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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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Oz opened his eyes to see Dr. Pierson and Dr. Stevens arguing. Not at all unusual considering Dr. Stevens led from the heart and Dr. Pierson swore he didn’t have one. Still, it got tiresome. He sighed and they both stopped talking.

“Oh,” Dr. Stevens said, dumbfounded. He raised an eyebrow at her. “We, uh, were just discussing your diagnosis. You shouldn’t be awake yet.”

“Werewolf,” he reminded her and shrugged. He stilled when he didn’t feel any pain in his shoulder. Both his eyebrows went up.

“We took the bullet out while you were still frozen,” Dr. Stevens said, her babble building steam. “Ms. Halliwell was very helpful. Your skin had already knitted back together by the time we finished sedating you. We, uh, were just conferring about whether to bring you out of sedation or give you more time to, um, get things under control.”

He waited a second when she trailed off, obviously uncomfortable. Then, “Oops.”

She smiled that breathtaking smile that had made Dr. Pierson call her Dr. Sunshine the first few days she was there until she disagreed with him about a diagnosis and he started calling her Dr. Shrew.

“It’s okay,” she said. “You’re all healed up and obviously in the driver’s seat, so everything’s fine.” She glared at Dr. Pierson and flounced away.

“Never piss off a lady at random, Mr. Osbourne. It’s a sorry lot to be in when you realize you’re in love with them,” Dr. Pierson said, scribbling in his chart.

The door to the infirmary banged open and Willow fairly bellowed, “Daniel Osbourne!”

“Kill me,” he said to Dr. Pierson as Dawn and Buffy stepped up behind her, arms crossed. He may have told a little white lie about not going out alone until Cain was caught. That was why Dennis had been haunting his van.

“Not on your life, mate,” Dr. Pierson said, finishing writing in Oz’s chart and smirked at him. “Now take your medicine like a good little boy and don’t make a mess of my infirmary.”

He winked at Dr. Stevens across the room as he walked away and she hissed at him.

Oz sighed, leaning back against his fluffy pillows as Willow advanced, Resolve Face firmly in place. If he managed to look pitiful enough, Buffy would probably bring him Jell-O after she finished scolding him for scaring her.

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