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Summary: Xanders car is eaten by a wierd blue portal, can his day get any worse?

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Television > EurekaTjinFR1533,50978717,9623 Aug 115 Nov 13No

For Science 2


Looking up, Xander blinked at the rather Irate officer that had been watching him for the last day or so. As the rest of the town picked up after some event or another, he had overheard world ending and portals and had broken out of the cell by pressing himself through the bars.

One of the more advantageous and less talked about side effects of the swim team was a far more stabilized version of hypermobility, or simply double jointed, thanks to the advanced cartilage from the shark DNA.

Of course, after escaping he had gone in search of the demonic threat, only to be chased over hill and dale by both the military and Rambo-bina. It wouldn’t have been so bad if that thrice-damned mongrel hadn’t barked and drawn attention to him as he slipped outside.

It had taken them nearly two hours to run him to ground and even than he had been willing to fight his way to freedom, at least until the deputy had shot him with some sort of blue pulse ray gun that felt like a two-forty trunk line had been plugged into his skull.

Needless to say once the thrashing and twitching had worked its way out of his system, he had been properly secured in a manner that was both overly professional and extremely thorough and brought up certain questions about the Deputy’s off duty time before he was hauled back to the jail and dumped back into his cell. He had been warned not to try it again.

They could have at least warned him that the bars had been electrified.

Blinking again at the statement, Xander glanced at the ray gun the woman carried before standing up slowly. “You’re not going to tase me again are you,” he asked cautiously as deputy glared.

“Not unless you make me,” she growled before crossing her arms over her chest. “I don’t like babysitting people. I am a Deputy Sheriff, it’s not in the Job description.”

Blinking Xander went through what he knew about the different law lnforcement agencies and their duties before frowning as several points his soldier persona he had picked up hit him, “Umm… you’re a Sheriff’s Deputy, you run the jails so… it IS In the job description.”

“Do you WANT me to tase you?”

“I’m gone!” Xander hurried out of the cell and into the bright morning sunlight. Looking both ways, Xander finally spotted what looked like a café across the street and making his way over, he stepped inside. Immediately he was greeted by the overweight owner who was almost ecstatically happy to feed him and seemed crushed that he only wanted to use the phone.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T EXIST?” Xander yelled into the phone as he resisted the urge to throw the phone at the wall. Turning around in frustration, Xander froze at the half dozen rather grim faced men in uniform that stood in a semi-circle around him with a beautiful, dark skinned woman taking the lead.

“Mr. Harris, my name is Alison Blake, Department of Defense. We’re going to need you to come with us.” She said seriously as the uniformed thugs shifted slightly in anticipation of him fighting.

Glancing around at the six of them, Xander hung the phone up and turned to face them directly. “Well Miss Blake, unless you stopped to pick up a warrant along with the six pack thugs you brought along, I don’t HAVE to go anywhere with you. If you WANT me to go with you, bringing a half dozen knee breakers have me personally leaning towards resisting. And should you try to FORCE me to go with you I must say I take kidnapping very seriously,“ Xander said as he leaned back and watched the gathered occupants of the café for clues as to which way the wind was blowing.

After a moment, the DoD agent nodded to the leader of the thugs and they took several steps back, leaving him some breathing room. “I apologize, Mr. Harris. I didn’t mean to threaten you, but you do represent a considerable issue that the Department of Defense would like to resolve in a timely manner,” Alison said gently before motioning to a nearby table. “I’m willing to explain, if you will give me the time.”

Double checking the thugs, Xander slid into the seat and motioned for her to join him.

Sitting down, Alison tried to figure out how to explain what had happened. “Mr. Harris before we begin I need to confirm, you are Alexander Harris, from Sunnydale California?” she asked before leaning forward. “Xander Harris, Friend to Buffy Summers, Willow Rosenberg and Rupert Giles?” she pressed slightly and leaned back at his nod.

This was going to be complicated.


“Wait, you have a form in the event a fictional character just show up? How many times has this happened,” Xander asked from the lab as he sat glued to the TV as he watched the second episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He had watched the first episode and was still not quite able to wrap his mind around the fact that he was a fictional character.

Hank shrugged as he tapped on the computer “Not very often just two..”

“Don’t forget the cat,” Fargo interrupted as he resisted the urge to squeal at the thought of Xander Harris himself visiting them in Eureka.

“…Three times since the town was founded.” Henry said with all seriousness before going back to researching how to get the young man back home. So far they hadn’t had much luck. While they had gotten a couple of extra dimensional visitors, they had not been very successful in getting them back home. So far they had figured out that Xander had arrived via the tachyon event they had recently resolved.

Now they were working to get the young man settled as an active member of Eureka while they worked to get him back where he belonged.
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