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Not Just 'The Zeppo' Anymore

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Summary: Willow and Buffy struggle to adjust to the change in group dynamics; their repressed abilities, and Xander’s sudden transition from ‘The Zeppo’ to the group’s protector. Silent Hill will not make it any easier... (August Fic a Day Challenge Response)

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Games > HorrorpezgirlFR131910111,4525 Aug 115 Aug 11Yes
Author: Orangethunder/Pezgirl
Rating: FR13
Warning: None
Fandoms: BtVS and Silent Hill
Word count: 877-ish

Feedback: Yes please!

Summary: Willow and Buffy struggle to adjust the change in group dynamics; their repressed abilities, and Xander’s sudden transition from ‘The Zeppo’ to the group’s protector. Xander has gotten used to being the ‘everyman’ of the group, and has to come to terms with his new position within the trio... And Silent Hill isn’t going to make it any easier...

Timelines: After season 7 for BtVS, and Game 1 for Silent Hill

Author’s Note: This is a companion fic to ‘Silent Cries’.

Disclaimer BtVS and Silent Hill 1 belong to Mutant Enemy and Capcom respectively.

Being the Zeppo of the group was pretty hard sometimes, but there were moments when Xander Harris was glad to be ‘normal’, the one with no powers; one such moment was when he was up on the Kingman’s Bluff, and he’d seen firsthand what power could do to a person.

All that power-

It consumes a part of you.

It had damn near swallowed-up his best friend, taking the whole world along with it too; at some point power stops being a useful weapon and starts to become a burden; oh, it was great in battle, nothing like having an uber-powerful witch to frighten demons away.

But during the year that followed Tara’s death and Willow’s psychotic breakdown he would not have traded his normalcy for all the power in the world; watching his lifelong best friend going through hell had all but destroyed any feeling of envy and self-pity he’d ever had.

He’d wanted to go back in time and stop her from pursuing her magical talents, or at least convince Giles to find a mentor; to guide her towards the coven four years earlier than he had done- the Devon coven could have helped a lot sooner. When she had finally been taken there he had thought for a while that they were going to strip her powers from her, and for one selfish moment he’d hoped that they would relieve that burden from her.

They hadn’t of course, which turned out pretty well for everyone.

After that he’d never wished Willow to be normal again.

Funny how wishes just happened to come true after you reconsider them.

Not only had Willow lost her magic, but his other best friend, Buffy, had lost her abilities as a Slayer; they were effectively screwed. Losing advantages was bad enough on a Hellmouth, but in Silent Hill... they’d be lucky to make it through the night.

Or day.

Actually, he couldn’t tell which; too misty.

One of the worst qualities in Silent Hill was the town’s lack of visibility, even with a flashlight neither he, nor his friends, would want to run with abandon; they didn’t want to run into anything that might tear their limbs off.

Not for the first time, Xander cursed their luck and wished that they’d cleared the bridge before that damn oversized moth had sprung at them; their radio, the one advantage they’d had, was now dead and broken in the water.

They were almost blind in Silent Hill.

Blind and powerless.

The only, vague, advantage they might have was him; he could throw a good punch, better than either of the girls- although Buffy did know Martial Arts, she still had a slight build. But he’d never say that out loud, they both knew that they were in major trouble.

And the only thing they had going for them was Xander.

The former Zeppo.

Xander moved over to Willow’s position as two deformed, blood-soaked dogs bounded from behind a stationary car, his grip tightened around the axe and he pushed the redhead towards the Alchemilla Hospital, “Guys; the hospital!”

Buffy ran at the redhead, “Will, I’ll cover you,” she initiated, and pushed her forwards towards the building, the pipe in her hand was up; guarding them both. Xander shoved his hand into his pocket and withdrew a few streaks of beef jerky; he threw them as he turned to follow his friends.

“What about Xander?” Willow looked like she wanted to help, and resisted the grip; her anxious gaze was on him.

Xander glared, “I’m bailing too, Will; just go!”

He covered the girls from behind as the two of them sprinted for the Hospital; his only aim for the moment was keeping the dogs away from Willow and Buffy; the dogs finished the meat and turned their livid gazes on him, “Okay... bailing now.”

Xander whipped the kitchen knife from the waistband of his jeans and, using a skill gained from Soldier Boy, he threw it towards one of the mutts; without waiting to see it wheel through the air, he turned and ran, already knowing that he’d catch up with the girls in no time.

He cursed their hesitancy and wished that they’d get used to the fact that they needed him while they were in Silent Hill; Xander had always protected his girls in some way over the years, whether it was giving ‘the shovel’ speech to boyfriends, or girlfriends, or looking out for them even when they weren’t aware of it.

He’d never thought that he’d end up protecting them from the demons.

If Xander was honest with himself, he kinda wished that he didn’t need to.

The mutilated canines howled, and the mist seemed to thicken; worried that his vision would be screwed further, he sped up, drawing level with Willow and Buffy; he heard the dogs and pushed Willow forwards

Either his knife missed, or the wound hadn’t affected the dog at all.

Xander knew that they were almost on hospital grounds, even if he couldn’t see it; the fog was so deep... he couldn’t even see his friends.

In the distance, he heard the sound of an air-raid siren; it chilled him to the bone as the noise rolled over them.

The Darkness was coming.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Just 'The Zeppo' Anymore". This story is complete.

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