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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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One Thing or Another

It’d been awhile since Connor had spent more time running from an opponent than fighting them, but then, he’d never gone up against a freaking robot, either. A robot that looked human, carried a gun, and seemed to be single-mindedly stalking him. He shouldn’t have taken the detour through Wilshire to check on his ‘parents’, before meeting up with Ellen and Jo. The Reilly’s were good people, even if they had eventually forgotten about him. Well, they had been good people, before the robot killed them.

Connor ran down a blind alley, gritting his teeth when he saw the brick wall in front on him. He glanced behind him, then jumped, barely catching the top of the wall before the robot calmly stomped into the alley. It glanced about, then raised its gun, aiming at Connor’s center mass.

A shot echoed and Connor expected to feel pain or die or something but the robot staggered, instead. It turned to face the person shooting at it and Connor saw the chance he’d been waiting for. He leaped from the wall, landing on its back and wrenching its head from its shoulders, skull denting in a bit. Sparks flew and Connor jumped clear, head still clutched in his hand.

The woman that’d saved him aimed her gun at him and he held up his hands, head dangling. “This has got to be the worst ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time’ set of circumstances I’ve ever been in,” he said, eyebrows rising.

The lady’s mouth pinched, gun held steady, and she asked, “How did you get from the wall all the way over here?”

“Adrenaline?” he said, a little confused. She’d saved his life but now she was going to shoot him? That was…exactly his luck, actually.

She snorted, “Try again.”

“Excellent reflexes and a lot of sports in high school,” he said, waggling his hands a little bit. Her eyes flicked to the swaying head in his hand and Connor saw his opening.

He flung the head at her and as she grabbed for it, he knocked the gun in the air, deftly catching it.

“Okay,” he said, holding the gun like he knew how to use it. Ellen and Jo had managed to teach him some things. “Your turn. How did you know to be here? And how to take on the robot? And I’d ask about the guns but I know people that pack arsenals in their trunks, so…”

She paused a second, then said, “It’s not a robot. It’s a Terminator, sent back in time to kill you. “

“Oh, great,” he huffed. “Like I didn’t have enough things trying to kill me. Now I have to worry about robots from the future.”

“Terminators,” she corrected automatically. She hesitated, then said, “You believe me?”

“Lady, I just ripped the head off the robot that killed my adoptive family. I’m not obtuse. I even got into Stanford. I believe what I see. So, how do you know so much about these robots from the future?” he asked.

She opened her mouth, then closed it and her entire face shut down.

“Right,” he said, sighing. “Keeping it a secret. Well, if you need my help, just call me.”

He pulled a card out of his pocket, laid it on top of the gun, then turned and ran up the wall, disappearing into the night.
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