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A Key Lost and a Girl Found

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Mistakes, Ammends, and Confusion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn jumped and found a home

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: AsherXeeliaFR1511,088011,9932 Aug 112 Aug 11Yes
~~~Disclaimer~~~ All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon and all characters from the Anita Blake books are the property of Laurell K Hamilton!!!

***AUTHOR'S NOTE*** My Fic-A-Day stories will be posted here first because I didn't realize I had to post at the LJ as well on the first day and I don't want to leave anyone who may enjoy the series to have to wait because of my mistake.

Dawn had leaped, dove into the swirling portal. She expected death but that was not her fate. She landed with a hard thump on the ground and looked up to see nothing but two startled husky blue eyes before she passed out.

When she awoke she was in a large and extremely comfy bed. She realized quickly that comforter was velvet and the sheets real silk, both in an impossibly bright pink. She sat up slowly and realized what she thought was a TV blaring on the other side of the door to the room she was in was actually two people arguing. One voice was an angry woman’s voice, the other a calm but obviously forced calm French accented man’s voice.

She crawled out of the bed as quietly as she could so she could get close enough to listen.

The woman’s voice raised higher. “You cannot keep this kid here!! I don’t care if she’s magical or not she needs to be with humans! She is a KID Jean Claude!”

The Male voice countered. “Oui, she may be young mon Petite, but she is strong and she is not of this world. She will never be treated as human. Asher feels it is his duty to care for her and I believe she is safest here, where other powers cannot whisk her away.”

Before anything more could be said Dawn pushed the door open in tears. “Look I don’t want to be anyone’s duty or burden ever again! I will just leave, I can take care of myself!”

The man turned to her with a slight frown. “You should be resting child.”

Dawn couldn’t help but laugh. “Your friend’s voice carries.”

The woman looked stricken for a blink then smoothed her features. “You need to come with me, we will find your family and…”

Dawn laughed again. “My family is my sister and she’s in another dimension!! Can you take me back there? ‘Cause if not I’m not going anywhere with you! I have had it up to here with bossy, I know everything better than anyone else chicks! Just leave me alone!”

With that the girl ran. Unfortunately she didn’t know where she was running to and ran smack dab into another large man. This one held the blue/white husky eyes she had seen before she passed out. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to run into you, or land here, or be a burden!! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

The man cradled the girl whispering in French to her, telling her all would be fine and she was no burden, more a joy that brought the sun to his personal world. The shock he expressed when she thanked him in perfect French was immense.

He took her back to the room she had been in and laid her back on the bed. “You almost tore your stitches cher, you must be more careful.”

Dawn nodded then spoke. “I’m Dawn by the way.”

The man smiled softly. “I am Asher, second in command to Jean Claude, Master of St. Louis.”

Dawn looked at him quizzically for a moment then spoke again. “You’re a vampire, but you aren’t like the ones back home.”
Asher nodded. “From what the witch Jean Claude called in said your world is much different from ours. I shall tell you more of my world and learn more about yours tomorrow little one, for tonight you should sleep.”

Dawn’s stomach made it known that what the girl really needed was food. Asher lifted his hand and held up a finger before disappearing quickly. He returned with another man he called Jason. Dawn immediately liked Jason, he reminded her of a mix of Xander and Oz with just a touch of Spike.

Jason smiled at the girl. “So I was told that you have a rumbly tumbly!”

Dawn burst into giggles. “Yeah I’m hungery, don’t suppose you have any anchovy pizza around do you?”

Jason laughed. “I can get you some but it will take at least thirty five minutes, how about a snack until it gets here?”

Dawn smiled brightly. “Cool Ranch Doritos and peanut butter?”

Jason made an icky face but nodded and left.

Asher smiled slightly. “You have made the wolf queasy, nicely done.”

Dawn snickered. “Well I needed to play a little, besides it really is yummy!”

Asher told her about his world while she ate. She found it fascinating. She smiled and asked questions until she got to the one that Asher couldn’t answer. “How do I get home?”

Asher had no answer for her. He, Jean Claude, and Anita tried everything they could think of to find her a way home but to no avail. Even with the knowledge of the mystical Key energy infused within her they could find no way to send her home.

So it was that the girl grew into a woman, “homeschooled” by vampires and weres and a necromancer who was tough as nails. They cared for her as if she belonged, let her make her own mistakes and learn from them, and cheered when she started and graduated college.

Though she still held the power of the Key, which made her a powerful witch, it was rarely that part of her that the people who loved her saw. It was the vibrant and competent person she was that they were more attracted to.

Over the years her hopes of going back to her world diminished and became no more than childhood notions. Her life was here, with these people, her friends and new family. Her business degree went to good use as she worked for Jean Claude’s businesses and at 22 became the daytime face of his enterprise. The love and faith her new family had in her pushed her to excel.

It was also at 22 that her beloved Asher finally approached her to be his.

All was well in the world, until a year later when she was forcibly sucked back to the world she had left, dragging Asher and numerous others with her.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Key Lost and a Girl Found". This story is complete.

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