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The Rose Thorn

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Summary: The good guys weren’t supposed to die, his mom and the cartoons he’d watched had shielded him from the fact that, sometimes, the bad guys won. (A Sudden Changes sequel ficlet written for Twisted Shorts August Challenge) R&R please :)

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Title: The Rose Thorn

Summary: The good guys weren’t supposed to die, his mom, and the cartoons he’d watched, had shielded him from the fact that, sometimes, the bad guys won.

A/N: This fic is set five years or so after the events of Sudden Changes.

Feedback: Appreciated very much

Disclaimer: I only own Chris, Stargate SG1 and BtVS belong to MGM and Mutant Enemy; plus a truckload of other people.

Even when the NID were tearing down the door on his semi-peaceful life Chris always knew that he could count on his family to put things right, that little idea had been tested when Serena had died; she was one of the ‘good guys’ and so, in his mind, should have been fine- maybe a little hurt.

But not dead.

The good guys weren’t supposed to die, his mom and the cartoons he’d watched had shielded him from the fact that, sometimes, the bad guys won. Oh, Kinsey and the NID didn’t win, per se; he and his mom’s friends were protected from the NID, and Kinsey had been killed, so maybe they did win- but they’d lost a lot.

Gray had lost Serena; Chris had lost the illusion that everything would be okay; his mom had, at first, lost the idea that she could protect him from everything; and his dad had lost a lot of the freedom he’d had before Chris had entered his life.

But the losses that they’d suffered had been compensated; Chris had been given what had always been missing from his life: a daddy; by extension, they’d gained family, extended and immediate. In spite of the consequences of Kinsey’s meddling, he’d always kept in mind that if things hadn’t happened the way they had Chris wouldn’t have a dad, and he wouldn’t have the siblings he’d always wished for.

The thing was, every so often, even the best things in his life came with the metaphorical thorns attached; it wasn’t the annoying brat of a little brother, Lucas.

No, surprisingly the problem was Annie; his even littler sister.

Why did she have to do it?

Lucas, for all his tattling and whining, had remained blissfully normal.

Mom had said that he hadn’t taken after her; hadn’t inherited her magic... at least not obviously, anyway.

But his sister had taken after her; Annie, with all her cuteness, had inherited that dangerous power- just like him; figured she’d end up being a copy-cat. Did he sound the tiniest bit resentful?

Maybe he was a little.

He wasn’t jealous, just worried... and mad.

Mad, because she was doing it again!

“Mom!” he yelled, glaring at the stuffed teddy-bear as it floated above them; he looked from the bear to Annie and shook his head, “You shouldn’t do that, it’s bad!”

“No,” stated his sister, eyes fixed on the slowly-spinning toy.

“I’m telling mom,” he said, doubting that she even understood him, “You’ll get into trouble; you’re being bad.”

Her green eyes flickered from the bear to him, then she looked back to the toy, “No,” she said, stubbornly, “Ch'is, ...isn’t bad.”

Her gaze remained on the bear even when Chris took a step back, she stayed ignorant of the anger welling up inside him; the words she’d just spoken had sounded a lot like ‘Chris isn’t bad.’ He knew that she was referring to the magic, but to him she’d just said something stupid... something untrue.

After all, how could a one year old know any better?

He stared at her until, finally, her eyes met his, “You’re wrong... I am. And you will be, too.”

Chris ignored the footsteps coming out of the kitchen, he didn’t care; he’d realised something- that if Annie was bad, Chris would be the last person capable of helping.

He was a bad as they got.

“Chris, what is it?” His mom had entered the room, her worried tone drew his eyes from his sister; she had a pretty apron on- they were supposed to be making cookies; the sweet scene wafted from the kitchen into the living room they were in; usually he liked the smell of freshly-baked cookies.

They made him feel ill.

Or maybe it was Annie’s magic.

Why...why did she have to be a witch too?

And why didn’t his mom make her stop it?

The End

You have reached the end of "The Rose Thorn". This story is complete.

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