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How Lorraine Wickers and Jess Parker came to work

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Things to do". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Two of the ARC employees know each other, and their past is stranger than the time anomalies...

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR727330182328 Jul 1121 Dec 11Yes

How Lorraine Wickers and Jess Parker came to work

How Lorraine Wickers and Jess Parker came to work in England.

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

The cafeteria at the W&H was very empty, the usual for the L.A. W&H office branch, where many of the employees were nocturnal (or at least crepuscular), or workaholics, or both.

The former attribute – a nocturnal lifestyle – could be fully applied to a pair of employees who did decide to brave the light of day after all. The one on the left was a gelludes, a cousin of the more infamous lamia, different from it by possessing a slightly different dental formula and a pair of fully functional wings that it currently kept folded on her back.

The one on the right was a dogai, a relative of the rakshasa, looking mainly like a humanoid dog with oddly-shaped hands and a pair of overly large ears, one of which was even now cocked to listen-in for anyone who was listening-in on them.

“Are you even listening to me, Ears?” the gelludes asked angrily. “This is important!”

“I know that it is, Lorraine,” the dogai replied, equally angrily, “and don’t call me that! My name’s Jess! Not Ears! Leave those names to the bloody Fairy of the Mist and her disturbing, time-travelling sidekick.”

“Actually, that Helen woman appears to prefer to hold her back,” Lorraine the gelludes said mildly, “but that’s beside the point. My point is that the Senior Partners have all but given this branch to the vampire who might be shansued or not, and that is bad news for little people such as us. When a new CEO takes over a branch, there is always a loss of life, whether or not that CEO gets to keep it.”

“And you want to do something about it?” Jess the dogai asked her long-time friend and partner in crime. “Getting ambitious, are we?”

“All wrong,” Lorraine grinned her incisor-dominated grin. “I plan to leave it! This whole miserable place behind, forever and ever. It’ll cost an arm and a leg, but better that then my entire life – and yours, if you’re game.”

“Am I ever!” Jess said excitedly, “but where would we to go if we ditch Wolfram & Hart? No-where in the US – or the rest of the North America – would be safe?”

“No problem,” Lorraine grinned again. “I made a deal with de Veux – we’re going to England!”

“And then?” Jess pressed on. “If you’re talking about de Veux, then this means...”

“Yup, time anomalies again,” Lorraine admitted, less happily than before. “That does mean the risk of running into Helen Cutter, Kurangaituku or Joan of Arc. But after working for W&H... I think I actually prefer them. What about you, Ears – I mean, Jess?”

“Let’s do it,” the dogai nodded excitedly. “It’ll be fun polishing our human skills once again. It’s back to the Old World for us!”

The end
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