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A Fresh New Start

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Summary: Faith attends Stanford University to get a college education when she meets Sam Winchester and his friend Brady who’s possessed by a demon. The demon Brady sets Faith up with Sam who falls in love with her and they end up moving in together.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterBritneyandJacobFR1311,3440149030 Jul 1130 Jul 11No

Author note: I don't own any of the photos of the background use. This is just for fun.

Disclaimer: I don’t Btvs/Supernatural. This is my first attempt at a Sam/Faith fanfic. Please read, review, and let me know if you want me to continue. No flames.

Starts after Chosen of Btvs and Season 1 of Supernatural

At Stanford University in Sam and Faith’s apartment, Faith is in the kitchen making Sam’s favorite chocolate chip cookie for a welcome home present. Sam left with his brother Dean to go help him search for their missing dad who’s on a hunting trip. He’s been gone for two days and I miss him like crazy.

It’s Sunday night and Sam has the interview tomorrow. He said he‘d be back in time for it. She hopes so, because this interview is really important to him and her. He study so hard to become a lawyer and she wasn’t going to let anyone stand in his way including Brady, Sam’s best friend who’s possessed by a demon.

When Faith first arrived at Stanford University to get a college education, she didn’t expect to find a demon at this school especially the best friend of one Sam Winchester who according to Brady is working for the yellow eye demon who took Sam’s mother away. He has plans for him to lead a demon army. She also found out that he has demon blood in his system.

She had fun torturing Brady for this information, because nobody hurts her man. Faith meets Sam through Brady. She always stay close, making sure the demon didn’t make a move on him. Brady at the time didn’t know that Faith is a slayer, that she could sense when he’s near or when he first walk into the school.

So when Brady got the idea to set Faith and Sam up together, little did he know that Faith knew he was a demon and went along with his game. What Brady didn’t plan on was Faith and Sam falling in love with each other. The demon needed Sam focus on his task, not on a girl. As soon as Faith and Sam got closer and fell in love, Brady knew that time had come to killed Faith before Sam got too attach to her.

When Brady saw Sam leave that night, he put his plan in motion. He would kill Faith while Sam was out. He was so going to enjoy watching the life in Faith’s eyes go out and the look on Sam’s face when he gets back.

As Brady appears in their apartment, he peers in the kitchen to see Faith removing cookies from the oven and placing them on the stove to cool off. That is so sweet, baking cookies for her Sammy. He laughs to himself as he watches Faith in the kitchen.
Brady continues to watch Faith as she busy herself with cleaning up in the kitchen.

With Brady plan in motion, he disappears and waits for Faith to go to bed and then reappear and kill her and then when Sam comes home, set the ceiling on fire and watch Sammy reaction to his little girlfriend burning to death. After the cookies have cool off, Faith goes to the cabinet, opens it up, grabs a plate, and closes it back.

She picks up the spatula and begins to load the cookies onto the plate. After she finishes loading the cookies onto the plate, she puts the cookies onto the counter and places the spatula and cooking pan into the sink. She goes into the living room to get a sticky note at her desk and a marker and goes back into the kitchen and writes a little note that says “ miss you, love you” and places it on the top of the cookies.

Faith then goes to the sink to wash the cooking pan and the spatula and dry them,
Then she puts them back up where they belong. Faith looks up at the clock and sees its 8.00 p.m. Faith picks up the cookies, turns out the light in the kitchen, and places the cookies on the table in the living room for Sam to see when he comes in.

Faith then makes her way into their bedroom after she checks to make sure all the doors and windows are all lock. She opens the door to their bedroom and makes her way to the bathroom to take a shower before going to bed. She plans to go with Sam to the interview tomorrow and support him through it.

As Faith is running the water for her shower, she feels a presence nearby, turns toward the bedroom, and walks inside to see Brady waiting for her. “What the hell are you doing here, Brady?” “Can a friend stop by and check up on his friend’s girl while he’s away?” “No, not when say friend is a demon.” “I’m hurt that you would call me that, Faithy. “ Don’t call me Faithy.” The demon laughs at her. “Get out Brady or I will kill you myself.”

“Not if I kill you first.” “You see, my master wants you dead and out of the picture, because you’re a distraction to our dear Sammy boy.” “We need him sharp.”

“All because his suppose to lead his demon army.” “It’s not going to happen, Brady.” “Not as long as I’m around.” “You and your master can go to hell.” “Be there, done that, sweetie.” He touches Faith cheek and she slaps him. “Don’t you touch me you bastard.” “Now, now such colorful vocabulary for since a young woman.” He laughs again. “I’m sorry it had to come to this Faith, but what my master wants he gets.” Brady brings his hand up and Faith finds herself pin to the wall. She twisted and turns to try to get out of the demon’s hold he has on her.

Faith growls as she says “let me go you bastard.” “Sam’s going to walk right through that door any minute now and he will kill you.” Brady laughs again as he slides Faith up the ceiling and she screams as she feels a knife cut her across her stomach. When Brady is happy with his job done, “you won’t be around long enough to stop him “he says as he disappears out of sight while waiting for Sam’s return.

Meanwhile Dean and Sam have arrived back at his apartment building. Sam gets out of his brother’s car and says to Dean “Call me if you find him?” Dean nods and Sam continues “Maybe me and Faith could meet up with you later.” Dean nods. Sam turns toward his apartment as Dean calls back and says “Sam.” Sam turns back around to Dean and hears him say “We made a great team back there.”

Dean then starts the car up and drives away. Sam watches Dean drive away as he makes his way to his apartment. He opens the door to the stairway and climbs upstairs as the door closes behind him. He arrives at his apartment door, takes his key out of his pocket, and unlocks the door.

He opens the door, walks in, and closes the door and locks it back up. He notices it is quiet and dark. He calls “Faith, you home.”

He walks into the living and see his favorite chocolate chips cookies waiting for him with a note from Faith saying” miss you, love you.” He picks up a cookie and begins eating it, as he makes his way to the bedroom. He walks into their bedroom and hears the shower running. He puts his bag down on the floor and lays down in their bed, happy to be back at home with his girl as he waits for Faith to get out of the shower.

While laying down on the bed, Sam feels two drops hit his forehead, he opens his eyes and looks up to see Faith pin to the ceiling, with blood dripping from her midsection. He screamed “Faith, no.” He falls back onto the bed as the ceiling erupts into flames. Sam keeps screaming her name and can’t do anything but watch the love of his life burn.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "A Fresh New Start" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Jul 11.

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