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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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Adventures with Aliens

Cordelia could think of worse short term assignments than the SGC and a quick layover in Atlantis. But she wasn’t sure how Giles came up with it since she asked him for a distraction and not, you know, aliens. Nonetheless, it was the same yet different and she had no trouble navigating the bureaucracy.

“Ambassador Chase,” Teal’c said, slowing his long stride to match hers and she smiled.

“Ambassador Teal’c,” she returned cheekily and watched the corners of his eyes crinkle even as his face remained largely impassive.

Of the entire SGC, she felt the most comfortable with Teal’c. She didn’t bother to pinpoint exactly why, although if she had to guess, she’d say it likely was because he wasn’t military and he hadn’t fallen all over himself when he figured out she had boobs. Plus, there was a weight to his gaze that spoke of ages and a calmness that belied his warrior nature.

“Are you not supposed to be at Dr. Lee’s lecture?” he asked, just a hint of amusement lacing his tone.

“I got bored,” she said breezily, shrugging. “I’m the wrong crowd for sciency stuff.”

“Then perhaps you would like to join me in the commissary,” he said.

She knew that it was two parts wanting to keep an eye on the unknown variable and one part because he actually liked her but Cordelia laced her arm through his and said, “Lead the way, Big Guy.”

Their arrival was met with a burst of whispered conversation and Cordelia rolled her eyes. She would never understand what it was about closed societies that reminded so much of high school. Teal’c ignored it, head held high, and led her through the line.

“The blue Jell-O is particularly enjoyable,” he said, setting a bowl on her tray and she smiled because she knew he’d gotten that preference from his teammates.

“If they could mess up Jell-O, I don’t think I’d want to eat her,” she said as she followed him to an empty table.

“Indeed,” he said, nodding at her. “Unsatisfactory Jell-O is a travesty.”

The subtle sarcasm had her snickering. “Are you going off-world today?”

“I do not believe so,” he said moderately and she bit back a sigh, amusement subsiding.

They’d been throwing lectures and paperwork into her path for nearly a week while the guys in charge worked on finding a way around letting her go out with SG-1, whom she’d been temporarily assigned to. That meant that SG-1 was grounded, which seemed fine to Colonel Carter and Dr. Jackson, but the rest were chomping at the bit to get out from under the mountain.

Since neither she nor Teal’c could move along the people in charge, Cordelia let it go for the moment and said, “Since we can’t go adventuring, tell me something about you, the great and wondrous Master Teal’c, Jaffa ambassador to Earth.”

He raised an eyebrow at her, then seemed to indulge her by searching his vast memory banks before intoning, “I greatly enjoy Star Wars, although I prefer the original trilogy to the later films.”

Cordelia’s mouth was gaping and she finally burst into laughter before leaning in and confiding, “Don’t tell my friends, but I’ve never seen them.”

“That will not stand,” he said gravelly, gathering their trays and rising. “We shall rectify the situation immediately.”

She stood and followed his retreating back. There were about to be space adventures, even if they weren’t hers.

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