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The truth is out there

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Psychic Xander". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The world is not how it seems and Xander is about to have his eyes opened. He always wanted to be special, but maybe not this special. YAHF with a twist.

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The Truth Is Out There

I don't own either Supernatural or BtVS.

Also, has nothing to do with The X-files despite the title.

This is just a little taster, to see how it's received.

Warning! Spoilers for Supernatural.


The being that had once been called Janus in ancient Rome sat on a golden throne on top of a crypt. He watched as the three figures came closer, sure in the knowledge that none of them would see him. The blonde girl was sucking on a lolly, every picture the sweet innocence defenceless cheerleader. But she wasn't, she was 'The Slayer' Janus snorted, slayer right. Truth was he was quite proud of that little illusion. Didn't take much, a small gift of power, some inserted memories and bobs-your-uncle a legend in less time than it took to snap your fingers. But it caused so much chaos and entertainment. His glaze then fell on the red head, she was walking next to the slayer chattering of inconsequential things. She was interesting, just starting to discover magic, and with a few prods in the right direction could provide quality viewing for years to come. Then there was the boy, Janus's eyes narrowed as he glared at the brunet. He was not welcome in the little world Janus had built for himself. For the life of him couldn't figure out how that demon had entered Sunnydale, it should not have been possible, and it worried Janus to no end.

Over a hundred years ago, Janus had become bored. There was only so many times you could mess with people before it got boring, oh hunters were more fun as they understood about the supernatural but even that had finally lost it's appeal. So Janus had created Sunnydale, even going as far as altering the very nature of the supernatural world, something that had caused him to fall into a coma for twenty years. When he woke he found that Sunnydale had taken on a life of it's own. To the point that once someone entered the city limits their memories were altered to fit the new world. Any knowledge of the supernatural was also changed. Demons took on a wide variety physical forms, vampires were changed to be more demonic and base in nature, werewolves more animalistic. To sum it up in one word it was fun. Janus had a great time posing as the mayor of this little town, his own personal playground.

That was until he'd created the 'Slayer' and became aware of the anomaly that lurked in his paradise. The boy, Alexander Harris, hadn't just been touched by a true demon but now had demon blood running though his veins. It shouldn't be possible, a true demon shouldn't be able to enter the town without being affected by it, it was infuriating. However how it happened was not important at the moment, what he was going to do about it was. It was clear that he couldn't just let the boy run amuck in his town.

Of course the easiest thing would be to kill him, but where would the fun be in that. Then again he could just banish him from Sunnydale, it would be amusing to see the boy trying to come to terms with how the world really was and the fact that the rest of the world was running nine years ahead of Sunnydale. A wicked grin made it's way onto Janus's face, as an idea came to him. It would take some planning and careful manipulation but would be worth it as it could not only get rid of the boy but also prove to cause great chaos and be incredibly fun. He would have to work fast, after all Halloween was only two days away.

So what do ya think?

Short I know, but it's just setting the scene.

Don't know if I'm giving to much power to a Trickster, seemed to me that they could do anything they liked.

Please review.

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