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Parts of a Whole

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Summary: Individual pieces can lead to the whole story.

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Disclaimer: A basic warning: I do not own any recognizable characters in any of the short stories that are to follow. Specifically, I do not own: Leverage, Harry Potter, Supernatural, the Mercy Thompson series, The Losers, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Buffy, Angel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Stargate 'verse, Highlander, Grey's Anatomy, Haven, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or Batman. That's John Rogers and Chris Downey, J.K. Rowling, Eric Kripke, Patricia Briggs, Sylvain White, Liz Bramwell, Joss Whedon, Marvel Studios, MGM, Davis-Panzer Productions, Shonda Rhimes, Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, Josh Friedman, or DC Comics.

Author's Note: The stories will go towards the One Hundred Word Challenge and will, I'm pretty certain, make on continuous story. I'll post the words I've completed here in this Index in case anyone wants to know and for posterity's sake. Also, if you have any questions about which characters come from where, because there will likely be a bit of crossover, just ask.

Elliot/Hank Summers-Rejection

Cordelia/Lavendar Brown-introduction
Cordelia/Neville, part 1-expectations

Connor/Ellen-Under the Rain
Ellen/Giles-Two Roads
Connor/Dawn/The Harvelles-67%

Oz/Mercy Thompson-Breaking the Rules
Oz/Adam HauptmanHappiness

Faith/Missouri-hold my hand
Faith/Bobby Singer-Solitude

Oz/Aisha-Mother Nature
Oz/The Losers-Drive
The Losers/The Council-Broken pieces

Xander/Chloe King-cat

Chloe/The Council-stripes

Oz/Piper Halliwell-no time
Oz/"Adam Pierson"/Izzy Stevens-heal
Oz/The Scoobs-Mischief Managed

Buffy Summers/Nick Fury-In the Storm

Chloe/Phoebe Halliwell-Hero

Xander/Charlie-break away
Xander/the Twins-insanity

Oz/Bruce Banner-Do Not Disturb

Connor/Luna Lovegood-flower
Connor/Neville Longbottom-Night
Willow/Connor/Neville-Precious Treasure

Faith/Jon O’Neill-annoyance

Dawn/Bruce Wayne-Tears

Connor/TSCC-Keeping a Secret

Dawn/Nathan Wuornos-Misfortune
Buffy/Duke Crocker-Danger Ahead
Xander/Audrey Parker-Safety First
The Scoobs-Triangle

Connor/Darcy-Out Cold

I'll add the rest as I go along.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking