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When in Romania....Do as the Romanians do?

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Summary: Everyone knows that Dawn has a knack for getting into trouble, but this time it really looks bad. Trapped in a castle with a vampire who may or may not want to eat her? Dawn/Stefan

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Chapter 8

A/N: While re-reading this over and over for the last few hours I have decided that it is most definatly not to my liking. Though my mind will not seem to let go of the idea, and the story just keeps continuting, changing, and evolving as my fingers hit the keys. So as of know I will continue with When in Romanie....Do as the Romanians do, but try not to be too dissapointed if updates are slow and gap-y. I'm trying hard to evolve this story into something I like, but it is proving difficult. It is nice to know that others are enjoying this story, and that is the main thing keeping my going. Thanks to all my reviewers :)

Chapter 8

Dawn and Vladimir walked side by side through his side of the estate. He was regaling tales of his past, while she laughed along when the moment was appropriate. Time was passing quickly and Dawn was having a great time talking so openly with someone other than Alina and Stefan. Though to tell the truth, she had hardly seen Alina in the past two weeks. The woman had merely brought her food, talked with her shortly as Dawn ate, then took the food and left. Dawn had the feeling that Alina was hiding something, but put it to the back of her mind.

Dawn laughed lightly, as Vlad finished his latest story.

“I know this is a rude question to ask, but how old are you?” She asked quietly as the wound their way around another corner. Dawn recognized the painting on the wall and realized that they must be walked in one big circle.

“Oh, little one, it is only rude to ask the age of someone who ages.” Vladimir, turned a charming smile on Dawn, who rolled her eyes, but smiled none the less.

“You did not answer my question,” Dawn prodded.

“You are correct. I am over two thousand years old. And it has been a very long two thousand and something years.”

Dawn stopped walking, her hand stopped stroking the pup’s head, as she mulled that over in her head. “Wow!” she breathed through her nose, as she tried to come to terms with how much history he must have seen.

“Your Stefan, is even older than I,” Vlad informed her. He had stopped walking too and was watching Dawn with interest in his eyes. “Tell me, little one, do you think you could survive for that many years with your sanity intact? For I have seen many men and women succumb to the insanity of seeing too much.”

She hugged Blue closer to her chest. “I don’t know,” she answered honestly.

Vlad laid a light hand on her lower back and prompted her forward toward stairs that lead her down to a lower level of the house. “A truthful answer. You are a very special girl. I can see why Stefan chose you,” He murmured, pushing her lightly in front of him down another flight of stairs. Soon they reached the ground level and he pulled the door open.

A light breeze rushed past Dawn’s face, and she looked back at Vlad for and answer as to why they were headed outside.

“I’m sure the pup needs to relieve himself,” he mumbled, brushing her lightly out the door and onto the lawn.

He was right of course, and the moment that Blue was placed onto the grass, he scampered around trying to find the best place to relieve himself. It did not take him too long, and Dawn giggled as he tried to raise his leg. He was a wee to little and found himself floundering around as he tried to stay standing and pee at the same time.

Vladimir and Dawn watched him run around happily; sniffing at this and chasing that.

Suddenly, Vlad was clutching Dawn’s arm, and whispering in her ear. “I am sorry, Dawn. I was hoping to have you back to your room before he came back. I will try to take the brunt of his anger.”

Dawn whipped around to see whom Vladimir was talking about. Stefan was standing about a hundred yards off, and he looked pissed. It only took a blink of her eye for him to be right next to her. His hand gripping her waist and his hard eyes staring down his friend.

“What is the meaning of this!”

“There is no need for your anger, Stefan, my friend. No harm has been done, Dawn is perfectly fine,” Vladimir explained.

“No need-” Stefan yelled at his friend.

“Stefan,” Dawn whispered, cutting him off.

Vladimir flicked his eyes to Dawn, pleading with her to keep silent. But it was too late. Stefan turned on Dawn and his upset black eyes board into her skull.

“I thought I told you to stay inside,” he ground out. His anger making his face look hard as stone.

Dawn had to stop herself from gulping. She had not seen him mad in two weeks and had nearly forgotten how scary he looked when he was upset. But she would not be cowed this time. She had cried the last time he had confronted her, but this time, this time she would be strong. His hand on her hip was rough and would leave a bruise, but she would worry about that later.

“Blue had to pee, and it’s not as if I am out here unprotected,” Dawn threw back at him, nodding toward the other vampire that was standing quietly watching the scene unfolding in front of him. Stefan’s eyes did not leave Dawn’s face, and she could hear the warning growl from his chest. Dawn rolled her eyes. She had heard Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie do the same thing when guys would approach her when they were in public. She had never hated it as much as she did now.

“Do not growl at me, Stefan,” she said, her eyes narrowing.

“I will do what I please, Dearest,” he hissed back.

“Don’t call me ‘dearest’ when you are mad at me!”

Stefan simply looked at her, now knowing how to respond.

“You are being completely unreasonable right now! I have done nothing wrong. Growling and glaring are not helping you, Stefan. You only have two months and less than two weeks to win me over.”

Dawn turned and walked over to Blue, who was rolling in the grass. She could feel Stefan’s glare on her back, but chose to ignore it. She walked quickly up the door of the place that Stefan wanted her to think of as home, and pushed the door open. She quickly made her way up to her room, closed the door behind her and hugged Blue close to her.

The puppy yipped quietly and licked her cheek. Dawn laughed and set he pup down. She walked over to her closet. She walked in and turned to the full wall mirror. She lifted her shirt and looked at the large red mark on her hip.

“That’ll burse by tomorrow,” Dawn said to Blue, who was chasing his tail.

A knock at the door surprised Dawn. She flipped her shirt back down and walked to it.

“Yes?” she called uncertainly. She knew that Stefan must be pissed right now, and she really did not want to deal with him.

“It’s Alina,” the woman called through the door.

Dawn sighed in relief and opened the door. The woman wandered in with the usual cart pilled high with delicious food. Dawn looked at the clock and found that it was indeed dinner time.

“Alina, I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see you,” Dawn murmured, hugging the older woman tightly.

“Has something happened, my sweet?”

“I met Vladimir,” Dawn said simply.

Alina’s eyes grew wide. Dawn simply nodded her head to show that Alina’s train of thought was correct.

“Yet, Stefan found us together outside. I broke two rules, apparently. Though, I only knew of one of the rules. The stay inside rule.”

Alina offered me a comforting smile and patted my shoulder softly.

“Alina, can I ask you for a favor?” Dawn asked quietly as she pulled one of her chairs over to the cart of food.

“Of course, my sweet Anything.”

“Will you join me? Eat dinner with me.”

Alina looked stricken for a moment she had obviously never been asked to dine with anyone that she took orders from. After a few moments of pleading looks from Dawn and quiet contemplation from Alina she finally nodded her head and pulled up a chair.
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