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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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Rocks Fall...

Dawn was from California, originally L.A. She’d been through her share of earthquakes and things natural disasterish, not to mention all the demonically induced crap she’d seen. And the only time she’d seen parts of a town crack open and disappear had been when Sunnydale became a crater.

She stomped on her brakes as the sandstone wall that had been towering above the road cracked and tumbled down into the road. She blinked, staring unbelieving. When nothing else seemed to happen, she carefully edged around the boulders, pushing in 911 to call it in.

“Haven Dispatch. What’s your emergency?” a raspy woman’s voice said.

“A bunch of boulders are lying in the road into town where they almost hit my car,” she said, a little bit of panic finally settling in. She’d almost died! In a possibly natural but still freakish manner!

“Alright, honey, thanks for the heads up. Are you okay?” the dispatcher asked.

“Just a little freaked,” she said, turning into the city of Haven.

They rang off as Dawn parked her car in front of a little row of shops and rested her head on her steering wheel. Her little out of the way detour from collecting on her birthday present from Faith had almost killed her. She told Giles she should have just gone to South Dakota instead of running a million errands first. She could totally wait for the impending apocalypse at Singer’s place. It wasn’t like he wasn’t in the middle of the Winchesters’ chaos, anyway.

The knock on her window almost made her pee her pants and she jerked upright after knocking her head into the horn. She blinked, then focused on the badge the serious man in front of her was holding up as he made the ‘roll down your window’ motion that was universal amongst cops.

“Ma’am,” he said with a charming accent and a little nod. “You can’t park here.”

She looked around but didn’t see any sign. “Okay?”

“There was a girl hit a few years back because the car pulling out couldn’t see her and the locals occasionally employ vandalism to discourage vacationers from parking here,” he explained.

“Right,” she said, feeling like she’d walked into lala land. “I’ll just…move.”

She looked around and he seemed to take pity on her. He pointed and said, “Right up there, ma’am.”

“Thank you,” she said with a nod. “But I really need to go to the marina? And find the…Cape Rouge.” She said, studying her hastily written notes. “I just needed to take a moment because some big rocks almost crushed my car on the way into town.”

“Yeah,” he said, squinting a bit. “Haven’s sort of notorious for those kinds of misfortunes. And the man that owns the Cape Rouge-“

“Does bad, bad, probably illegal things,” she said nodding. “But this time, it was a totally legitimate service. He was just holding something for a mutual acquaintance of ours that I’m here to pick up.”

“Well,” he said, sounding dubious. “If you need anything, just call dispatch. I’m Detective Nathan Wuornos in case you need to talk to somebody familiar.”

Dawn blinked. She was pretty sure he wasn’t hitting on her. She was also pretty sure he expected something bad to happen to her. “Right,” she said, nodding. “I promise I won’t be in town long.”

“That’s probably for the best,” he said, obviously resigned.

She rolled up her window and asked her gps navigator to find the marina. She figured that the quicker she was out of this town, the better. She’d send somebody of the superpowered variety back to check it out later. 
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