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Summary: The sight of Xander fresh out of the shower never failed to turn Riddick on. Xander/Riddick. Lemon.

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Movies > Pitch Black SeriesCorruptedSmileFR1813930102,74430 Jul 1130 Jul 11Yes
Disclaimer: I probably don’t own anything you recognise, I probably do everything you don’t recognise and I’m not making any money from this.

Crossover: Chronicles of Riddick/Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.

Pairing: Riddick/Xander.

Rating: FR18.

Spoilers: Chronicles of Riddick.

Summary: The sight of Xander fresh out of the shower never failed to turn Riddick on.

Story: Desire


At the sound of his lover’s husky voice, Riddick looked up from his weapon cleaning duty. An approving glint entered his eyes at the delectable picture his wet, almost-naked—the towel around his waist didn’t hide a thing—lover made, surrounded by the steam coming out of the bathroom. The sight of Xander fresh out of the shower never failed to turn him on. With a possessive growl, Riddick scooped Xander up in his arms and dropped his giggling, wriggling burden on the king-sized bed. The small bounce that followed did nothing to stop Xander’s happy laughter. Brown eyes sparkling with happiness locked with silver eyes shining with lust.


Slipping a hint of tongue between his lips, Xander squirmed around on the bed, fanning the flames of desire even higher in Riddick. Smoothing both his hands down his chest, Xander lightly brushed against his nipples. A smirk played around his lips as Riddick continued to watch, not making a move to stop him. Pinching and rolling his nipples until they were peaked, Xander slipped his hands down further, a small gasp escaping him while he did so. Reaching the knot in the towel, he easily tugged it free, letting the towel fall open and baring him to the hungry eyes of his lover.


Giving Xander an answering smirk, Riddick smoothly slipped out his clothes before dropping down on his lover, holding himself up with his elbows, so Xander didn’t have to worry about his full weight. Tilting his head slightly, Riddick took control of a possessive kiss while his right hand lightly brushed down the side of Xander’s body, only one destination in mind.

End of “Desire”.

A/N: Don’t mind the moans and groans coming from the bedroom that Riddick and Xander occupy. After all, you don’t really want to read what happens next. Do you?

This is the birthday story (read: birthday lemon) for my friend cryefourme. She gave me a challenge for her birthday—which I totally didn’t answer. It did spark this lemon, though. So, happy birthday, crye!

Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, let me know in a review. Flames are not to be given to me. Unless you want me to mock you; I mean, mock them. In that case, go right ahead.

The End

You have reached the end of "Desire". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking