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Five times Dawn and Sam had hot, dirty, sex...

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Summary: ...and one time they didn't! I saw the title of a story here and jumped to an erroneous conclusion - 'Sam' to me does not mean Sam Winchester. It means... well, read and see. 6 x 100-word drabbles.

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Size Matters Not

Disclaimer: Dawn Summers is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy/Fox. The Lord of the Rings is the property of the estate of J R R Tolkien.

Size Matters Not

Dawn sank down from her knees and then rolled over onto her back. She reached up her arms and pulled her lover down to lie beside her. His head rested on her breasts, in the perfect position for some post-coital licking and nibbling of nipples, and his toes brushed against her knees.

“That was pretty damn good, Sam,” she said, once she had regained her breath sufficiently for coherent speech, “but why do you always have to finish off with anal?”

Sam blushed. “Sorry, Mistress Dawn,” he said. “I got used to it while I was with Master Frodo.”
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