thing is Willow you guys will do just fine without me. I love you guys but I need to grow up and experience more than Sunnyhell.” Xander said. He pulled her into a hug.

“Alright, if you have to leave than leave, just don’t be a stranger all right. You always have a home here.”

“I won’t be. If you guys ever need me just call.” Xander said. Willow stepped back and waved before running after the gang.

“Mom, Dad I’m home.” Xander called out as he entered the house. He was almost automatically engulfed in a hug.

“Thank god you’re alright. I can’t believe you wouldn’t let us come and help.” His mom exclaimed hugging him tighter.

“Let the boy breath Jess.” His dad said from behind his mom. His mom reluctantly let go of him.

“So how did it go? I’m assuming you and Bunny beat the mayor or we would all be snake food right about now.” His father said.

“Dad, you know her names Buffy. The plan worked perfectly. The mayor is dead and the gang is splitting up. Angel left right after without saying goodbye.” Xander said.

“Good riddance that undead creep was never good enough for the poor girl.” Jessica said sitting down at their kitchen table.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Xander said as he sat down at the table. He watched as his father walked around preparing everyone’s coffee.

“Willow and Buffy are going to college in the fall. Cordelia’s leaving to L.A. in a week.” Xander continued.

“You’re trying to tell us that your leaving for that road trip aren’t you.” His dad said when he sat down at the table with their coffees.

“Yeah, I know you guys don’t want me to go but I have to.”

“You’re way too young to go out by yourself.” His mom said looking down into her coffee.

“Dear, we talked about this. We’ve taught him everything he needs to know. You’ve taught him everything you know about telepathy, while I helped him with his telekinesis. He can deal with any problems that come along.” His father said.

“Mom you know why I have to go.” Xander said. His mom took a sip of her coffee before nodding.

“Yeah, He has to go find his real parents.” His father said, shocking both of them. “I’ve known for a while now that you had messed with my memories Jessica.”

“How did you figure it out?” Jessica asked.

“I’ve known for a few years, it was when we were registering Xander for high school. I couldn’t find his birth certificate. So I started looking and I couldn’t find it, I couldn’t find anything even our marriage license.” His dad said.

“I’m so sorry Anthony.” His mom said with tears in her eyes. His father reached across the table and grabbed her hand.

“Don’t be sorry. Before I met you I had nothing I was a maniac driven by his powers. Now I have a family. A beautiful wife and a fantastic son, I’m sure it’s better than whatever you erased.” His dad said.

“I love you so much.” His mom said whipping her eyes.

“So stop keeping the boy in suspense. Tell him who his real parents are.” His dad said.

“The first thing you have to understand is that both your father and I had been working for a mad man called Sinister. He was a monster who researched and experimented on mutants on his mad quest to create the perfect mutant. He had tried so many times. He had become obsessed with two family lines, specifically Scott Summers and Jean Grey. There was just one problem Jean died before he could do anything. However he was able to clone her. He later released the clone and the clone became Madelyne Pryor and married Scott.”

“Let me guess they had a kid.” Xander said.

“Yes they did. A boy named Nathan Summers but Apocalypse infected him with a techno-organic virus that would have killed him. His parents gave him to someone that saved him. Sinister didn’t know who just that she was from the future. Sinister had thought that the chance was lost especially since Madelyne later died. His prayers were answered when it was discovered that gene was never dead. Better yet Nathan had returned a full grown man and was now going by the name Cable.”

“What happened next?”

“Something went wrong. Cable wasn’t as powerful as he hoped. You see almost all of his powers were used keeping the virus he was infected with in control. The thing was instead of trying again he went through the effort of getting Jean Grey’s DNA. It took a few months but he was finally able to.”

“Then he went after Scott’s?” Xander asked.

“No. Sinister in all of his insanity decided that his chances of creating the perfect mutant would be better if he tried a second generation.” His mother said.

“What does that mean?” His father asked.

“It means that the crazy bastard decided to use Cables genetic material instead of Scotts. Your parents are Jean Grey and Nathan Summers.” His mother told him unable to look into his eyes.

“Are you telling me that my father is also my uncle and that my mother is also my grandma?” Xander asked in disbelief.

“Yes. Don’t worry about any genetic abnormalities Sinister made sure that there wasn’t any. It’s not your fault that your parents were related. It doesn’t change anything about you. You’re still the little boy I sang to sleep.” His mother said.

“She’s right son this changes nothing. You’re still my little boy.” His father said.

“The thing is your parents might not think the same. They might not accept you.” His mom said finally looking into her eyes.
Xander sat there staring into his coffee. He couldn’t believe the story he had just heard. Could he face his parents? Should he force them to deal with this and ruin their lives? He didn’t know what to do, he needed more time before he knew what to do about that. There was one thing that he knew, he was going to make Sinister pay for what he did to him and his parents.
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