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Time's Child

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Time's Child". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Scoobies were just starting to get bored good thing there's another Prophecy.

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Harry Potter > General > Humor(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR153048,38711202123,10328 Jul 1119 Apr 13No

Chapter 30

AN: I'm so sorry it's taken so long to update but I actually had to rewrite this chapter like three times. the first time because my flash drive died. the second time because my laptop got hacked and the third because my muse decided to go in an entirely different direction. I also got Lasik to fix my eyes and had to stay off the computer for a while.

Hannah and Susan joined the training; not quite seamlessly but with very few bumps in the road. Neville and Hermione knew them relatively well and help smooth the transition. With the addition of Susan, Hannah and Draco the Hogwarts group finalized the list of those they agreed to bring in and a second list of students that would be offered protection (mostly muggleborns and half-bloods but a few pure-bloods as well). The second list was given to Xander, Faith and Willow to assign Watchers, Slayers and Wiccans as protectors.

Draco and Hermione sent out encoded letters to most of the first list. Harry would have written some but seeing as he normally only contacted Hermione and Ron during the summer everyone agreed it would be to suspicious for him to start now. Harry and Ron had no idea how Hermione had spent the last four years net-working with most of Hogwarts while simultaneously keeping them from ending up dead but they both agreed if anyone could it would be her. The Twins sent out a few to those it wouldn’t be seen as unusual to send letters two. Susan and Hannah only sent out two letters, not because they thought their housemates untrustworthy but because they were both aware of just how fickle they could be. Luna didn’t bother, knowing most of her housemates would ignore any letter sent from Loony Lovegood but she had made a few suggestions of which Ravenclaws could be trusted.

Theodore Nott had been the first of the Slytherins to accept the offer from the group but not the last. He arrived with only a shrunken chest and his wand. Goyle had shown up with his and Crabbe’s little sisters a few hours after Theo. He looked a bit lost without Crabbe’s presence at his side but his voice had been even as he told them Crabbe wouldn’t be coming. Gemina Goyle and Victoria Crabbe happily joined the youngest of Slayers in the crèche. Millicent Bulstrode had arrived with her parents in tow not even bothering to bring more than a few essentials. The elder Bulstrodes were inducted into the Watcher ranks as liaisons to the wizarding world. Blaise had replied with tentative agreement but it took roughly a week for him to get away without alerting his mother’s suspicions. Daphne and her sister, Astoria, had shown up along with the Davis family hours after Blaise. Tracy’s parents accepted the offered protections before leaving.

Colin Creevey accepted protection for his younger brother, father and home but refused to be left out arguing that Ginny, Luna and Astoria were in the same year as he was. Angelina, Katie, Lee and Alicia joined without hesitation. Dean Thomas showed up the morning after the owl was sent. A Watcher and Slayer team went home with him the first night to set up protections and escape routes for his family.

Justin Finch-Flechley and Ernie Macmillian were the only other Hufflepuffs invited. Both came willingly. Justin’s family also got wards placed around their home and a slayer and watcher team as body guards.

Terry Boot, Michael Corner and Anthony Goldstein were the three Ravenclaws the group had decided on. Padma was on the list for possible membership along with her sister but would be checked out during the school year. Cho Chang was also on the maybe list but Luna had pointed out that her best friend Marietta wasn’t a good choice.

All together the preliminary membership of the DA totaled thirty members: twelve Gryffindors, eight Slytherins, four Ravenclaws, four Hufflepuffs and two as of yet unsorted (Dawn and Connor) students not bad for a first draft.

The first day the DA assembled in full was the day of introductions and reintroductions. Dawn, various Weasleys, Harry, Draco and Connor led the groups from their arrival points (or rooms) to the private Scooby gym they previously taken over. Bleacher seating had been added to one wall because of the groups increased size. Luna, Neville, Susan and Hannah were already seated as each group was led in. The Slytherins were brought in after the rest were given a stern talking to from Harry and Dawn. Every one of them had spoken one on one with at least one member of the Scoobies before today but otherwise hadn’t been introduced to any of the others.

Xander, Faith, Buffy, Willow and Oz were standing in front of the bleachers. They let the kids chat and exchange suspicious glances for a minute before Oz whistled sharply drawing their attention.

Remus, Tonks, Sirius, Adam and Severus were carefully hidden out of sight on either side of the Scoobies with clear views of all the teens’ faces. Xander and Harry had planned for them to appear at various points for one hell of a show. None of them had been seen by any of the newbies. Severus was actually as amused on the inside as Adam’s wicked smirk proclaimed him to be.

Faith was the first to speak after Oz’s whistle, “I’m Faith, the Dark Slayer. When I was fifteen the Slayer Kendra was murdered by Drusilla the Mad and I was called. I’ve been a Slayer for six years.”

Buffy smirked as she said, “I’m Buffy, the last Slayer to fight alone. I’ve been a slayer for eight years. Those of you that actually paid attention during history class know that a Slayer is called when the previous one dies. When I was sixteen I died. I was dead long enough for Kendra to be called before my friend revived me with CPR. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the non-magical world; CPR is a non-magical means of restarting the heart by way of chest compression and assisted breathing. It’s been around for, uh, more than a few decades.”

Oz laconic as always said, “Oz, musician, werewolf.”

Xander grinned as he said, “I’m Xander, born and raised on the former Hellmouth known as Sunnydale. CPR certified demon bait. Also a Wizard but I was raised like a non-magic user because Hellmouths really screw with magic. There are six active Hellmouths left on the planet and normal Magic Users stay the fuck away from of them because they fuck shit up and are loaded with demons and other baddies. Britain doesn’t have a hellmouth anywhere nearby so they were written off as myths or thought completely unreal. It is sheer stupidity and my mother found that out the hard way. Moving to a quaint little muggle town, getting married, having me and raising me about a mile from the actual Hellmouth which was located under the high school. But hey, at least I got to blow it up at graduation.”

Willow smiled as she said, “I’m Willow, um, self-trained Hellmouth born and raised Witch. It worked out okay for me now but I nearly destroyed the planet a few years ago.” Willow called on the darkness just enough to turn her hair and eyes black before she banished the darkness and called on the white magic. Her eyes and her hair shone white as she continued, “Last year I activated all the girls with the potential to be Slayers on the planet. At the time we didn’t know it would activate all of them between the ages of six and twenty. We thought it would only activate the potentials actually present and if I hadn’t done it the First Evil would have finished opening the Sunnydale Hellmouth and we’d all be dead or a food source for the Old Ones that would have come through. I’m not excusing myself, but we didn’t see any other option. The thing you guys need to understand is none of them got an actual choice in the matter. You’re here because there is a very evil bastard that wants to kill or enslave every one of you.” Her hair and eyes reverted to their normal color as she watched the teens digest her words and deeds.

Xander took over once more, “He’s not the only one either. Fudge’s administration is so corrupt we’ll likely be cast as crazy people. You’re classmates and a number of trustworthy others have told us he’s in complete and utter denial. Some of you have probably already read the filth that the Daily Prophet is spreading. It will get worse.”

Buffy spoke again, “We don’t trust Dumbledore either at the moment.”

“Why?” asked Blaise. Not because he trusted Dumbledore farther than he could throw him but because the Light siders generally thought the sun shown out of his ass.

“He’s done a lot of things in the name of good that have hurt people. He’s keeping secrets he really shouldn’t be keeping. He has plans he isn’t sharing with anyone and that is more dangerous than you’d all believe. Secrets have a way of ruining things even if they’re being kept for a good reason,” answered Buffy.

“Can you give some examples? It’s just that we’ve been raised with the knowledge that Dumbledore is the greatest Light Wizard alive,” asked Lee.

“He obliviated my mother multiple times and let my father be thrown in Azkaban for crimes he did not commit without so much as a trial. So a child could be raised unloved and unwanted in a home with people that couldn’t and wouldn’t prepare him for life as a wizard,” offered Faith.

Buffy frowned as she added, “He put the Philosopher’s Stone in a school full of children under protections that three first year students were able to break through. He also took the stone without permission in the first place.”

Oz added, “Giant killer snake in the castle.”

“The Dementors should never have been allowed near your school without at least as many trained aurors to keep them in line,” added Xander with a disgusted expression that matched the other Scoobies.

“He either didn’t notice one of his closest friends was being impersonated by an escaped death muncher or he let it happen for some reason he hasn’t felt like sharing. Don’t even get me started on the tri-wizard tournament last year. A competition between schools does not promote unity of any sort,” added Buffy.

The Slytherins looked unsurprised by their words having long since resigned themselves to the follies of the so call leader of the light. The others for the most part looked shocked, angry and disappointed.

Xander took over once more, “You don’t have to fight if you don’t want too. We’ll do our best to protect you but the choice is yours to make. What’s your decision?”

“I’m not the smartest or the bravest but I don’t want my sister growing up in fear or as a slave to that bloody wanker. Fudge is more an idiot than me and Dumbledore has been in charge of the Light so long he’s forgotten that he’s not always right. I came here because it’s the option that I feel is right. I’ve already made my choice and I choose to fight,” answered Goyle softly but clearly. Surprised silence fell for a moment before a chorus of agreements followed his declaration.

“Alright, we do have a request of you. Willow, here, is going to cast a charm on anyone that doesn’t already know Occlumency and anyone that would like the added protection even if they already know. A second charm will prevent you guys from telling anyone that isn’t already in the know. There will have to be at least three quarters agreement to initiate knew members. It’s as much for your protection as it is to keep people from betraying the group,” added Xander.

Some of the teens looked hesitant but all of them agreed it was for the best.
Dawn and Xander acted as reservoir and anchor while Willow cast the two spells.

Everyone was silent as the glow of the spell completely faded. Buffy placed a steadying hand under Dawn’s elbow as she sagged slightly but grinned. Faith did the same for Xander while Willow leaned back on Oz but stayed mostly upright.

Xander smirked as he announced, “Now that that’s out of the way we have some people for you guys to meet. Don’t attack anyone we’re all on the same side here.”

“All of you already know our first guest of the day. Say hello to your former professor, Mr. Lupin,” announced Willow as Remus stepped into view.

Most of the teenagers cheered in delight. Draco, Goyle and Theo were less enthusiastic more out of shame for their terrible behavior to the man when he was their teacher than dislike. He had been one of their best D.A.D.A teachers.

Faith shared a smirk with Xander and Harry before she said, “You all also know our second guest of the day.”

Snape stepped out and aimed a glare at all the dunderheads. The Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were panicking slightly. Most of the Slytherins on the other hand were clearly relieved.

Faith didn’t give them time to question anything as she introduced the third guest, “Our third guest is Auror Tonks. She’s a metamorphmagus.”
Tonks stepped out looking exactly the same as Faith before morphing back into her regular features.

Buffy took up the introduction, “Some of you guys might recognize our next guest as Nicholas Flamel. He goes by Adam Pierson now and days.”

Almost every one of the students stared in shock as Adam appeared next to Snape. He was grinning amusedly at the wide eyed looks directed at him.

Xander continued with the introductions, “Our next guest is someone you’ve all heard bad things about. He didn’t actually commit any of the crimes associated with his name. He’s a good guy that got a raw deal the last fifteen years. Sirius Black come on out.”

Sirius stepped out to stand between Faith and Remus. Some of the teens looked scared but none of them looked on the verge of attacking so Sirius relaxed a bit.

“We’ve spoken with Madame Bones and she is aware that Lord Black will be involved in training the lot of you. Getting a trial to prove his innocence is a moot point because Fudge is a moron. At this point in time a few of the higher ups are aware his innocence and the fact that if any Aurors make an attempt to capture him while he’s here the Council will declare war on the Ministry of Magic,” explained Xander.

“If you’re innocent who betrayed the Potters?” asked Angelina.

“Peter Pettigrew betrayed my parents and framed my godfather. He spent twelve years hiding out in animagus form before rejoining the bloody asshat last year. He’s the one that killed Cedric,” answered Harry before Sirius could.

“There are a lot of lies that people take as truth because they’re easier to believe. I wasn’t given a trial nor was I even questioned. I didn’t break out to go after Harry. I broke out because I recognized Pettigrew’s animagus form on the front page of the Daily Prophet. He had access to Harry at Hogwarts,” added Sirius.

“Feel free to ask any questions you have. We will answer every question we can but some things can’t be answered as they’ll put lives in danger,” offered Willow.

The students spent the rest of the day talking with the Scoobies and the five guests. Moody, Jessica, Morgana, Narcissa and Giles stopped in to field a few questions as well.

The next week was spent training with the Scoobies and learning all the things they should have already learned over the last few years at Hogwarts.

It took Daphne a week of living and training with the Scoobies to come to the conclusion that her presence upset Faith and Xander on a level entirely different than any of the others. They treated her the same as the others but Faith would bust into tears on occasion and Xander would get a look in his eyes made her want to hug him until it was gone. They mostly let the other Scoobies and trainers interact with her unless they had to. Professor Snape treated her exactly as he always had but he would discretely comfort the duo when he thought no one was looking. Sirius Black also looked at her with a lost expression on his face but he looked at quite a few of them with lost expressions so she didn’t think much of it.

Instead of asking Dawn, Connor, Harry, Hermione or one of the Weasleys, she decided to go straight to the source. She found Xander, Faith, Professor Snape and Sirius Black deep in discussion while she and the students were on a ‘fun’ break.

She cleared her throat to get their attention before she asked, “What did I do to upset all of you?”

Severus frowned at Daphne so she added, “You hide it much better than them but I am a Slytherin for a reason.”

Xander and Faith had a silent conversation before Xander said, “It’s really complicated and not anything you’ve done. We’re sorry if we’ve made you uncomfortable.”

“Would you tell me the truth if I asked?” questioned Daphne.

“Yes,” replied Xander.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Time's Child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Apr 13.

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