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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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Parker was getting extremely chummy with their guest and it was making Hardison nervous. After all, Eliot had taught Parker self-defense, but Dawn had the same long, lanky build, the same basic musculature, the same bloodthirstiness that was only slightly mitigated by her desire to get away really fast. And Dawn had been fighting longer than Parker and been taught to fight dirtier, and now she was teaching Parker, so Parker was teaching her a few tricks of her own. Frankly the two of them hanging out, bonding, and teaching each other things was terrifying. It rated right up there with some of their worst ideas ever.

“This was a horrible idea,” he announced, even as he continued to prowl through Hank Summers’s financials.

And it was, but, on the amount of child support the man owed alone, Hardison would’ve been willing to come at him both barrels blazing. The man was scum.

“You begged me to set this up, so just find a way for us to nail him to the wall,” Eliot groused and Hardison pursed his lips.

He wasn’t really sure what was up with Eliot lately. He spent enough of his time being confused by Parker, thank you; he didn’t need Eliot being weird, too.

And like he’d conjured it, the answer was suddenly right in front of him. “Yeah, baby,” he said with a smug laugh, shaking a finger at his screen. “I got you.”

Finally,” Eliot growled, hand somehow or another rubbing along the back of Hardison’s neck as he rushed past to go find Nate.

Hardison fought off a shiver, watching him leave, and thought maybe. Maybe he was beginning to get Eliot’s deal, too.

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