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Time's Child

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Time's Child". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies were just starting to get bored good thing there's another Prophecy.

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Harry Potter > General > Humor(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR153048,38711202123,13428 Jul 1119 Apr 13No

chapter 28

Chapter 28

AN: I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but for the this story I changed the Black family tree. Andromeda, Sirius, Narcissa, Bellatrix and Regulus are siblings in this. Sirius and Narcissa are twins. Bellatrix is the oldest, then Andromeda, then Sirius and Narcissa, with Regulus as the baby.

Faith, Morgana and Jessica were waiting in the lobby when they arrived. Faith bound over and snatched the bag of pastries Xander had ordered before they left the café.

Xander and Dawn grinned in amusement while Narcissa raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow as Faith devoured two pastries before wrapping her arms around Xander and planting a kiss on his lips.

“Thanks boytoy. Baby was starving,” greeted Faith with her arms still around Xander.

“I figured and I returned with sugary goodness,” replied Xander turning her around in his arms to face the soon to be Black’s but not releasing her.

“Keep feeding me and you’ll never get rid of me,” teased Faith.

“That was the plan,” returned Xander.

“Narcissa,” greeted Jessica and Morgana at the same time with hesitant smiles. They had been close friends with Narcissa during their Hogwarts years but that been a long time ago and before war had torn them apart.

“Jessica, Morgana, I thought you were both in America?” asked Narcissa warmly. When they had moved she had lost her only true friends but she had understood the need for them to leave. The war had been harsh and neither of them were fighters.

“Been back for a few weeks,” answered Jessica glancing quickly at Xander.

Narcissa caught the look. It was a mix of regret, longing, love and hope. She took the look as conformation that Xander was her child as well as Severus’s, “You son is quite something Jessica.”

“He is,” replied Jessica. Proud of her son even though she knew she had very little to do with the man he was today.

“So you’re my Aunt Narcissa and Cousin Draco?” asked Faith with a smirk.

“Sirius is her father,” added Morgana.

Narcissa couldn’t help the slightly hysterical laughter that escaped her lips as she realized Sirius’s daughter was with Severus’s son.

Draco had never seen his mother laugh like this before and eyed her wearily not understanding what she found so amusing.

“It’s not that funny Cissy, think if Draco actually liked Pansy,” stated Severus causing Narcissa and Draco to grimace in distaste. Narcissa truly disliked Pansy’s mother, she was a horribly conniving toady.

“Thank Merlin I don’t have to marry her now,” announced Draco with a relieved smile.

“I take it you really didn’t like her?” asked Dawn. Harry, Hermione and the Weasley’s really didn’t this Pansy girl and it was kinda a relief to know that Draco didn’t like her either.

“She’s dumber than Crabbe and Goyle. She’s spiteful and cruel because it makes her happy not because it is expected of her. She hexes the younger years when she’s bored, so yes I really don’t like her. Honestly I’d rather marry Granger than be stuck with the pug faced b-brat. Granger hates me but she’s intelligent and not afraid to stick up for herself,” answered Draco causing Xander, Dawn, Faith and Connor to laugh. “What am I missing?”

“You’ll have to fight Harry for Hermione if you want her,” answered Xander.

“He finally pulled his bloody head out of his arse then?” asked Draco.

Narcissa cuffed Draco on the back of the head while reprimanding him, “Watch your language!”

“Language aside he does have a point. We’ve been taking bets on when it would happen since their first year. Filius will probably win the pot with this summer,” offered Severus.

“When did you have them getting together?” asked Xander.

“I had winter holiday of fourth year,” answered Severus.

“Harry’s a bit dense where his own happiness is concerned,” offered Xander causing Faith and Dawn to laugh, “Hush you two.”

They stopped laughing but they were still grinning amusedly. That was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black if ever there was one.

“Let’s move this upstairs and out of the lobby,” announced Xander.

Narcissa was shocked to see her brother arrive undisguised she knew his picture had been released to the muggle media but no one here paid him any undue interest. The people that greeted him in passing were friendly and the ones that didn’t greet him showed no interest in him at all. The wariness that should have been common when seeing an escaped convict walking down the hall just wasn’t there. She knew he didn’t have it in him to betray the Potter’s but until The Rat had brought about the return of the Dark Lord she had assumed he had killed the little bastard in revenge.

Draco was watching his uncle wearily. His mother might have told him that Sirius hadn’t betrayed the Potter’s but she had been less certain of innocence as to the murders he’d been thrown into Azkaban for. Dementors hadn’t been much easier on him then they’d been on Harry no matter how much he’d taunted Harry about them. He didn’t think his uncle could be all that sane after twelve years in their presence.

“Do you want this?” asked Sirius looking directly into his sister’s eyes.

“Yes,” was her immediate reply.

Sirius turned to Draco and said, “You understand that this will break every connection you have to the Malfoy line. He won’t be your father anymore nor will he have any right to you. You’ll never be a Malfoy again and you won’t be able to claim any inheritance after he kicks it. Are you still willing?”

“Yes,” came the quiet but heartfelt response from Draco. He had no love for the cruel and heartless man he called Father nor ties to the name he’d been given at birth.

“Good,” stated Sirius. He pulled his wand out of his pocket and announced, “I, Sirius Orion Black the third as Head of the Most Noble and Ancient House Black, hereby dissolve the contract of marriage between Narcissa Rose Malfoy nee Black and Lucius Abraxas Malfoy. With the dissolution of Marriage I return Narcissa the Name of Black and accept Draco Orion as a returning Son of the Family Black.”

Light, almost blinding in it intensity, spread from Sirius’s wand to enveloped Narcissa and Draco for about ten seconds before it disappeared leaving a happily weeping Narcissa. Andromeda embraced her.

Watching his sisters gave Sirius an idea; he grinned and announced, “I, Sirius Orion Black the third as Head of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black, hereby reclaim Andromeda Jessamine Tonks nee Black and her Daughter Nymphadora Anise Tonks as Daughters of the House of Black and recognize the validity of Theodore Edward Tonks as Husband to Andromeda Jessamine and Father to Nymphadora Anise.”

Once again Sirius’s wand emitted a nearly blinding light, this time it wrapped around Andromeda.

In Amelia Bones’ office, Nymphadora was encircled in nearly blinding light while Amelia watched in shock and Mad eye Moody watched in amusement.

Amelia knew a reclaiming even if she’d only ever seen one once in her entire life before this. The problem was that only the head of the family could reclaim someone into the family. The Head of the Black family happened to be an escaped convict and assumed Death Eater so why was he reclaiming a half-blood niece.

“What the bloody hell was that?” asked Nymphadora in confusion after the glow faded.

“A family reclaiming and you have some explaining to do,” stated Amelia getting over her surprise.

“Oh, um, I have no idea what’s going on,” announced Tonks as two separate scrolls appeared on Amelia’s desk.

Amelia ignored the two aurors as she read through the first scroll. It was the scroll containing the written proof of the dissolution of marriage between Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy and the reclaiming of Narcissa and Draco into the Black family. The second scroll was the reclaiming of Andromeda and Nymphadora Tonks. Amelia couldn’t help thinking, ‘Why the hell did Sirius Black dissolve the Malfoy’s marriage? He gains nothing from it. Why is he reclaiming his blood traitor sister and half-blood niece? What the hell was going on? What if he didn’t betray…No that would have come out during the trial’ except she was having a hell of a time even finding any record of a trial for Sirius Black. Even Bellatrix had had a trial but she couldn’t find even a trace of a trial for Sirius. She cast the strongest privacy wards she knew then added five more anti-listening and anti-scrying spells.

Moody cast another three when he saw what she was doing.

“Auror Tonks do you know why Sirius Black has just dissolved your Aunt’s marriage contract and reclaimed her, her son, your mother and yourself?” asked Amelia.

Tonks couldn’t help the amused giggle that escaped as she envisioned Lucius’s reaction to that. He’d lost his wife and heir with absolutely no warning.

“Auror Tonks!” yelled Amelia.

Tonks stopped giggling and straightened up professionally but hesitated to say anything because no matter what she said she was going to get in trouble.

Amelia narrowed her eyes and ordered, “Tell me the truth Auror Tonks!”

“Cause she asked him to?” offered Tonks as more of a question than a statement. She hadn’t actually been privy to the plan that Xander, her mother and uncle had concocted.

“Because your mother asked or because your Aunt asked? Remember that you are an Auror under my command and Sirius Black is an escaped convict,” questioned Amelia.

“Can he really be an escaped convict if he was never given a trial? Never sentenced? Never convicted of any crimes?” asked Tonks showing a spine of steel that Amelia hadn’t witnessed before in the normally clumsy girl.

“How?” asked Amelia

“I checked the records and asked every trust worthy person I could find and they all said the same thing. My Uncle was never given a trial he was just thrown in Azkaban for life while known Death Eaters walked free. Where the hell was justice then?” asked Tonks. She knew she was most likely going to get fired at least and probably arrested as well by this point but she didn’t really care anymore. Voldemort was back and most of his followers were once more at his side because they had bribed their way out of Azkaban while her uncle had been wrongfully imprisoned for twelve years. Harry had been abused and neglected and Faith had grown up without her father and family because one man was playing god.

Amelia processing everything her Auror had said and came to a decision. She had been friends with Andromeda since their Hogwarts days and Andy had been adamant that Sirius wouldn’t have betrayed the Potters. Her niece had told her that there was a rumor at Hogwarts that Harry Potter and his two best friends believed Sirius to be innocent because Peter Prettigrew was not dead just over a year ago. Fudge had said the children were confounded but he’d ignored the medical reports from Madam Pomfrey that stated they weren’t. He’d also let the Dementors Kiss Barty Crouch before he could be questioned just two months ago. He was also currently denying that Voldemort was back even though it wouldn’t be hard to get the memory from Potter or even just give him truth potion for conformation. “Would he come in if I swear on my magic that he’ll get a trial?” asked Amelia.

Moody answered while Tonks was thinking it over, “No but we could take you to him if you swear to hold judgment until you’ve been told the entire truth.”

“When?” asked Amelia ignoring the fact that two of her Aurors knew where an escaped convict was and hadn’t brought him in.

“Now,” answered Moody.

“Let me clear my schedule,” announced Amelia as she started taking down the wards and spells she’d cast earlier. Moody removed the three that he’d cast and she stuck her head out the door and yelled, “Jenkins clear my schedule for the day. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

A change of clothes, twenty minutes and twelve apparations later the three were standing in front of the NSWC Historical Society which Amelia knew was a front for the Watcher’s Council.

Amelia sighed, things just got a lot more complicated.

“Come on then,” stated Tonks happily as she headed inside.

Once inside Moody greeted Lizzie at the front desk, “Good mornin’ Miss Lizzie.”

“Morning Alastor. Try the fourth floor conference room and if they’ve already left there try the sixth floor gym. The children are doing an obstacle course that Miss B set up this morning.”

“Thank you Miss Lizzie,” responded Moody. Tonks was smirking at him. Teasing Mad Eye Moody about his crush on Hermione’s grandmother was entertaining to say the least.

They headed up to the fourth floor and found the conference room still held the person they were here to see. Amelia raised an eyebrow at seeing Severus Snape, Narcissa and Draco looking relaxed and comfortable in muggle clothes.

“Hey Tonks, Moody, weren’t you two having a meeting with your boss lady today?” asked Xander spotting them first.

“Oops,” said Sirius sheepishly as he saw Madam Bones.

“Yep,” answered Tonks sending a glare at her uncle.

“Hello Amelia,” greeted Andromeda.

“Andromeda,” returned Amelia.

“Everyone this is my boss Madam Bones. I was in a meeting with her when I was reclaimed into the House of Black,” announced Tonks.

“I’m Alexander Lavelle Harris. It’s a pleasure to meet the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement that Tonks speaks so highly of,” announced Xander congenially as if they all hadn’t just been caught aiding a fugitive.

Amelia was thrown for a loop by the young man’s nonchalance.

Snape and Sirius sent identical looks of disbelief at Xander while Dawn and Faith smirked.

Faith met Amelia’s eyes and said, “I’m Faith Lyra Lehane, Sirius’s daughter.”

“I’m Dawn Summers-Giles,” offered Dawn.

“I’m Connor Liam Aurelius,” announced Connor.

“I’m Jessica Lavelle, Alexander’s mother,” offered Jessica.

“I’m Morgana Lehane, Faith’s mother,” offered Morgana.

“I’m Draco Black,” announced Draco with a grin.

“I’m Narcissa Black. It’s a pleasure to see you again Madam Bones,” offered Narcissa politely.

“What the hell in for a knut in for a galleon. Hello Madam Bones. I’m Sirius Orion Black the third and I’m innocent,” added Sirius.

Amelia couldn’t help looking to Professor Snape after everyone else had introduced or reintroduced themselves.

“Fine, I’m Professor Severus Snape father to the Dunderhead that started this nonsense,” stated Snape as he glared at Xander. Xander grinned at his glaring father.

“What the Bloody Hell is going on here?” asked Amelia after shaking off her bewilderment.

“Family meeting?” offered Xander with a disarming grin that was no less potent with the eye patch.

Amelia tried to hold on to her anger and dignity but she couldn’t as everyone else in the room started snickering and laughing so she gave it up as a bad cause and joined in.

~~Look another chapter and it hasn't even been two weeks yet~~
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