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how the seer got diana's fallen

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Time's Child". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: a side story to time's child.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Faith/Xander(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR181626274,0531 Aug 111 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. BtVS and AtS are owned by their creators.

AN: this is a prequal/side story to my other story Time's Child. I messed with time-lines, ages, and some other stuff so be warned no flames please thank you for reading.

How the Seer and Diana’s Fallen end up together and the reunion of Gaia’s Chosen and Her Wolf.

Faith and Willow had been in England for about a month when Xander decided to come home. Giles was busy running the council, Willow had never got around to learning how to drive and Dawn was too young so Faith was the defacto driver. Dawn was to come with but Giles had needed her help with a particularly difficult translation last minute. So Willow asked to tag along. Traffic had been horrendous so they were running a bit late. By the time they had parked the car and gotten into the airport Xander’s flight had been on the ground for a half hour.

“Hey Red how we suppose ta find boytoy now?” asked Faith.

“Well we could have him paged I guess” responded Willow.

“Or I could find you that seems the easiest ya know” teased Xander “I even brought presents.”

“Xander!!!” squealed Willow giving Xander a tackle hug that knocked him off his feet. “I missed you so much don’t ever leave me for so long again.”

“I missed you to my Willow tree. I think my present will make up for it though” stated Xander standing back up and helping Willow back to her feet.

“What did ya bring me????” asked Willow excitedly.

“Not so much with the what as the who.” Said Xander as he turned Willow around.

“Oz! You brought me Oz!!!!! Best prezzie ever” exclaimed Willow as she tackle hugged Oz. “I missed you too where have you been? What have you been doing?”

Oz’s reply was too quiet for Xander to hear as he turned to greet Faith. “What’s up Faith?”

“Nothin much boytoy. Been kinda boring here without you to act as bait” replied Faith unwilling to say how much she missed his antics, his calm acceptance of her, his bad fashion sense, just all of him. ‘damn since when did boytoy mean so much to me?’ she asked herself.

~The little voice inside her head replied he always has~

‘shut up you’

“I knew you missed me if only for my demon magnetism. I missed you too. Don’t I get a hug?” inquired Xander arms outstretched goofy grin in place. Knowing she wanted a hug as much if not more than Willow did. Faith hadn’t had a childhood of affection. He knew how it was his dad was an abusive drunk and his mom was just a neglectful drunk. At least he had Willow and Jessie. She hadn’t had even that much. She sprang into his arms and almost crushed him with her slayer strength but he just held her tight without complaint till she let go.

‘Sometimes my girls just need a hug’ thought Xander. ‘I really missed being called Boytoy who’d a thunk it’

“Come on. I think we should get Willow to let Oz go. it seems like he’s turning a bit blue from oxygen deprivation” stated Xander.

“Don’t let Red hear ya be all intelligent boytoy. you’ll never hear the end of it. You know better” whispered Faith as they headed over to the redheaded duo.

“That I do pretty lady” grinned Xander “Willow Oz needs to breath to be able to answer you.”

“bit of an understatement X” muttered Faith under her breath. “We do need to be heading home though before little D sends the cavalry to rescue us because we’re takin too long.”

“Oh my God you’re babbling!!! You’ve spent way too much time with Willow and Dawn patrol” teased Xander receiving an elbow to the ribs from Faith.

And a yelled “Hey” from Willow as she detached herself from Oz.

"It's good to be home" stated Xander as they left the airport.

The End

You have reached the end of "how the seer got diana's fallen". This story is complete.

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