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Tomorrow's Bleeding

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Secret Sixth". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Just once she’d like to die and stay dead. Sequel to Illusions of Sunlight and part of the Secret Sixth series.

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Television > Battlestar Galactica > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)akatFR131537141,2754 Aug 114 Aug 11Yes
Spoilers: All of BtVS through Season 7; all of BSG, the Reimagined Series
Disclaimers: BtVS, BSG, and all related characters do not belong to me.
Summary: Just once she’d like to die and stay dead. Sequel to Illusions of Sunlight and part of the Secret Sixth series.


At first there was nothing, just blackness.

Then came the pain. Sharp and searing, it lanced through her whole body, forcing her back into consciousness with a violent shove.

With a strangled gasp, she bolted upright, her eyes casting wildly around the room as she tried to get her bearings. She was too disoriented, though, her vision too hazy. All she could make out was vague shapes and shadows.

She brought her hands up to rub her eyes. That’s when she realized that they – that she was covered in something – oozy.

Squinting, she looked down around her. Everything was still blurry, so it took her a second to really understand what she was seeing. When she finally did, however, she felt the last traces of mental fogginess disappear.

Of course, discovering that you’re sitting naked in a tub of goo could have that effect.

Unfortunately, now that her mind was clear, a million questions began flooding her mind. Where the heck was she? How did she get there? What was with the goo?

As important as those questions were, she didn’t have time for them right now. Nope, she needed to figure out who was she first.

Especially since the answer wasn’t coming to her right away.

Frowning, she concentrated as hard she could, trying to force herself to remember. Before she got anywhere, however, she heard a small chuckle.

With a small yelp, she immediately sank back down into the tub as she searched for the source. Her eyes fell upon a smug, creepy man who was sitting in the shadows just off to the side, looking at her as if he had just won the lottery.

She sank down a little further. And here she thought there was such a thing as too much goo in the world.

“Oh, Ellen,” the man murmured. “You have outdone yourself.”

Ellen? Was she Ellen? No, that didn’t sound right. The name sounded so familiar, though.

Ellen... Ellen...

Her eyes widened as a face slowly swam to the surface of her memory.

Ellen. She was trying to save her from something, somehow. She was her friend. No, that wasn’t exactly right. She wasn’t her friend, she was someone else’s...

Another face came to mind, a man’s face, and she gasped at the memory.

Sam. His name was Sam. And... she loved him.

That’s when it all came back.

She was Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She had fought and died – repeatedly – only to be lose everyone she loved and everything she ever knew when she was ripped from her world and dropped into a new one. Somehow, though, she had found happiness there – with Sam.

And now that was gone. He was gone.

Suddenly, it became difficult to breathe, and Buffy drew her knees up to her chest.

Just once, she’d like to die and stay dead.

Then she glanced over at Creepy McCreeperson in the corner. Of course, that didn’t mean she would go down without a fight.


A/N: I know there are a lot of unanswered questions here, but I promise I have the answers to them. They'll be revealed all in good time. :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Tomorrow's Bleeding". This story is complete.

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