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New neighbours

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Summary: DH/BTVS Bree/Faith After Sunnydale's downfall, certain places became hotspots for vampires. The slayers are spread all over the world, each assigned to a different hotspot to try and rid it of it's vampires. Faith is assigned to Wisteria Lane.

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Television > Desperate HousewivesEnclownterFR182527,2462159,92226 Jul 117 Jan 13No

Welcome to Wisteria Lane

Disclaimer: I do not own desperate housewives or buffy the vampire slayer and this is for entertainment purposes only.

Takes place during season 2 of desperate housewives and post season 7 of buffy the vampire slayer.

Faith raised her eyebrows as she drove through her new street. It was most certainly the least likely place she had ever come across that would be a hotspot for vampires. The houses were perfectly maintained and beautiful right down to the picket fences. Faith shook her head in disbelief as she tried to reason with herself why Giles decided that, out of all the slayers in the world, she was the one to be chosen for Wisteria Lane. The whole point was to blend in and Faith was certain that, for her, this was not going to be a possibility. 

Faith suddenly spurted out the beer she had been idly drinking as she approached her new house. For one thing, it was enormous, much like a lot of the other houses in Wisteria Lane. The second thing was that it was pink with a white picket fence and a neatly mown front lawn. This was the last place Faith thought she would end up and she silently cursed the council for assigning her this house. It was obvious they still held a grudge against her for her...well sordid past.

After bringing her boxes inside, Faith glanced out the window where she saw clusters of nosy neighbours eying her moving van and house. Great. Just what she needed when harbouring a secret identity - a group of neighbours who were going to make it their number one priority to find out what it was. She was startled by a sudden knock at the door and quickly went to hide the box holding her weapons. She then took a deep breath before opening the door. Standing there were four women, each holding a housewarming gift of sorts. The red head holding a basket of muffins began to introduce them. 'Hello, I'm Bree and this is Susan, Lynette and Gaby. We just thought we'd welcome you to Wisteria Lane.' Faith eyed them with disbelief written on her face. Wow this neighbourhood sure was keen. 'Hey, I'm Faith.' She nodded their way. 'I'd invite you in but the place is kinda a mess at the moment...'

'Say no more, we just thought it would be nice to get to know the new neighbour. If you need any help at all with anything, I'm sure we would all be delighted to help,' Bree exclaimed, a smile plastered onto her face. Gaby coughed slightly at this last statement but Lynette elbowed her casually to set her straight. This was going to be an interesting few months...
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