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Random Buffy fics for August

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Summary: A series of Buffy-centered fics for the August Fic-A-Day Challenge

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Lethal News

Title: Lethal News
Author: Punzl
Summary: Martin Riggs is about to get some surprising news...
Crossover: BTVS/ Lethal Weapon
Characters: Martin Riggs, Roger Murtaugh, Joyce Summers
Challenge: livejournal 2011 August Fic a Day Challenge
Timeline: Before the first season of BTVS, between Lethal Weapon 2 and 3
Warning: Swearing
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 851
A/N: Timeline for Buffy is changed a bit: She was born 5 years earlier than in cannon
Disclaimer: I do not own nor profit from my writing. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon/ Mutant Enemy and the Lethal Weapon franchise belongs to Warner Bros. Pictures and Silver Pictures

Martin Riggs was walking down the aisle between the cubicles with his partner Roger Murtaugh, discussing their latest case when he heard a commotion. It wasn’t unusual to hear shouting at the police station, but he was curious. He headed toward what looked like a marital argument with Roger close behind him.

“She’s sick, Joyce! Why else would she tell us that the gym caught on fire while she was fighting vampires of all things?” The man shouted.

‘Vampires?’ Thought Martin worriedly.

“You don’t have the right to make that kind of decision Hank. You’re not her father!” The woman yelled right back. Martin winced.

‘Ouch,’ Martin thought, ‘low blow.’

“She may not be my blood, but I’ve damned well raised her like she was! You wouldn’t do what was necessary to help Buffy, so I had to! As it is right now the police suspect her of committing arson!” The man was obviously fed up with the woman’s attitude because he stormed out through the front doors.

The woman practically collapsed into the chair behind her, next to a rookies’ desk. The kid was wide-eyed and looked like he had no idea what to do. Roger strode over to the cooler for a cup of water, which broke the tableau. The other officers went back to their work while Martin and Roger converged on the woman.

“You’re white as a sheet. Here, drink this and take a moment,” Roger said as he offered her the cup. Martin looked toward the rookie and tilted his head. The rookie sighed and walked away; secure in the knowledge that he didn’t have to deal with the woman.

When she looked back up she glanced at Roger and said, “Thanks.” Then she twisted to look at Martin.

Martin saw her eyes widen and dilate. “Marty?” She whispered.

Roger snorted at the nickname but Martin was lost in confusion. ‘I haven’t used that name since I was a kid.’ He looked a little closer at the woman. ‘That man called her Joyce. Do I know a Joyce?’

“I, uh, damn this is awkward!” Joyce mentioned. “You probably don’t remember me. We went to high school together?” She looked at him hopefully. His mind was blank, and Roger’s stare wasn’t helping. “We dated a while before I moved--”

Martin blurted, “Cece!” She smiled a little and nodded. He was stunned. ‘I haven’t thought of her in years, and we weren’t together long.’

“I can’t believe it!” Joyce exclaimed. “I tried to find you a few months later and it was like you disappeared.” Martin stared at her. Her brows furrowed and anger washed over her face. Before he could process it his hand had deflected what was obviously supposed to be a slap.

“Hey now, that’s not a very nice greeting for an old friend,” Martin remarked. “Care to explain, Cece?”

Roger broke in before she could respond, “Why don’t we all go out to lunch? Another fight in the station doesn’t seem like a good idea right now. And it’s on Marty.” Martin raised an eyebrow at his presumption but Joyce blushed.


The three settled at a table in one of the local diners and ordered their drinks. An awkward silence ensues until Martin decided to speak up.

“Cece, this is Roger Murtaugh, my partner at the LAPD,” Martin introduced, “Roj, this is Joyce-”

“-Summers. My name is Joyce Summers, Mister Murtaugh,” Joyce interrupted. “And the man I was arguing with was Hank Summers, my husband.”

“If I may ask, ma’am, why did you try to slap Riggs?” Roger questioned. “I’m guessing you two haven’t seen each other in years, so what did he do to incur your wrath after such a long time?”

“It’s the fact that I haven’t seen him in years that’s the problem, Mister Murtaugh. Once our relationship ended and I moved away I couldn’t get in contact with him again!” Joyce proclaimed, still evading the actual question. Martin felt confusion when he saw her glance down at the table.

‘What could be so important?’ Martin thought. ‘There was no unfinished business, and we went our separate ways when the relationship was over.’

“My daughter turned fifteen in January,” Joyce stated.

Roger and Martin looked at each other, wondering why that statement was significant.

“Did you know that pregnancy actually lasts ten months, not nine,” Joyce rambled. “I kept counting back nine months and nothing ever added up until my doctor mentioned it. An extra month and everything made sense. Except that I couldn’t find you!” The last was harshly whispered. Roger just blinked.

Martin ran the timeline through in his head: ‘Last I saw Cece it was April, but we ended the relationship in March, 1975. Sixteen years ago…’ He started counting from there, ‘April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…’

“Hey Riggs?” Roger said. “I think she’s trying to tell you that…”

“Congratulations, Marty, it’s a girl!” Joyce finished evilly.

Martin Riggs had figured that out himself, but that declaration made it so much more realistic.
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