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The truth is out there

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Psychic Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The world is not how it seems and Xander is about to have his eyes opened. He always wanted to be special, but maybe not this special. YAHF with a twist.

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Supernatural > Xander-CenteredxandersgirlFR151012,69655336,1142 Aug 1120 Aug 12No

Chapter 1

The truth is out there.

Chapter 1

Xander cursed Snyder and his messed up idea of 'volunteering'. He had been planning on a night in front of the TV and slowly sending himself into a sugar coma. But no he was having to escort little kids Trick-or-Treating on the only night off you get in this gig. And to top it all off some kid had just swiped the last gun from the bargain bin.

"God damn it," he swore. Now what was he going to go as.

"There's no need to swear, young man." Someone said from right behind him. Xander jumped and whirled round his heart in his mouth. There was an older man, maybe the same age as Giles, but not a stuffy.

"Don't do that!" The man smiled, there was a hint of a predatory gleam in his eyes, but it was gone before Xander was sure of what he'd seen.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." It was clear the guy was British but the accent was alittle rougher than Giles's.

"It's okay, man, just didn't know you were there," Xander said in a rush.

"It's quite alright, can I help you with something? I'm Ethan Rayne, I own this establishment," Ethan said. Xander took an involuntary step back there was something really creepy about this guy, and it wasn't just that he was British.

"No, erm, it's just that I was going to be a solider, but the last gun's gone so I can't, so er yeah," Xander babbled. Ethan just kept smiling and wasn't that just really wigsom.

"Oh, I think there maybe another gun." Ethan lent over and pulled a gun from the bin. Xander frowned he was sure that hadn't been there when he'd looked just now. "Now I know it isn't suitable for a solider, but sure you can make it work." Ethan held it out to Xander. It was a really old fashioned looking gun, something he imagined a cowboy might have used. It was black and slender, with a barrel for the bullets and a long muzzle. It also had some really weird looking markings on the muzzle and grip.

"What is it?"

"This is a replica of one the last gun Samuel Colt made. Rumour has it that he made it for a hunter, and that it's capable of killing anything." Xander's head snapped up to look at the Brit.

"Anything? As in supernatural anything?" he asked. Ethan smirked and nodded, he held the gun out to Xander.

"So interested?" he asked. "Only five dollars."

Xander glanced over at his girls, Buffy was fussing over a pink old fashioned gown and Willow was clutching what was probably a ghost costume. He looked back at the creepy guy and the gun. Maybe it would be cool to play at being a real vampire hunter, not just a sidekick, it could be fun, plus a gun that could kill anything that was just cool. He took the gun from Ethan.

"Yeah, I could make that work." Xander never noticed the look of triumph on Ethan's face.

Later that night, Janus smiled as he prepared to create some chaos. It had been too easy to get the kid to take the Colt as part of his costume. No matter what else the kid used in his costume it guaranteed that the kid would be possessed by one of the Colt previous owners. As the Colt had only ever been owned by hunters, it meant that Xander would become a hunter tonight it was vital that Xander had some knowledge of how the real world worked or his plan would never work.

Janus didn't care what hunter Xander was possessed by so he'd just let the magic chose. He grinned wickedly.

"Show time." All over Sunnydale everyone that had bought any part of their costume from a certain costume shop changed. And half way across the country Dean Winchester passed out next to his brother in the Impala.

So yeah, evil cliffhanger.

Like it or not, please review.

Till next time.

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