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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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The cafeteria was full to bursting, teenage girls and older men in tweed as far as the eye could see. Jo had never felt so awkward in her life, standing there holding her tray like she was the new kid in school. She’d needed out of the sterile infirmary but now thought she may’ve been better off staying where she was. Finally, she spotted an island of calm in the middle of all the chaos and made her way towards it.

Dawn wasn’t paying any attention to what she was eating; too busy scribbling in a hefty leather journal.

Jo cleared her throat and Dawn looked up, startled. “Can I sit here?”

“Sure,” Dawn said, clearing away two stacks of papers, a DNA helix the only thing Jo recognized before they disappeared under the table.

The room, which had hushed as Jo approached Dawn’s table, began to buzz as she sat. She looked around, then raised an eyebrow at Dawn who shrugged.

“I’m abnormal in a sea of supernaturals and tweed,” she said with a wink and a smile. “They can’t figure out what to do with me so most of them avoid me like I’m Typhoid Mary.”

“Most of them?” Jo asked, poking at her food suspiciously before shrugging and shoveling it in. She’d eaten worse at the Roadhouse when Ash was at the grill.

“I’ve got friends,” Dawn said, eyebrows quirking a little, like she was still surprised by that. “They’re just out on missions at the moment. Or in the infirmary.”

Jo snorted, remembering Connor’s cantankerous bitching about being left to the mercy of sadistic nurses. Every time they had to take blood, he muttered, “Worse than vampires.”

“He’s not real happy about that,” she said, scooping something that looked like gruel but tasted like apple pie into her mouth.

“He’ll get over it,” Dawn said staunchly, shrugging. “He doesn’t get to crash land in the library bleeding to death, then leave just because they’ve managed to get his life’s blood to stay on the inside. He can bitch as much as he wants; he’s stuck where he is until Izzie says he can go.”

Considering how calmly Dr. Stevens had managed to shut down all of his bitching, Jo was betting he’d be there until he stopped turning grey every time he stood up to shuffle his way to the bathroom. She snickered and Dawn grinned. Honestly, if they managed to shun Dawn and completely ignore that Connor was in the infirmary, she didn’t think she wanted to sit at anybody else’s table.

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