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When in Romania....Do as the Romanians do?

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Summary: Everyone knows that Dawn has a knack for getting into trouble, but this time it really looks bad. Trapped in a castle with a vampire who may or may not want to eat her? Dawn/Stefan

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in the fic!

“Emmett!” Dawn screamed, as she ran around to hid behind Jasper. She poked her head around once to make sure that he was no longer following her with the water balloon.

“Awww, come on, Dawnie. It’s just a little water!”

“I don’t care how much water is in that balloon Emmett. I will not get this dress wet,” Dawn announced as she poked her head around Jasper once again.

It was the day of Jasper and Alice’s wedding, and even though they had been married many times before, it was still special to Alice. Dawn did not want to be the one to explain to her why one of her brides maid’s dresses was wet and discolored. She did not want to be on the bad end of Alice’s err when she found out that her brides maid’s did not match, and that one was water logged.

“Put the balloon away Emmett,” Jasper said softly.

Sighing, Emmett walked quickly to the window and dropped the balloon down onto the grass below. Dawn let out a deep breath and stepped out from behind Jasper. Emmett smiled broadly and grabbed Dawn’s arm. With a quick, “Good luck,” Emmett pulled Dawn quickly from the room.

Dawn followed calmly as Emmett ushered her though the house she had been living in for the last few years. After being pushed though a portal by her sister for her protection (yea right) she had been with the Cullen family. She had dropped into their second floor bathroom, had hit her head on the toilet and knocked herself out. When she awoke there were eight faces staring down at her. At first both parties had been slightly afraid of the other, but it didn’t take long for Dawn to become part of the family.

“Where are we going?” Dawn asked absentminded as Emmett marched her though the house.

“To Bella’s bedroom, she asked me to come get you.”

“I bet the balloon was not part of the deal,” Dawn groused.

Emmett merely smiled and pushed her toward Bella and Edward’s door. The two love birds had been married for four years now.

Dawn rolled her eyes when she turned around to ask Emmett what Bella wanted, but Emmett was long gone. Damn that vampire speed. She had been asking for a year now for someone in the family to turn her, but they all seemed to think that she was still a bit too young to be turned. She was 24! Old enough to drink, drive, and join the army!

“Come in, Dawn,” Bella’s soft voice called from inside the room. Damn vampire hearing. Dawn pushed the door open and paused when she saw that Bella was not alone in the room. A tall man stood next to her. His skin was white and shinny just like Bella’s, but his hair was darker and his eyes red. Dawn took an involuntary step back when she saw his nostrils flare open. She knew he was smelling her.

“Bella?” Dawn asked quietly, keeping her eyes on the man. He was beautiful there was no doubt about that. A slow smile crept over his lips, as she swallowed hard, trying to tap down her fear.

Bella walked at a human pace over to Dawn, so that she did not frighten the already scared human.

“This is Stefan. He is from the Romanian Coven,” Bella introduced. “Stefan, this is Dawn.”

Dawn took her eyes of Stefan and looked at Bella. She gasped when a cool breeze hit her face; turning back, she realized that Stefan was two feet from where she was standing. He held out a large, smooth, white had for her to shake. Taking a shaky breath, Dawn touched her hand with his in a gentle shake. He smiled down at her as she retracted her hand.

“Stefan helped us out a few years ago,” Bella explained shortly.

Dawn watched Stefan’s eyes darken as he thought back to the event that Bella was referring to. Dawn made a mental note to ask someone about it later. She did not want to bring up any bad memories in front of a human blood drinker.

“Would you mind keeping him company? Alice is calling me,” Bella said quickly.

Dawn started to say no, but Bella was already out of the door. Sighing, Dawn turned to the beautiful vampire, and was surprised to see him closer than he had been before.

“I wouldn’t try anything,” Dawn said as quietly as she could. “There are many vampires in this house who care for me.”

Stefan merely nodded his head, a smile playing on his lips.

“I do not intend to harm you, Dragi.”

Dawn paused in her slow retreat from the room. His voice was softer then she would had pictured, and his words sounded like song. Dragi….she wondered what that meant. It must be Romanian. She made another mental note to look it up later.

“You simply smell wonderful.”

Smiling, Dawn said, “That’s the first time anyone has ever told me that.”

He smiled back at her, but a frown creased his brow at her next words: “Though coming from you, I will not take it as a complement.”

She wanted so badly to turn on her heal and walk from the room, but Bella had asked her to keep this man company, and if Bella had left her alone with him then she must be safe with him.

“Have you seen the back yard,” Dawn murmured in a attempt to break the silence.

“No,” He said simply. He seemed to be a man of few words.

Dawn turned on her heal, hoping that he would follow. She walked down the two flights of stares, not passing anyone as she made her way quietly down to the ground floor. She could not hear him behind her, but that did not mean he was not there. Though she did not want to look, she did not want him to think that she was interested in him at all. In fact she wanted him gone as fast as possible. He was sending shivers down her spin, and she had not yet decided if they were the good kind or not. She doubted they where the good kind.

She had heard tales of vampires with red eyes, but had never met one before. Dawn was simply baffled as to why Bella would leave her alone with one. She was still human!

“This is it,” Dawn murmured as she pushed the doors open.

“Beautiful,” said a soft voice behind her, and hard hands gently pushed her forward out of the doorway. He passed her slowly, very slowly for a vampire and looked around. “It has been many years since had have attended a wedding.”

A soft smile graced his lips as if he was remembering a past memory that made him happy. Dawn almost wished that she could share in such a memory. It brought a very peaceful look over his face, and made him look almost human for a moment.

“I must say I was quite surprised when Alice sent me an invitation to her special day. It is not often that I get invited to such….human events.” Dawn frowned, and silently wondered if weddings where abnormal for vampires. She made another mental not to ask Edward about it later. In fact she probably wouldn’t even have to ask him. He probably already knew about all her mental notes. She smiled to her self.

“Will you walk with me?” Stefan asked quietly.

Dawn nodded her head slowly, looking up at the house. She knew that they could all still hear if she was to call for help, but the farther they moved from the house the more scared she became.

“Do not fear, dear. I shall not be harming you,” Stefan murmured. His head was dipping closer again, making Dawn nerves.

“Do I really small that good?” Dawn asked, as he continued to sniff her.

“Yes,” he said simply.

This time Dawn smiled a bit.

“The last time I was around your family, I was there to help them defend their precious Renessmee. Though, I must say that my brother and I were must disappointed when a fight did not ensue.”

Dawn looked up to see that Stefan’s eyes were black with the memory. She could tell that there must be some kind of history with whomever he wanted to fight with. Another mental note!

No more words were said after that, and they continued to walk for a long time, entering the woods and twisting around trees and roots. Dawn slowly began to relax and listen to the sound of the birds and the animals around them.

“Why are you here?” Dawn asked suddenly.

“I received an invite,” he said nearly inaudibly. “And I wished to take a break from the boring life and get a bit of excitement. And see love once again.”

The last part of his answer made Dawn frown. What did he mean by that. Where was he that he had not seen love for a long time? Surly there were people in love in Romania?

“I see,” Dawn said quietly, though she did not see at all. He must live in a castle with friends and all the human blood he could get his hands on. Why would be wish to come to a wedding of people he hardly knew? Why would he leave the comfort of his own country for the unknown of this one? Surly England was much less exciting than Romania? Dawn did not feel like asking.

“There is no love in my home,” Stefan said softly. “It is only Vladimir and I; there are no women to decorate or fill the home with laughter and light. There is only the darkness all day, everyday.”

Dawn turned to look up at him when she heard the tired, sad tone in his voice.

“Is it truly that bad?”

“Worse,” He said with a smile. “Vlad and I have started to fight. We need a woman in the house to keep us from ripping into each others throats.”

They had re-entered the backyard by this time, and Bella was there waiting for them.

Stefan smiled down at Bella and said, “Your yard and house are beautiful.”

“Thank you, Stefan,” Bella answered.

He simply smiled and walked past the two girls.

“Did he tell you why he is really here?” Bella asked Dawn quietly. At Dawn quiet ‘no’, Bella continued. “He is here in England to find a woman to take back with him to Romania. He and Vladimir are under the impression that a woman will do them good. Edward read his mind and told me. I believe that he is planning on heading into London in the next few days after the wedding.”

“Interesting,” Dawn murmured, uninterested. “What time is it,” she asked, changing the subject.

“There is about and hour and a half until the wedding starts. While you were walking most of the guest arrived.” Sure enough, as Dawn looked around there were more vampires standing around talking, and as the minutes passed more and more filed through the double doors at the back of the house.

Dawn sighed and walked passed them into the house, Bella introducing as they went.

The wedding was beautiful, as Dawn knew it would be. She stood as still as possible so that she did not stand out too much beside Rosalie, Esmee, Bella, and Renessmee. It was a long, but fun day. She ended up being asked to dance way too many times, and when it was finally time for bed she was exhausted. She fell into her silver sheets and was asleep nearly the moment her head hit the pillow.

That night she dreamed of red eyes and soft voices.

You have reached the end of the first chapter! If you like it let me know. I have already finished the next few chapters I just have to reread and edit them so I might put them up later tonight or tomorrow.
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