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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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Distortion of the Senses

Eliot was never letting himself get talked into something like this again. Never mind what Nate said or how Parker pouted or that look Hardison kept giving him that said, ‘I believe you’re a good man.’ Sophie was the only one that had been on his side but that was because she had some kind of history with the Council.

Still, the basic argument and the reason the Council came to them with were the same. Dawn Summers was innocent. And, strangely, that was Eliot’s problem.

Over the years, somewhere between the Armed Forces and becoming a retrieval specialist, Eliot had done a lot of bodyguard work. (Most of it had been for Moreau. And he wasn’t willing to talk about any of it. ‘Client confidentiality’ actually meant something to him.) Yet, in all his years of living, he’d never met anyone quite like Dawn. Eliot had been attracted to clients before, hell, he’d slept with a few of them, (he was a good man but nobody defined his morals but him) but it wasn’t just Dawn’s body he wanted. It’d only been three days but he loved the way her brain worked, the way she smiled, the way she saw the best in people. She was beautiful and innocent and too good for a man with as much blood on his hands as Eliot and he had to get out of there before he did something she would regret in the morning.

He’d just stood, knowing that Hardison and Parker would have the apartment covered if he stepped out for a little while, when there was a crash and a scream. Heart in his throat, he ran towards the bathroom, barreling at the door and burst into the bathroom…to find Dawn swearing as she tried to unravel herself from the shower curtain.

She stilled when she saw him, her ire turning to contrition. “Sorry. I know better than to scream in nonlife threatening situations but I couldn’t help myself.”

Eliot blinked, reminded again that Dawn Summers wasn’t the average woman. “Are you okay?”

Hardison seemed to be wondering the same thing, if his commentary in Eliot’s ear was in indication, but Eliot ignored him.

“Fine,” she said, shrugging even as she snaked a hand out of the mass of curtain and grabbed her towel, clutching it to her front. “I was just a little startled.”

Hardison’s voice was getting louder in his ear and Eliot coughed, stepping backwards out of the bathroom. “I’ll just, er, leave you, then.”

Dawn nodded quickly as Hardison said, something a little satisfied in his voice, “No game, man. No wonder you keep getting beaten up by lesbians.”

“Shut up, Hardison,” Eliot growled and jerked to a stop when he saw Parker standing next to the couch, her arms crossed.

“I’ll stay with Dawn,” she said, scowling at him fiercely. “You go do things somewhere else.”

Eliot didn’t argue, fleeing the apartment like dogs of hell were nipping at his heels. He didn’t want to think about Parker’s scowl or Hardison’s satisfaction at his lack of game or his own lack of response to Dawn wet and naked. He’d been sure that his attraction to her mind extended to her body but he was beginning to doubt that.

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