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Signs of the apocalypse

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Summary: *twisted shorts - Day Four* The workers of Princeton-Plainsboro are pretty sure that the end is nigh. Why else would Dr Gregory House be smiling?

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-CenteredhellbellsFR151546143,3424 Aug 114 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own House M.D or BtVS. I only own my twisted imagination!

The people of the hospital were freaked and the staff were definitely scared.

Dr Gregory House, miserable bastard extraordinaire - was happy. When he started smiling people found it scary but then he started humming. Well that had to be the sign of the coming apocalypse. Right?

The ducklings were in their office gossiping about their boss’s sudden change in mood.

Chase shuddered, “it’s not natural.”

Cameron rolled her eyes, “You know he might just be happy. There is no rule that says he has to be miserable.”

Chase just stared at her, his expression speaking volumes. Foreman shook his head, wondering how two smart people could be so clueless.

He looked over his journal, “You’re both idiots, he’s getting some.”

Chase shot back, “hookers don’t count.”

A throaty chuckle from behind them disturbed their little gossip session. Three sheepish heads shot around to see who had disturbed them. Standing before them was a tiny, beautiful blonde, dressed head to toe in leather.

Chase gulped; the woman was stunning. “I’m sorry miss, can I help you?”

She shook head, “No can do pretty-boy. Oh, and I don’t charge Greg, he couldn’t afford me.”

The devil in question was leaning against his door. “She’s right but I do keep her satisfied.”

House frowned when he noticed that someone was missing. He did not bother to hide his pout, “I thought Faith was going to tease the ducklings.”

Buffy shrugged, “She met James in the elevator.”

House sighed, as if he was greatly put up on, “He does realise that wife No 4 could break him in two.”

Buffy grinned wickedly, “Oh Faith won’t break him, and she likes Jimmy too much. Besides, this is the second date.”

House smirked, “Mark my words. They’ll be married by Christmas.”

If Wilson was strong enough, to handle Faith, then all credit to him Buffy figured. Outwardly, she shrugged, “You promised to feed me.”

“So I did.” He added enigmatically. “Step inside.”

Of course, the hospital grapevine exploded with the news. There was no apocalypse, just a beautiful blonde with a penchant for leather. However, by the end of lunch the gossip had doubled.

It seems, that both House and his best friend had new significant others. The nurses watched as a sultry brunette exited Dr Wilson’s office, grinning and looking extremely satisfied.

She walked next door, ignoring the shell-shocked ducklings. She knocked on House’s door, “Yo B, we gotta jet, if we are going to be back in time for the dinner.”

Buffy opened the door pouting. “Fine let’s go. I want to find a dress that will make Greg swallow his tongue.”

Faith was pleased to see her sister slayer cutting loose. It would do her good to indulge her H&H itches.

Faith had a wicked grin on her face, “I’m aiming for hot and bothered. You know a dress, which he can’t wait to rip it off.”

The slayers shared grins, Faith hooked her arm with her sister slayer. They were on a mission and needed to go shopping.

They did find spectacular dresses and when they entered the charity dinner, they certainly turned heads.

Sadly, Greg did not swallow his tongue but he did rip it off. Therefore, Buffy decided to call it a win anyway.

The End

You have reached the end of "Signs of the apocalypse". This story is complete.

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