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When in Romania....Do as the Romanians do?

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Summary: Everyone knows that Dawn has a knack for getting into trouble, but this time it really looks bad. Trapped in a castle with a vampire who may or may not want to eat her? Dawn/Stefan

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Twilight > Dawn - CenteredbuffyandspikeFR151323,5350207,2516 Aug 1128 Oct 13No

Chapter 10

As always I don't own the characters I just play with them :)


Dawn looked out the window, and was shocked to see white on the ground! It had snowed. Dumbfounded she stood there for a few moments and just looked at it, when a knock came at the door she turned too looked at it, and then called for whoever it was to come in.

The door swung open and in stepped Stefan.

“It snowed,” Dawn said stupidly.

Stefan smiled at her and nodded his head. “Yes it did,” he murmured. “I have something for you.”

Dawn was beginning to love those words. Whenever he had said them over the last three weeks she had gotten something wonderful. Stefan watched the smile lift her beautiful lips and smiled back at her. “Alina,” he called out the door. A moment later the woman stepped into the room, he arms full of a long gown.

Dawn looked puzzled. “What is that for? You don’t want me to wear it do you?”

Stefan threw his head back and laughed. “Yes, Dearest, that is exactly what I want you to do with it. There is a ball tonight and we will be attending, if you wish?”

Dawn could tell that it was less of an actual question and more of him telling her they were going. She had never been to a ball and she had never had to wear such a beautiful and complicated looking dress before. She slowly nodded her head, “Okay. But I’m going to need help getting into that thing!”

He smiled brightly and motioned Alina toward the closet and Dawn to follow him. She grabbed up Blue and followed him out into the hallway. “This will be most exciting! You will of course be the only human there so it will be mandatory that you stay by mine or Vlad’s side all night long.”

Dawn just nodded her head and listened to him babble on about who would be attending and such. While she worried about not knowing how to dance or how to act. Soon she found herself in a dining hall. She had never set foot in the room; the door had been locked until now. The room was beautiful however. The east wall was made up entirely of glass and over looked the back of the property. She could see the horse stalls and the tree line off in the distance. She had never asked before how much land they really had. She assumed it must be a very large property. The three other walls were painted a rich gold and paintings lined the walls. Dawn didn’t recognize most of them, but there were a few with Vlad or Stefan in them. In the middle of the ceiling there was a beautiful chandelier and right under it was a long table that looked like it could fit 30 people eating on it all at once.

At one end of the table Dawn could see food had been laid out for her. She turned to Stefan and he motioned her forward, pulling out her chair he waited for her to be seated before he, himself sat down next to her.

“I thought that you might be getting bored of eating in your room, Dearest.”

Dawn nodded her head, because her mouth was full of eggs. She realized that she had never seen the kitchen and she had never met a cook. She wondered who prepared the food. But before she could ask, Stefan spoke.

“What would you like to do today, before you have to get ready for the ball?”

She thought for a long time before deciding on the one thing that she hadn’t been able to do for a while.

“Can we ride the horses?” she asked between bites.

“It is cold outside, we would have to dress you nice and warm, but I do not see a problem with that.”

Dawn grinned, eating even faster. She had not seen her horse in a week or so and she had missed the mare. Stefan sat quietly while Dawn finished her food and then pushed away from the table, eager to get out to the stables.

The afternoon past quickly with laughter and soft conversation. Dawn was saddle sore by the time she was able to sit down on her bed. Alina was suddenly in the room smiling and chatting all about the ball in a few hours.

“I want you to know that I haven’t seen Master Stefan so happy in many, many years. “

Dawn looked up at that, and smiled softly. She felt like Belle from beauty and the beast. She felt like she had been thrown into a fairy tale, and she wasn’t exactly upset about it. But she had no delusions about the fact that she would be headed home in less than two months. It had been wonderful to be treated like a princess but she knew that it wouldn’t last, she would be going one.

She merely smiled and nodded at Alina, and did as she was told to get the dress on.

It took a few hours to get her completely ready for the ball. It had gotten dark outside the window and Dawn knew that it was time to go, mostly because Vlad had just stuck his head in the door and told her that she had two minutes before Stefan was stomping up her to drag her down himself. But for some reason Dawn couldn’t get up the courage to leave the room. She knew she looked beautiful, she could see herself in the mirror. The blood red dress dipped down in the front to show off her cleavage, and down in the back to show off the curve of her spine.

Stefan as usual had shown great taste and skill in picking out her clothing, but she knew that she would look nowhere at beautiful as all the female vampires would look. She didn’t know why she was worrying about it so much now; she had never worried about it before. Maybe it was because she had never had a vampire interested in her before. She didn’t want him to compare her to the other women at the ball.

The door opened again and Vlad peaked in again. “This is your last chance,” he announced ominously. But the smile on his face told Dawn that no one was actually mad at her.

Dawn opened her mouth to ask him his opinion on how she looked, but he was already gone. She had no doubt that Stefan would come up, throw her over his shoulder and haul her out to the limo that she knew was waiting to take them into town. She sighed and sucked it up. What did she care anyway!

Pulling the door open she walked down the hall to the giant stair case and remembered her thoughts about it the first time she had seen it. She was now the beautiful woman walking down it in a wonderfully beautiful gown, but there were not a roomful of men. There were only two, and only one was looking at her. Vlad was watching Stefan was much interest, but he didn’t seem to know or care that this was the case. He had only eyes for her.

When she reached the bottom his was there with a hand out. She smile and grasped his hand, feeling like a princess.

“My lady,” He murmured, brushing a kiss across her hand. Dawn giggled at the way he was acting.

He turned so that he was facing her, and placed his hands on her waist he lifted her with little effort into the air. He spun her round and round. Her dress fanning out behind her, she giggled and laughed at him to put her down. And when he finally did she could hardly stand she was so dizzy. Stefan draped an arm around her waist and led her out front, but not before slipping her arms into the softest fur coat Dawn had ever felt before.

It didn’t take them long to get into the limo and start on their way toward town. Dawn was very excited; she had not seen the town before. It was a long ride, but the boys kept her occupied by telling her stories of their escapades throughout the years. They had some good ones, and by the time they reached the ball Dawn was laughing so hard she had to take a few moments to catch her breath before she could exit the limo. Stefan grabbed her hand and led her quickly into the warmth of the home.

“They have human servants, so they keep the house warm for them,” Vlad whispered to her.

He had a knack for knowing what she was thinking. She nodded and smiled at him to show that she had heard. The mansion they were in was almost as beautiful as Stefan and Vlad’s home. It was large that was for sure and it was plan that it had been cleaned until it sparkled. And everywhere Dawn looked there were Vampires, and it seemed they were all looking at her.

“I do not feel bad telling you, that this ball was planned so that they could all see you in person,” Vlad said out loud.

A few of the vampires around them looked away embarrassed, but most seemed unperturbed and kept looking at her. Dawn scooted closer to Stefan, and he put a protective arm around her waist. Pulling her in the direction of a man who was even taller than Vlad. Dawn didn’t listen to the conversation that the three men had, instead she looked around. Some part of her was hoping that she would spot one of the Cullen’s but alas she didn’t see any of them.

The night passed in a blur of dancing and talking. No one talked to Dawn until Stefan was gone. He had left with a tall blonde man and left Dawn safely in Vlad’s care.

“So you’re her,” the female vamp asked with a kind smile on her face.

“Sofia,” Vlad grumbled. “He will not be happy if he catches you talking to her. You shouldn’t even be here.”

Dawn’s head jerked between the two of them, and by the look on Vlad’s face she knew that this vampire was indeed the one who had broken Stefan so badly.

“So you are Sofia,” Dawn murmured.

The woman inclined her head at Dawn and held out a hand.

Dawn looked at it for a moment and then sniffed sticking her nose in the air. Sofia looked confused. And Vlad looked amused, as did many of the vampires who had turned to watch the conversation. It seemed that everyone at the party knew who Sofia was, and by looks on a lot of the faces around the room, they felt the same way that Dawn felt.

She looked down her nose at Sofia for another second, and then turned to Vlad. “I’m ready to go now,” she whispered, knowing that he could hear. She turned her back on the woman who had broken Stefan so badly and started to walk in the other direction toward the door. Dawn nodded at people she had been introduced to throughout the night, and when she reached the exit to the ballroom she raised her voice slightly. “Stefan!”

In moments he was by her side looking worried. “Everything is fine; I am just ready to go.”

“I see,” he said, looking from Dawn to a very amused Vlad. “Can we have one dance? We have not danced, Dearest.”

Dawn sighed and thought about it for a moment before holding out her hand and allowing him to gently tug her toward the dance floor where there were a few couples dancing. Dawn tried not to let it show that she was terribly scared, because she didn’t know how to waltz or anything! But it seemed that Stefan was totally aware of how she felt because when they got out onto the dance floor, he picked her up by her dainty waist and started to dance. She couldn’t help the laughter that escaped her lips while Stefan twirled her around the dance floor like they were the best dancers the world had ever seen. She like the feeling of his arms around her waist and liked the air flying through her hair and on her legs.

Vlad stood and listened to the sound of Dawn’s laughter as his companion danced her around the room. He looked around and saw several other people around the room smiling fondly on the scene. There were many people here tonight who were very happy for Stefan.

“She is beautiful,” a voice said behind Vlad. He turned to see Sofia standing here, her mate standing quietly behind her.

“You shouldn’t have come, Sofia,” He said quietly.

“I had to see for myself that she was real. We all heard the rumors, but some of us didn’t believe it.”

Vlad snorted, “You mean you did not believe it.”

Sofia nodded. “He was so broken.”

Vlad whipped around, “That was your doing!” he hissed.

Sofia opened her mouth to answer back, but before she could say anything Dawn was calling him softly from the exit.

“I don’t want to see you again, Sofia. You have no place with Stefan or I anymore.”

With those final words Vlad turned and was gone in the blink of an eye. He followed Dawn and Stefan, who were laughing and talking ahead of him. She should not have come. And he was glad that she had not talked to Stefan, he could not bear if Dawn or Stefan ever learned the truth. The truth might break Stefan all over again. Dawn was falling hard for Stefan Vlad could tell, and it wouldn’t be long before Stefan would tell Dawn the truth. He had to tell her before the three months was up, and he had less than two now.
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