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New neighbours

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Summary: DH/BTVS Bree/Faith After Sunnydale's downfall, certain places became hotspots for vampires. The slayers are spread all over the world, each assigned to a different hotspot to try and rid it of it's vampires. Faith is assigned to Wisteria Lane.

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Television > Desperate HousewivesEnclownterFR182527,2462159,87726 Jul 117 Jan 13No

Well played

Faith grumbled to herself as she made her way over the road. Whilst she was more than eager for Bree to go to her house, she had found some reason or other to excuse herself from going to Bree's. It wasn't that she was avoiding Danielle...okay, so it was exactly that she was avoiding her. She knew deep down that she couldn't lay a finger on the teenager, despite her threats, unless she wanted to say goodbye to Bree forever. After the whole issue with Buffy and her return to prison, Faith really thought she would finally be allowed some peace and happiness. But no. Her girlfriend's scheming daughter had to get in the way. Faith could tell that Bree was starting to get suspicious and hurt by her hesitancy to visit and Faith knew she couldn't avoid the house forever. So this was why she was currently sucking it up and going to the Van Der Kamps' for dinner. Somehow she had a feeling it was going to be even more painful than the last.

"Faith," Bree smiled as she opened the door. Faith tried not to let her discomfort enter her eyes as she smiled back.
"You dressed up," Bree noticed, surprised. She had never seen Faith in a dress before and felt her breath leave her as she took it in. Faith's dress was a deep red and somehow managed to be incredibly classy even with a low V-shaped neckline. Her hair came down in waves around her shoulders and her lips were stained red to match her dress. The look was completed with smoky eyes that were currently bordering on smouldering as Faith looked Bree up and down appreciatively. Bree didn't think she had ever seen anything so beautiful. Even so, now she looked more carefully, Bree realised Faith was not so much looking her up and down now but rather shifting her eyes to try and see inside the house. Bree gave her a puzzled look as she sidestepped to let the brunette enter. Faith took a deep breath, preparing herself for the worst before stepping inside. Bree closed the door and turned to face her.
"So, are you hungry?"

Ten minutes later, Faith found herself sat at the dining room table, eating Bree's delicious steak. She felt particularly touched, knowing that Bree had made the steak especially because she knew about Faith's love of red meat. Much to Faith's distaste, however, Danielle had sat herself down beside her. So far, though, she had left Faith alone. Her threatening speech must have gotten through to Danielle after all. Breathing an internal sigh of relief, Faith began to hope that maybe, just maybe, happiness was in her future after all.

"How's everyone's steaks?" Bree asked, smiling round the table. Andrew and Danielle grunted in reply without looking up, causing Faith to frown.

"It's all really great, Bree. Thanks," Faith said trying to sound as grateful as she could to make up for the others at the table. Bree looked at her appreciatively, noticing also how hard Faith was trying to eat politely. However, her brow quickly furrowed in confusion as Faith suddenly dropped her fork. Faith gave her an apologetic smile as she picked it up slightly shakily again. Deciding to ignore her girlfriend's strange behaviour, Bree carried on eating.

The little shit. Just when everything was going so great and Faith was getting her hopes up that things might actually turn out okay, she suddenly felt a foot stroking confidently up and down her leg under the table. Not only did it shoot any illusions out of the water about the effectiveness of threatening speeches, but it also caused her to drop her fork in surprise. Now Bree was looking at her strangely. What was really strange, however, was the fact that Andrew didn't look all that surprised or confused. It quickly all came together in Faith's mind. He was in on this little plan too. They were both trying to get her out. Anger bubbled up inside her as she kicked Danielle's leg hard. Not slayer hard but hard enough to give her the message. Wincing slightly, Danielle quickly retracted her foot. Faith's anger soon became to mould itself into something else: determination. She wasn't going to let them push her out. No, she was hanging around for the long run and no teenager was going to tell her otherwise. Even as she gave herself this rousing pep talk, Danielle's foot soon creeped back for seconds. Was this girl looking for pain or did she realise that her threats truly were empty? Faith could only guess the latter. Not being able to take it anymore, Faith abruptly stood up causing all eyes to turn to her.

" the restroom," she said awkwardly before hurrying out of the room. Growling quietly to herself, she began to pace the hallway trying to figure out what she was going to do. Before she could come up with any solutions, Danielle suddenly appeared in the doorway, looking smugly at her.

"What are you doing here?" Faith asked irritably, but with a hint of weariness - this girl was really working her patience and her energy.

"Could ask you the same thing," Danielle replied, taking a step closer.

"Well, whatever the reason, you must have looked pretty damn suspicious following me out here like that."

"Nah they're clearing up. When Mom's cleaning she doesn't much notice on what's going on around her."

"Huh. She always noticed me," Faith smirked, her smirk turning into a grin at Danielle's glare. Danielle had clearly stopped playing around.

"Look, I'll make this easy for you. I'm tired of this game and you've more than proven that you are too. I just want one thing and then I promise I'll drop this forever. We never bring it up again and Andrew and I will welcome you into our family. For real this time."

Faith looked at Danielle suspiciously. "I'm not fucking you..."

"...No, no, no! I'm so over that," Danielle interrupted before taking another couple of steps closer. "No, this time, all I want is a kiss."

Faith almost burst out laughing. It couldn't be that easy could it? There must be some kind of trap. Even if there wasn't, did she really want to let Danielle win? The old Faith would have told her to shove it and maybe knocked her out a little for good measures. Then again, the old Faith probably would've just fucked her. She was different now. She could see past silly little childish games and actually saw a future for herself, one she hoped Bree would play a big part in. However, she realised that along with Bree came her family. Should she let them win just this once to get them off her back so everyone could just move on? It was just a kiss right? Friends kissed all the time! Hell, family did too (not hers per say but then again she wouldn't really call her mom, her mom's string of boyfriends and her a family...) Throughout this inner battle with herself, Danielle just looked at her with an air of smugness. Fuck it. If she did it or not, that girl knew she had won. Before she could change her mind (again), Faith strode straight for Danielle and kissed her hard and very fast, before pulling away.


"That wasn't a kiss! That was practically something I would give my grandma!"

"Well it's all you're fucking getting. I did what you asked now leave me alone."

"Come on, Faith! Even you must see that's not fair. I'm willing to actually let you be with my mother and all I'm asking is this one thing!"

Faith swore fervently under her breath before placing her hands in either side of Danielle's face and pulling her towards her. She still kissed her hard and refused to open her mouth, but this time, forced herself to linger there. She only pulled away when she heard a plate crash behind her. Whipping her head round, Faith felt her stomach drop as she saw Bree and Andrew standing there, shattered china on the floor at Bree's feet.

"Bree no! It's not what it looks like!" Faith said, panicked. Bree had gone completely white.

"Mommy!" Danielle exclaimed, her voice small, as she rushed to Bree with tears in her eyes. As Bree took in the state of her daughter who was now clinging to her, looking very innocent, her eyes turned cold as she looked back up at Faith.

"I want you out of my house," Bree said, her voice, icy.

"Bree, you gotta let me explain," Faith almost shouted in her panic.

"Now," Bree spat. Faith had never seen her so angry.

"O-okay, I'll go. But we need to talk about this, Bree. You can't shut me out until you know what actually went down. Don't believe anything Danielle tells you she's.."

Faith was cut off by a hard slap to the cheek. Touching her face in shock, she looked up at Bree.

"Don't you EVER mention my daughter's name again." Bree seethed, giving her one last icy look before turning her back to her. "Or I'll be forced to get my gun," she added as she walked away, teenagers in tow. Faith watched the three of them retreat, in utter shock and horror. Not knowing what else she could really do at the minute, Faith numbly walked out of the house. It was raining but she felt nothing. The only thing she did feel was the sudden urge to be sick.

The End?

You have reached the end of "New neighbours" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Jan 13.

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