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They Never did Think Before Acting

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Mistakes, Ammends, and Confusion". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Dawn jumped and the Scoobies made mistakes afterward

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: AsherXeeliaFR1511,427041,9171 Aug 111 Aug 11Yes
***DISCLAIMER*** All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon or all characters from the Anita Blake books are the property of Laurell K Hamilton!!!

~~~AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~ DON'T PANIC!! (Brownie points for those of you who get the reference) This is the start of a series of stories!! Written for Fic-A-Day!

Dawn had leaped, dove into the swirling portal. It has snapped shut, taking her with it. No one was the same after that day.

Giles had secretly believed that their memories of Dawn would vanish, or at the very least they would dim. He had been wrong. It took only a month of research and contacting long neglected friends for him to find that Dawn hadn’t been created quite like they had thought. She had not poofed into existence, she had been a mystical test tube baby but had been magically implanted into Joyce Summers uterus and born as any child was. The only reason she had seemed injected into their lives was that their reality HAD been changed.

Buffy took no comfort in the fact that her sister was really her sister, SHE had never doubted. Willow and Xander both showed guilt at the reveal, they had doubted. Tara was just sad and Spike was silently stoic, not showing any emotion. Anya though, Anya asked bluntly why it mattered, either way she was Dawn and she was trapped in another dimension, so why weren’t they using all these resources to find her and bring her home?

It took another three months for them to gather the information to figure out how to find Dawn and another three to actually locate her. It took yet another two months to prepare the spell and gather the ingredients to retrieve her.

They soon learned they shouldn’t have just plucked her from where she was and dragged her back. They should have looked before deciding she needed to come home. They should have made sure nothing could follow her. But they didn’t.

It all began with the spell to bring her home…

The bat screeched as Willow sliced it open, it’s blood coating her hand and the copper bowl. She chanted steady as she did it, guilt for its death would come later. Once the bat was still she placed it on the left side of the bowl and gripped the morning dove and did the same thing, it went to the right side of the bowl once it’s blood was drained.

The rest of the group stood in a loose circle outside of Willow’s magical circle. Buffy stood on the right hand side of the circle, Spike on the left. Between Buffy and Spike on the edges of the circle facing Willow stood Anya then Xander, on the back side between Spike and Buffy were Tara then Giles. Each held a candle. Buffy, Tara, and Xander’s candles were white while Spike, Giles, and Anya’s were black.

Willow’s chanting grew stronger and she took from the satchel at her waist two viles, one held Buffy’s blood mixed with pennyroyal and the other Spike’s blood mixed with a drop of holy water. She emptied both vials into the copper bowl. Suddenly the blood boiled and began to spark and smoke. The smoke swirled until it created a vortex, then a portal. There was a harsh wind, a deafening crack, and all went black for the whole group.

When they awoke they found the spelled had worked. Laying in the middle of the magic circle was a young woman with long dark brown hair. Her blood red sundress singed from the portal. They all started to speak but the woman raised her head and glared as she spoke. “You have no idea what you just did.” She then promptly passed out.

It took the group a while to come to grips with the fact that the fourteen year old they lost was now this you woman. Obviously the reality or dimension she was in time had passed differently. They cleaned up the area as best they could, Willow burying the bodies of the sacrificial animals, and went back to the Summers home.

Dawn didn’t wake for 36 hours.

They all took turns watching over her so they could all sleep. Spike took the first watch. He sung to her and told her stories while running his hand through her long dark hair. It was almost black now. He had known she lightened it before but not how much. For a fleeting moment when she turned in her sleep she looked remarkably like Drusilla but then the light changed and she looked like the girl child she had been.

They all spoke to her while she slept but she didn’t stir until the second sunset after she had returned that she awoke. Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps misfortune, that it was her sister who was with her when she finally awoke. Her eyes opened slowly and at first seemed unfocused, but in a snap they focused and everyone heard the shattered scream she released.

Everyone rushed to Dawn’s room to find her pinning Buffy to the floor. “How could you do this!! How could you leave me there so fucking long and tear me away when I was happy?! I hate you!!”

Dawn looked up, her eyes blazing in anger. “None of you cared enough to find out where I was, how I was!! You just wanted me back and the hell with what I want, what I need!! You are ignorant children playing with things you know NOTHING of!!”

Before anyone could respond they heard the front door shatter. Within seconds a blur whooshed into the room and grabbed Dawn in a tight embrace. The man, or what looked like a man, was tall with golden hair, that at the moment hid his face. Dawn was clinging to him and crying as they spoke softly in French.

When the man raised his head to the others in the room they were shocked at his beauty. Blue/white husky eyes surveyed the group before he spoke. He told them of how Dawn, his precious Soliel, had fallen from a thunderstorm into the middle of the Circus of the Damned. Her magic and power had drawn many and he and his long time friend and Master of the City, Jean Claude, had taken her in to protect her and educate her to their world.

The nine months she had been gone from her world had been nine years in theirs. She and the man, they know knew was named Asher, were in love and were bound to one another. Her blood had healed severe damage to his skin and his love and care had cured the hole in her soul from being ripped from her life and into a whole new world.

The Scoobies were still reeling from the information and the knowledge that Asher was a vampire, though completely different from the vamps in their world, when Dawn abruptly said goodbye and created a portal. She and Asher disappeared through it leaving a journal with more information and a sealed note to Spike.

The journal told the Scoobies of the world Dawn now lived in as well as the rogue magical creatures that may, and most likely, had also been drawn into their world due to the spell Willow had cast to pull Dawn home.

The letter to Spike was in French and in code so that none of the others could understand what it said. The letter was simple, and to the point.

Translated it said:

You are welcome to come to my new home. The enclosed amulet will allow this but be forewarned, it will transform you into a vampire of this world. I love you Spike, Asher and I would love for you to join us, in every sense. I will know by next week if you decide to come. Hold the amulet under the full moon and think of me and you will be transported here. Either way I love you William and thank you for all you have ever done for me.


One week later, under the full moon Spike said goodbye to the world he knew and hello to a world of pain before being embraced by the dark haired woman and the golden haired vampire.

Buffy always wondered what happened to the annoying vampire but had her hands full with all the new and dangerous beings she and the others had accidently brought to their world.

The End

You have reached the end of "They Never did Think Before Acting". This story is complete.

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