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Random Buffy fics for August

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Summary: A series of Buffy-centered fics for the August Fic-A-Day Challenge

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

The Blonde Scout

Title: The Blonde Scout
Author: Punzl
Summary: Wyatt Cain was wounded in the Tower, and all he wanted was to get his shoulder looked at. He's about to get so much more...
Crossover: BTVS/ Tin Man
Characters: Jeb Cain, Wyatt Cain, Buffy Summers
Challenge: livejournal 2011 August Fic a Day Challenge, TTH Buffy Summers/Cain pairing
Timeline: After Tin Man series, Season 3's "Anne" for BTVS
Warning: Babble anyone?
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 799
A/N: I loved Tin Man, and Wyatt Cain was my favorite character. I hope this does him justice.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor profit from my writing. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon/ Mutant Enemy and Tin Man belongs to RHI Entertainment and Sci Fi Channel original pictures.

Wyatt Cain stopped for a moment, taking the scene in. The infirmary he found himself in was set up well, rough as it. Wyatt could see a few medics moving from person to person, assessing the wounded. His own shoulder was still sluggishly bleeding, which was why he was down here to begin with. He caught the eye of the closest medic and gestured to his shoulder. Wyatt received a nod and sat himself down on a bench. 'With all the injured it might take a while for him to get to me. Too bad this isn't a through and through, Raw could have healed it in a moment if it wasn't still stuck in me.'

He leaned against the pillar behind him, going back over the days' events. Movement from the doorway caught Wyatt's attention and his eyes followed the two figures. The little blond was a stranger, but the other was his son Jeb. They were talking quietly and greeting the resistance fighters as they moved toward the medic in charge. Wyatt focused his attention on the woman Jeb was with. She was dressed in what looked like a dark grey leather tunic and pants, which blended well in the shadows. 'She is the only other woman I've seen besides DG who wears pants. Even the other women I've seen in the resistance wear skirts. Smart. A scout, maybe?' She had a dart gun hanging from her belt on one side and a pistol in its shoulder holster hanging from the other side. He instinctively looked toward her feet and was not surprised to see the bare hint of a dagger sheath peaking from the top of each of her boots. 'Lot of weapons for one person, let alone a young woman,' he thought. Her hair was a golden blond, tied back in a tight braid. 'Young, but competent,' was his conclusion. 'Interesting that a woman would have what was obviously a great deal of authority.'

His observations done, Wyatt watched as the two reached the medic. The conversation was brief, but Jeb and the blond looked relieved. The medic went back to work and Jeb scanned the room. His gaze stopped on Wyatt. Jeb made a comment to his companion, who suddenly looked nervous, and they both headed in Wyatt's direction.

"Son," Wyatt greeted when they were close enough.

"Father," Jeb replied with a nod. "This is Buffy."

'Buffy?' Wyatt thought. 'How odd.'

"She is an Othersider," Jeb continued. "She landed here in the O. Z. a couple years ago, close to our camp." The blonde ducked her head, flinching. "Once we were sure she wasn't a spy..." Jeb trailed off, looking at a loss for words.

The blonde tossed her head back and sighed when Jeb didn't go on. Then she straightened her shoulders and looked Wyatt directly in the eye. "Hello Mister Cain!" She started energetically, "Once they figured I had no clue what the O. Z. was, let alone who Azkadellia is, I was kind of adopted." She stopped there, quirking an eyebrow at him. "By Adora," she finished, holding her left hand out to Wyatt.

Wyatt automatically took her hand, thankful it was the left and not the right because of his shoulder. Then her words penetrated and he stopped in mid-shake. "Adora adopted you?" He repeated. Buffy nodded slowly. "As a daughter, I'm guessing?" She nodded again, faster this time. 'I have a daughter?' It ran in circles around his brain.

"I know it's all kinds of weird, finding out you have a grown daughter that you didn't know about and aren't related to, and after finding out that your son is alive and running the resistance, and your wife is gone and oh my god sorry I mentioned that and can you say something?" Her speech took a moment to sink in at the speed she delivered it at, but he was startled.

Wyatt finally let go of her hand and looked in her eyes. She looked mortified and nudged Jeb, who stood there looking amused. 'Amused at what? The fact that she blurted all that out in one breath? The speed she said it? Or my reaction?' Wyatt thought with a poleaxed expression. Then he blinked, and smiled for what felt like the first time in forever. Buffy relaxed and then jumped, avoiding his shoulder. And suddenly Wyatt had his arms full of blonde teenager as she hugged him for the first time. His arms closed around her as he stared at Jeb, who shrugged and smiled brightly.

Then she said something into his good shoulder, "I'm so glad I get to meet you, dad." He squeezed her and pulled Jeb into the hug, forsaking any pain or awkwardness for a chance to feel surrounded by his family again.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Random Buffy fics for August" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 11.

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