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A Friend Found Again, for the 1st time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Mistakes, Ammends, and Confusion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn played with magic and discovered she really shouldn’t but was glad she had

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Anita Blake > Dawn-CenteredXeeliaFR1511,267112,0204 Aug 114 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon and all characters from the Anita Blake books are the property of Laurell K Hamilton!!!

Dawn had lived in this new dimension for two years when a glimmer of hope finally appeared. A rogue witch had been arrested and Anita had found in her book of spells a trans dimensional spell. She had wanted to research it more but Dawn being desperate to return to her beloved sister had stolen it.

She rewrote the spell and put the copy in her pocket as she preformed the spell. It was all seemingly benign herbs and a single drop of her blood. The main constraint seemed to be that it HAD to be done on the full moon, which actually worked out well since she’d be home alone that night.

The spell produced an acidic smelling smoke but as she chanted and the smoke encircled her she felt it transport her. When the smoke cleared she was not in St. Louis any more but she was sure she wasn’t in Sunnydale in her dimension either. She realized she was in a field but the road to the side of her was not pavement, it was cobblestone. She followed the road and realized that even if she was in the right dimension she was not in the right time.

She came to a town just as the sun rose. It smelled like refuge and sewer. It didn’t take her long to realize that this small town was behind the times even for the era. A newspaper she found showed the date as being 1910.
Her mind was reeling. She would have to wait another lunar month to try again.

Her petty theft skills had been honed through being Spike’s sidekick so it took her only a short time to outfit herself in era correct clothing, it also helped that people still used clothes lines. Finding shelter was harder though, being almost 17 in an era where that was marriageable made it more difficult to pull the lost little girl act. But that first night she ran into her savior, again.

Dawn was huddled down in an alley when she heard a woman moan in pain. Being the kind of girl she was, both curious and wanting to be helpful she went towards the sound. What she saw stopped her. There in front of her was a dead woman and a very much undead Spike. He had darker hair and it was full of curls, but it was Spike.

Dawn’s eyes were like saucers when he turned and looked at her. “S-spike? But how are you here?”

Spike’s look went from predatory to confused. “Oi! How do you know my name Platelet? I’m sure I would’ve remembered meeting a tasty morsel like you before, in fact I would’ve eaten a tasty morsel like you.”

Dawn spurted but finally was able to speak. “You haven’t, met me I mean, well you have but not here. Like not in this time but you will, later. I mean the future is always changing right? So maybe you won’t but probably you will. I hope you do, you are, were, will be my best friend. Well not at first, Janice was at first but that wasn’t real so does it really count?”

Spike just gaped at her. “You are one mixed up Bitelet aren’t you?”

Dawn half smiled. “You say that a lot.”

Spike chuckled. “OK I’ll make ya a deal little one, you tell me something that I wouldn’t tell anyone and I let you live.”

Dawn did smile then. “You got the nick-name William the Bloody because of your poetry and you killed the people who gave you that nick-name by ramming railroad spikes into their heads thus getting the nick-name Spike.”

Spike looked angry for a moment and then smiled. “Well you couldn’t know ALL that from Watchers, Angelus, or Darla. One last question, how do I know you in the future?”

Dawn frowned. “If I tell you that then it could change, then you wouldn’t know me.”

Spike nodded. “Well where are you staying? And more importantly how did you get here?”

Dawn swallowed. “I did a spell that went wonky, um wrong. And I’m not staying anywhere. I kinda been huddled in the alley for the night.”

Spike was sure the girl was telling the truth, something deep within him told him so. “OK look I don’t know why the bloody hell I’m doing this but you can stay with me, for a bit. Could use some companionship since Dru’s off with Darla somewhere and good old Angelus up and disappeared.”

Dawn nodded. “With his soul it’s gonna be a while before you see him again.”

Spike nods then stops, “You really do know me don’t ya Platelet?”

Dawn smiled broadly. “Yep and you’ve always called me Platelet, or Little Bit, or something connected to blood or biting.”

For the next month Spike and Dawn lived in an abandoned farm. Spike would bring her food and she wouldn’t ask where it came from. They’d talk and that’s how Dawn learned something she had never thought of before, magic memory spells don’t work on vampires. They may have some effect for a short time, a couple days at most, but never stuck.

When Dawn learned this she began to cry. Spike, having always been a sucker for a pretty girl crying, asked why. Dawn lifted her head. “I’m not real, or I wasn’t, some monks made me out of my sister to protect me, well something in me. They sent fake memories to everyone, even you, but they wouldn’t have stuck, so all that time you really were my friend first, my first friend. Thank you Spike.”

Spike puffed up his chest and smiled. “Well I AM your first friend, I’ll always be your friend, first human I didn’t wanna eat.” Then he looked down and chuckled. “OK that aint true, I wanna eat you, but not in the fangy way.”

Dawn blushed bright red. “I have to do my spell again tonight, set things right, hopefully go home. If I ever see you again Spike, I mean I will be I mean like I am now, then I will take you up on that offer, I promise.”

Spike chuckled and spoke, “Well I didn’t find Dru’s sparkly green key but found something better, hope I find you again.”

Dawn looked at him shocked. “What?! Why does Dru want the Key?”

Spike scowled, “She don’t, she said I needed to find it and keep it safe from grubby hands. That’s why I’m here. She said her doll, Edith, told her the Key was her soul and only I could protect it. Didn’t fine it though.”

Dawn stared at Spike in shock for several minutes before speaking. “No Spike, you did find it. Remember when I said some monks made me to protect something? It was the Key, I’m the Key.”

Dawn hugged Spike tightly. “I have to go, I have to do the spell. I’m sorry, there’s no more time…”

Spike kissed her forehead. “Take care Bit, I’ll be seeing you again I’m sure of it.”

Dawn went back to the field she had appeared in and repeated the spell, this time when the smoke cleared she was home, in St. Louis. She learned later that no spell she could do would take her back to Buffy and Sunnydale, it might take her to her world but never the right time and no guarantees she would be sent to her world at all.

It was then that Dawn finally gave up her dream of returning to her sister and fully embraced her new life.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Friend Found Again, for the 1st time". This story is complete.

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