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New neighbours

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Summary: DH/BTVS Bree/Faith After Sunnydale's downfall, certain places became hotspots for vampires. The slayers are spread all over the world, each assigned to a different hotspot to try and rid it of it's vampires. Faith is assigned to Wisteria Lane.

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Cards on the Table

Bree’s heart hammered in her chest as she made her way across the road to Gaby’s. It was their weekly poker game and, due to certain circumstances (an example being her girlfriend going to prison), Bree had been absent the past couple of weeks. Lynette was still the only one of her friends Bree had told about her relationship with Faith but she wouldn’t be surprised if the others had found out some other way. Secrets didn’t tend to stay hidden in Wisteria Lane. Not that Faith was necessarily a secret as such, but Bree was very anxious about her friends’ reactions. After all, she had a reputation to uphold.

Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door. She was surprisingly relieved to see it was Lynette who answered the door. It meant she could gain a quick idea of how the evening would go. Lynette smiled and hugged her friend. Bree raised her eyebrows at Lynette, conveying her questions silently.

“Don’t worry, Bree, I’ve got your back,” Lynette whispered reassuringly. Bree gave her a small grateful smile before entering Gaby’s house. As she entered the dining hall, a hush fell over the room as all eyes turned to rest on her. Bree felt heat flush to her face, but she quickly shook it off. Squaring her shoulders and lifting her chin, she took her seat at the table. The awkward silence stretched on as her friends seemed to be waiting for some sort of explanation.

“So, we hear you’re screwing Faith. The rumors true?” Edie said tastelessly in true Edie fashion. Bree’s eyes widened in shock and everyone else looked at Edie in horror.

“Edie!” the others squealed.

“What? Oh, like this awkward silence is so much better? I mean seriously. Another minute more and I’d be pulling a Mary Alice.”

The four friends stared at Edie in sheer amazement before three pairs of eyes slowly focused back onto Bree. Lynette gave Bree a reassuring smile. “Bree, you don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to,” she said, squeezing Bree’s arm.

“Speak for yourself, Lynette! Come on Bree, spill! What the hell has been going on the past few weeks?” Gaby said, eager to hear the rumors confirmed or denied. Bree sighed deeply, realizing that the best way to go about the situation was to just tell them everything.

“Well ladies, now I know there have been some rumors spreading about me lately and I will now set the record straight. This may come as a bit of a shock – Faith and I are romantically involved. She is a truly wonderful person and I love her very dearly.”

Bree looked around the table to see three very surprised faces. They had all heard the rumors but they had never truly believed them.

“Didn’t she go to prison?” Susan asked, concerned for her friend.

“Yes. But it was all a big misunderstanding. Really. It all got sorted out and she was released two weeks after her imprisonment.” Bree didn’t know why, but she felt the need to bend the truth slightly. Whilst there had been a misunderstanding, Faith was technically supposed to be in jail. However, she really wanted her friends to accept her relationship with Faith and so she was willing to twist the truth a little.

“Wow Bree. I did not see this coming! I mean, you trusted Faith the least out of all of us!” Gaby exclaimed. Bree nodded calmly.

“I really didn’t see it coming either. It just happened. Somewhere along the arguing I somehow fell in love with her. Now I’m not a particularly sentimental person, as you all know, but Faith is…well she’s special. I make an exception for her,” Bree said, trying to come to terms herself with how it happened. They all looked at her with understanding.

“You should invite her to play poker with us sometime,” Susan said warmly. Bree felt her entire being relax with relief as she looked into the accepting faces of her friends.

“Hold on, I’m coming!” Faith shouted in annoyance as her doorbell rang for a second time. She started as she opened the door.

“What are you doing here?”

“Now that’s not a very nice way to treat your guests,” Danielle smirked flirtatiously, before sliding past a bewildered Faith into her house. “Nice place you got here,” she said, draping herself over the coach.

“Yeah I guess,” Faith replied slowly, her eyebrows furrowing. “You need something?”

“Nothing. Just thought it’d be nice if we hung out.”

“Hung out? Right…” Faith said, not convinced.

“Relax will ya? Stop acting like a spaz and come and sit with me,” Danielle said nonchalantly as she moved to make room for Faith on her couch. Faith awkwardly sat next to her.

“Does your mom know you’re here?” Faith asked suspiciously.

“Nah she went to see her friends. Those guys are practically connected at the hip. I’m surprised she hasn’t mentioned to them about you before. They normally tell each other everything,” Danielle said offhandedly, smirking on the inside. Faith looked down uncomfortably. Danielle smiled as she saw a window of opportunity.

“I mean, I thought she would have introduced you and everything by now. But hey, guess that’s mom! Her reputation IS her one true love.”

Faith didn’t want to admit it, but what Danielle was saying was really starting to get to her. She had been wondering about when Bree was planning on telling her friends about them for a while and having Danielle vocalize these concerns only added to her insecurity.

“Well, you know, I have actually met them before so I guess the introduction thing sorta isn’t necessary,” Faith said half-heartedly, glancing up into sympathetic eyes.

“Yeah but I mean like, re-introduce you as her girlfriend. I would of totally done that. In case you hadn’t noticed, you’re kinda hot. I’m surprised she didn’t tell them right away,” Danielle said, using every ounce of charm she had. Faith’s face of concern broke into a small grin. She knew she was hot. Being reminded made her feel slightly less of a loser and put her back into her comfort zone. They talked a while more and Faith found herself actually enjoying Danielle’s company. She seemed genuinely interested in what she had to say, rather than dismissing it as being too crude or tasteless. She loved Bree but sometimes she felt a little out of her depth when she talked to her. She sometimes got the feeling that she wasn’t intellectual enough to be of any interest to Bree. It wasn’t anything that Bree had said or implied, but it was a feeling she got all the same. Suddenly, she felt a hand brush against her thigh. Glancing over at Danielle, Faith realized the girl had been slowly moving closer to her during their conversation. Danielle’s face, however, showed no signs of anything happening and she continued to smile and talk casually. Just as Faith began to dismiss it as her overactive imagination, she felt the hand brush her thigh again, this time higher up. Before she knew it, the hand suddenly rested even high up her thigh. Faith’s eyes snapped to Danielle’s as the hand started to travel to the place of no return. Faith grabbed Danielle’s wrist, stilling its movement. Danielle gasped, her heart speeding up slightly at Faith’s intense stare. Faith threw her hand back at her and quickly stood up.

“I think you should go now,” she said stonily. Danielle hesitantly stood up. She hadn’t expected rejection. Nobody rejected her.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, Faith?” she said huskily, stepping closer to the unnerved brunette.

“Danielle, I know this game. I’ve played it before. If you leave now and promise you won’t try anything again, I’ll keep it between us. If not…”

Anger flared up inside Danielle. “If not what? You’ll tell my mom? Like she would take your side over her own sweet, innocent daughter’s?”

Her anger was mirrored in Faith’s expression as her eyes flashed with a darkness she hadn’t seen before. It really turned her on. She surprised herself as she felt herself genuinely wanting Faith.

“I have a different idea. How about you do exactly as I say and I won’t tell my mom about how you tried to seduce me and, when that failed, resorted to extreme measures,” Danielle said threateningly. Faith’s eyebrows raised in disbelief. This was a whole new side to Danielle that she didn’t like quite as much. Faith didn’t take orders from anybody.

“Why don’t you fuck off,” she replied warningly. She then watched on in alarm as tears filled Danielle’s eyes.

“Mommy,” she whined, letting out a sob. “I-it’s Faith. S-she h-hurt me…I w-was trying to be nice b-but she got the w-wrong idea a-and…” She then began to cry in earnest before straightening up with a smirk on her face. “Huh…I’m pretty good at that…”

“You little shit,” Faith seethed. Every muscle in her body was screaming to do some damage but she held back. Having Danielle go home to Bree black and blue wouldn’t look so good for her. She was really in a bit of a situation.

“So, what do you say, Faith?” Danielle asked smugly, crossing her arms. Faith stared at her in complete shock as she tried to think of a way out.

“Please don’t do this to me,” she said quietly, going for broke. Danielle grinned gleefully. She knew she had Faith in her traps now.

“Sorry, Faithy. This is the only way you get to stay in our lives.”

Faith had no intentions of going along with Danielle’s blackmailing. She realized it was time to resort to plan B. Closing her eyes for a moment, she let her anger wash over her. Danielle gasped quietly as Faith met her gaze with a cold hard stare. Before she knew it, she was up against the wall, held there firmly.

By her throat.

It wasn’t enough to stop her breathing but she definitely got the idea.

“Okay now I’m only gonna say this once. I’m guessing your mom told you the gist of why I went to prison. Now I get that you wouldn’t want someone like me dating your mom but that’s not really your call. I’m not that person anymore but, trust me when I tell you, I can be. If, that is, you wanna try and mess with me again.” Faith spoke very calmly and quietly, with a hint of threat in her voice. Danielle looked at her in fear as her grasp around her neck tightened very slightly before releasing it altogether. She stepped back and turned her back to the girl. “Now, like I said, I think you should be leaving.”

As soon as Danielle realized her life wasn’t in any immediate danger she hurried out of the house. Faith thought she had won but Danielle wasn’t going to let this slide so easily. She knew deep down that Faith would never hurt her. She couldn’t do that to Bree. She only needed to let Faith think she had won to buy her some planning time.

Oh yes, the game was only beginning.
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