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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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A Moment of Consideration

Faith shifted and thought about asking Oz if he had any weed. She doubted it, though, because he knew that one bad trip and all that careful calm would be blown to hell. She sighed and Xander shot her a pissy look before going back to his paperwork. It wasn’t her fault the baby Slayers got a little excitable during Dawn’s birthday bash and broke, well, everything. And it wasn’t her fault the old Council fuddy duddies demanded that he fill out a paper for every nail, screw and hinge he used to put the place back together again, either.

Frankly, if he’d left Little D alone and let her stew about how far down the crapper her life was right now, there wouldn’t have been a party and nothing would’ve gotten broken in the first place. Dawn had been pretty quiet all night, anyway, since Red’d finally managed to figure out who her Pop was. The only real bright spot had been getting that book of Welsh poetry from that werewolf dude that everybody was supposed to avoid.

Faith sighed again just because she enjoyed watching him get pissed and flopped over until she was taking up most of the couch, her head propped up on Oz’s thigh.

“If you’re bored,” he said, and she could practically hear his teeth grinding, “there are other offices to invade.”

“No can do,” she said, smirking. “I’m Oz sitting and Oz is sitting here, so q.e.d. here I be.”

Oz grimaced at her and she gave to the urge and booped his nose. He grinned, surprised, and Xander snorted. She was maybe a little smug about that. It had been a rough couple of days and every chuckle was worth its weight in Twinkies.

“What’s next on your itineraries?” Xander asked, going back to his papers.

At a glance, she judged that he still had a third of them to go.

“I’m here until G figures out where the next big thing is gonna be,” she said, shrugging.

He scowled, viciously stabbing at the paper with his pen. “I thought that was the Winchester thing.”

“Maybe,” she said, shrugging. “Con’s the inside guy on that, though, and even he can’t figure out what the hell they’re up to.”

He grunted and thumped another paper into the finished pile before tackling the next. “Oz? What’s up on your whirlwind tour of weird?”

“Giles’s got me doing a thing,” he said, shrugging. “Same as Buffy.”

Xander snickered and Faith smirked. Oz seemed pretty laid back about his end of the assignment but B’d been annoyed for days. Dealing with spooks just didn’t strike her as fun.

“Riley says thanks for the help, by the way,” Xander said, looking at Oz. “And he says he’ll owe you if you don’t tell Wills they used you as bait to catch Cain.”

“Deal,” Oz said with a small smile.

“And Giles would like to skin you himself for bringing the Losers here,” Xander said, going back to chugging through the stack.

“Three days. In a van,” Oz replied.

Faith snickered at his horrified expression. “I like’em,” she announced. “Plus, they gotta get used to us anyway if the news coming from on high is anything to go by.”

Xander sighed. “You know, sometimes I miss the old days when none of us knew what the hell we were doing and we basically got through by flying by the seat of our pants. This planning stuff sucks.”

“Chaos and shenanigans,” Oz said, nodding, and looked wistful.

“My old days aren’t your old days,” Faith said, shrugging, unwilling to get into murder and mayhem. “I like today just fine.”

Oz grinned, a lock of her hair sliding through his fingers. “They’re not bad,” he agreed.

“They could be better,” Xander declared, standing, and she was surprised to see he’d made it through his entire stack. “Let’s go make some mischief.”

Oz snorted as her face lit up. She figured as long as they managed not to burn down the house or permanently disfigure anybody, everything was fair game.

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