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From Sumer to Summer

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Summary: In which Buffy failed the inspection and Dawn goes to live with her Aunt Sammi In Colorado.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredDearestDrusillaFR131028,457915240,8226 Aug 1130 Nov 12No

Day 2

“Well, I know that Dawn saw Buffy jump,” Sam whispered to Jack the next afternoon. Dawn and Daniel were sitting on the couch, discussing the tome they'd been going over yesterday. Her eyes were still rimmed with red and her voice was still quiet, throat raw from her screams and sobs. But looking at her books seemed to give her an escape and talking to Daniel let her forget for just a bit.

“Jesus, you mean she was there or...”

“She was trying to talk Buffy away from the edge of the building,” Sam replied softly. Her own eyes burned with the tears that had fallen last night. “Right there, maybe six feet away. I guess Buffy couldn't handle finding her mother as well as everyone thought.” Last night, Dawn insisted that it should have been her, that Buffy was sacrificing too much and Dawn shouldn't have even existed. She wept for all the people she'd hurt and how everyone she loved suffered.

Jack shook his head. The grief that passed through the Carter family bordered on unreal. “Have you told your dad?”

“He knows about Joyce,” Sam admitted. “Not about Buffy or Dawn. I'm really not sure how he'll take it. Joyce and dad got into a huge fight over Hank. It got even worse when she had kids with the man. I mean...there's really no telling what will happen.”

“Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it Carter. I think for now we should focus on Dawn, she's here and now.”

“Yeah.” Sam looked over her coffee at Daniel and Dawn. Orphans, both of them. Both were raised by scientists who were never really there and they both had books to comfort them. "Has Hammond cleared her yet?"

"You know we need at least a week of surveillance," Jack fixed Sam with a look. "She's only been her a day and last time a kid came into base it almost killed us."

"But Dawn-"

"I know," Jack cut her off. He had his brows raised and his 'understanding' face on. "I do. But the lab says Sunnydale is registering as a hotspot for not so normal energy."

"Goauld?" Sam asked, setting her cup down a little too hard. Both bookworms looked over, Dawn concerned, worried, almost panicking from the look on Sam's face. "Found out Simmons is going to be a father." Thank god for Daniel's gulible streak, he started explaining to Dawn why that was unreal.

"No, well maybe, they can't figure out what the hell it is but they're bringing in any military files having to do with the place." Jack sipped his coffee. "It's three truckloads."

"Alright," Sam nodded. "I still think the gate might help her get away from her grief."

The two officers continued to stand and watch the brunettes on the couch. Each trying to convince the other about the truth of Dawn and Daniel.



So short! I'm sorry, I hit a brick wall and the original version gives too many things away too quick. It's too happy too quick as well.
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