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When in Romania....Do as the Romanians do?

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Summary: Everyone knows that Dawn has a knack for getting into trouble, but this time it really looks bad. Trapped in a castle with a vampire who may or may not want to eat her? Dawn/Stefan

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Chapter 11


There was a soft knock on the door and Dawn lifted her head from her soft pillows to looked at the door, and she had to wonder who the heck it could be? No one ever came into her room so late at night.


“It’s me, can I come in, Dearest?”

Dawn sighed, but couldn’t say no. There was just something about him that was irresistible to her.

“Come in,” she said quietly, knowing that he could hear her.

The door creaked open and Stefan stepped through, he was still dressed in the cloths he had worn during the day. She smiled realizing that he probably didn’t ever wear pajamas. He must wear his cloths all night until he changed in the morning. She knew that the Cullen’s did that, but sometimes Alice, Rose, Bella, Renesmee, and Dawn had ‘sleep overs’ and they would wear pajamas even though only Dawn and Renesmee were the only ones among the group who slept.

Dawn looked up from her thoughts to see Stefan standing next to the bed, he pulled over a chair and sat down in front of her.

“Would you believe me if I said that I couldn’t sleep?” Stefan asked with a silly grin firmly in place.

Dawn snorted and looked him in the eye, “Not a chance.”

They both laughed for a moment. Then all feel silent and the only sound was the little snores coming from Blue who lay across the room on the little pillow that Stefan had bought him a few weeks before. It was one of the many gifts that Stefan had brought home for her and Blue. He always disappeared and came home with presents and yesterday Dawn had gotten fed up with the gifts, but never being able to go along. So she had begged him to go the next time he went into town. It hadn’t taken Dawn as long as she had thought it would to convince Stefan to let her come along with him.

“You know, Dearest,” Stefan started to say cutting off her thoughts of yesterday. “There are three weeks left until I give you my phone and let you call your family.” He seemed to be deep in thought, and Dawn wondered where he was going with this strange conversation. “And there are a few things that you need to know before I hand you that phone. I know it’s late and you need to be sleeping, but after the ball and the weeks that have passed since then I have been watching you. I have been thinking. And admittedly I have been pestered by Vlad.” They exchanged a smile when they both thought about the blonde vampire who was so nosey. “I have something to tell you.”

“I love you, Dearest. And I never want to let you go, I know that I went about this all in the wrong way. I should not have taken you away from your family. I should not have brought you here and not let you see them. It was the wrong thing to do, and I am dreadfully sorry for all the pain that I have undoubtedly put you through. O Dearest Dawn, you have brought joy and laughter into this home! I can never repay you for what you have done for me. I will hold these memories forever.”

Dawn blinked up at him not understanding what was going on. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone. “This is for you,” he whispered. He set the shiny thing down on the bed and stood from the chair. “I am leaving for a few days. I have no delusions; I fully expect you to be gone when I return.”

There was no noise in the room, but Dawn knew that he was gone. Her head dropped down to the pillow, and before she knew what was going on hot tears were dripping down her cheeks. She didn’t understand. He had just admitted that he loved her and then told her to go! But why was she so upset about what was going on? Isn’t this was she had wanted!!!! But she had fallen in love with him damn it! How could he do this to her?

Dawn cried for a long time into her pillow. But after a while she found that she had no more tears and grabbed the phone. If he wanted her gone, she would respect his wishes. She dialed Carlisle’s number and waited for him to pick up. It didn’t take very long for him to answer.

“This is Carlisle.”

Dawn smiled at the sound of his voice. She hadn’t heard it in a week and two months.

“It’s me.”

“Dawn!! Where are you!” She could hear some of the others in the background asking the same thing.

“I’m in Romania,” Dawn whispered. “At Vlad and Stefan’s home.” Dawn nearly choked over his name. She just kept reminding herself that she didn’t really love him; it was only because he had kidnapped her. She had heard plenty of stories about girls falling in love with their captors.

“What?” Carlisle asked, apparently confused.

“That bustard,” Emmett snarled from somewhere near the phone, that made Dawn smile. She had missed them.

“Just come get me,” Dawn sniffed.

“We are on our way.”

Dawn said goodbye and hung up the phone. She screamed and yelled until her voice was gone, but it didn’t help the hole that seemed to be forming in her chest. She stood from the bed, grabbed her bag and started throwing in everything and anything that had been brought over from London when Stefan had taken her. She walked over to the closet and looked inside, she wished that she could take all of the wonderful and beautiful clothing that Stefan had bought her, but it didn’t seem right. Taking his cloths after he had told her to leave? No she better not. Dawn turned from the closet, flipping the light switch off as she did. Slowly walking over to the vanity she looked at all the beautiful jewels that dangled and shimmered in the light of her lamps. She sighed and picked up only one. The ruby that Stefan had given to her.

She lifted it until it was face level and felt tears prickle her eyes. She thought back to the day he had given her the beautiful necklace.

Dawn looked up the moment she knew that Stefan entered the room. “Good morning!” She chirped cheerfully. Stefan merely smiled and stepped behind Dawn, so that he could look out the window behind her. A light dusting of snow lingered on the ground, sparkling. He wound his arms around her and softly kissed the top of her head. She sighed contently and leaned back into his hard chest, closing her eyes and listening to the silence that surrounded them.

“I have something that I want you to have. I wish for you to keep it forever, Dearest.”

Dawn turned her head, but he gently pushed it back until she was looking forward again. And in a flash she felt metal hit her chest. Glancing down she noticed the most beautiful Ruby she had ever seen glinting in the sun light that poured through the window in front of them.

“It’s beautiful!” Dawn gasped, she grasped the large pendent in her fingers and lifted it closer. It was a large heart shaped Ruby with a circling of diamonds. It was magical and special. She dropped the pendent and turned in Stefan’s arms.

“Thank you,” She whispered, pushing up on tip toe she pressed her mouth to his.

They stood there for a long time kissing and holding one another, Dawn had been so happy, but that was just a memory now. But it was one of many that she wanted to keep with her. Dawn opened the clasp and wrapped the necklace around her neck. This would be her one keep sake. She didn’t need anything else.

Dawn turned from her vanity and looked at the door to the room. She grabbed her suit case and left the room that would no longer be hers. Taking one last look at the carving of a sunrise on the door she turned right and made her way down the grand staircase. She wondered if Stefan would find another woman now that he had let her go. Perhaps other women would walk down these very stairs like Dawn, into Stefan’s waiting smile. Perhaps.

She sat on the bottom stair ready to wait for the call from the Cullen’s announcing that they had arrived to take her home. She had wasted about an hour and a half so that meant she would have about three hours to wait. Sighing Dawn rested her head on her hands. She felt fuzzy and tired, but mostly she felt betrayed.

She had let him in! She had loved him, and he and crushed her. Chewed her up and spit her out like some kind of garbage. Dawn felt a tear leak from her eye, and blinked it away, she would not cry over him.

Dawn took a deep breath and tried to relax….

“Dawn?” A voice asked from behind her, stirring her from sleep. She stretched and turned to see who was walking down the stairs behind her. It was Vlad, and he looked concerned. For a moment Dawn couldn’t remember why she was on the steps or why she had a packed bag next to her. But it didn’t take long for the memory to come crashing over her like a giant wave.

“Where is Stefan? Why is your bag packed?” Vlad had a funny look on his face like he was missing out on something big.

“He told me to go,” Dawn mumbled, her voice sounding strange to her ears.

“He what!?” Vlad hit the last step and started pacing in front of her. “Listen, Dawn, that was a mistake. He’s just scared. He doesn’t know what to do. He thought that this is what you wanted. He is just trying to make you happy. But you cannot leave! If you do it will not be pretty. Trust me.”

Dawn snorted, “Sorry Vlad, but he made it very clear that he didn’t want me here anymore. Very clear that he wanted me gone by the time he got back.”

“You must have misunder-“

Dawn cut him off with a loud scream. “I didn’t misunderstand anything! I did what you said, I gave it a chance. I tried. I let him in. I talked to him……I…..I loved him, and he threw it all away. He wants me gone. He made that perfectly, crystally, clear. So just drop it!”

“I can’t drop it, Dawn. He needs you, and you need him.”

But it was too late, the phone next to Dawn jingled signaling that the Cullen’s were approaching the house.

Dawn stood and turned. She hugged Vladimir tightly, and whispered a good bye.

She sprinted to the door, threw back the deadbolt and swung it open. She stepped into the cold pre-dawn air suddenly wishing she had had the sense to grab a jacket. But the next moment a car was racing up the drive way and skidding to a stop in front of Dawn. She turned her head and could see Vlad watching her with a sad expression, but then she was being passed around for hugs with Carlisle Emmett and Alice.

She smiled and cried and laughed as she was hugged over and over again. But it was soon announced that she must be cold and she was ushered into the back of the car, her bag thrown into the trunk.

“Wait!!” Dawn cried suddenly.

The car had barely moved before it was slamming to a stop and Dawn was racing back up the steps. She wheeled around once she was inside trying to remember the way to Alina’s room.

“I will get him,” Vlad whispered from some hidden shadow.

Blue suddenly appeared in front of her and Dawn beamed. “Thank you,” she said sincerely.

He just nodded and motioned for her to head out. Dawn thought that she heard someone whisper “He loves you” but she was already racing out the door and jumping into the car before she could comprehend it.
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