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The Miracles Love Can Create

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Mistakes, Ammends, and Confusion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Love can do many things, for a Key even more.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: AsherXeeliaFR211702011,3665 Aug 115 Aug 11Yes

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Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the property of Joss Whedon and all characters from the Anita Blake books are the property of Laurell K Hamilton!!!

The first night spent with Asher as more than just his charge/friend was the night Dawn finally felt whole.

He knew her secrets, including her love for Spike, he knew her mistakes, like using a spell to try to get home only to end up in the right dimension but in the wrong time, he even knew her annoying habits, like making her gum snap and he still loved her. Not her power, not her Keyness, but all of her.

It was one week after her twenty-second birthday that they finally took their relationship into the bedroom. He had lit his rooms dimly and played Vivaldi on his Bose system. He had give her pale purple roses and strawberry champagne. They had talked and touched and finally he had kissed her.

His mouth was warmer than she had thought it would be and as his kissed her she melted. Afterward she would tell people that their first kiss had been even better than the final kiss in “The Princess Bride” and mean it.

It was her hand the started caressing him.

She was pulling and tugging at his shirt vainly trying to get rid of it. She had seen his scars a few times over the years she’d lived here so there was no uncertainty and he helped her take his shirt off. His hands were far more deft at removing her clothes. To him she looked like a goddess all dark hair, pale skin, and striking blue eyes. Her own scars so faint as to be unnoticeable.

She gasped in pleasure as his hands gently kneaded her breasts. He groaned as her hands softly stroked his cock. He gently pushed her back on the bed and pulled back to look at her, his goddess-woman.

He rubbed her pussy gently and cooed soft words of love and devotion to her. When she began to moan he lowered his mouth to her most private of areas and began to lick. Quick light licks at first then longer more forceful ones as her moaning grew in volume. Two of his fingers slowly worked their way inside her at the same time. Soon they were thrusting in and out of her while his mouth was occupied with her bundle of nerves.

It didn’t take long before her hands were entwined in his hair and her moans grew in urgency. When she came she screamed his name, holding his mouth to her while her whole body trembled.

When she was finally coherent again Asher parted her thighs once more and rubbed the head of his cock against her several times until the friction made her mew with pleasure. He kissed her gently and began to ever so slowly push into her. He took his time, using the barest of force to slowly and gently stretch her open.

When the head of his cock reached her maidenhead he pulled back and then with both cock and fangs plunged in. The euphoria from his bite erased the pain of his entrance and triggered Dawn’s second climax.

Asher was shocked by the responding euphoria he felt as her blood hit his tongue. He had never felt so warm and hadn’t since Juliana felt so loved. He climaxed mightily and held Dawn close to him as he did.

When they had both calmed the just lay still for a moment before Dawn stared up at her lover in shock. “Asher! Your face! Your body! They’re gone!”

Asher looked at Dawn in confusion. “What is gone mon Soleil? My body is here, I can feel it.”

Dawn shook her head and grabbed Asher’s had and put it to the scarred side of his face. Asher was at a loss when he felt his skin, it was smooth, unmarred. Dawn’s blood or love or both had healed his scars, had made him whole again. “Mon dieu! You have healed me mon Soleil!”

All were shocked when Asher, then next night, emerged with his hair behind his ear, his angelic face once again whole.
They were more shocked nine months later at the birth of Lys-Jolie and Jean-Beau, Dawn and Asher’s completely healthy and very powerful twin dhampir children.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Miracles Love Can Create". This story is complete.

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