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From Sumer to Summer

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Summary: In which Buffy failed the inspection and Dawn goes to live with her Aunt Sammi In Colorado.

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The Tomb

Jack was neither happy nor unhappy at the image he saw before him.

The more Dawn went on assignment with them, the better her relationship with Sam got. They weren't making cookies together, but they could agree on what kind of cookie to buy. They could agree on what sort of plan they should use going into an unknown area, even if they couldn't agree on which area to go to first. They were almost agreeing on what sort of gun Dawn should start using, not the ammo, but certainly the type.

Baby steps.

Eventually, Jack decided he was both. Happy that Dawn had come along and was helping to decipher whatever chicken scratch was on the door, and unhappy that she was so close to Daniel. Unhappy that she was wearing what couldn't possibly be considered shorts and a tank top that should never been seen without pajamas over the top. She was still wearing her boots, and her hair was pulled up in a perky ponytail. She was still a teenager, someone he wouldn't have minded introducing to his son had he the chance. He'd made plans to intimidate her future dates and polish a shotgun while Sam and Dawn prepared to send her away to homecoming.

“Hey!” he walked over, when they leaned a bit too close to one another. Anything less that two feet was strictly prohibited in Jackland. “I thought you kids said this was the main entrance.”

“It is,” Daniel nodded. “We just...we need to find a way to open it.”

Dawn made a sound of agreement, writing furiously as she ignored everything around her. Good. She didn't need to be making goo eyes or any sort of eyes at anyone. Although, she wasn't paying attention to Jack either, making a sound some seconds later that could only be disagreement. Or perhaps perplexity. Maybe indignation.

“I do not recognize the symbols.” Teal'c had been standing guard for some time, enacting his own version of chaperone.

“It's Babylonian,” Dawn's voice muttered; obviously she'd been paying some attention. She reached into her pocket, taking several pictures with her phone.

“It's incredible,” Daniel agreed, looking at the wall. His fingers grazed over a set of symbols next tot he ones Dawn had been inspecting only a few moments before.

“What is?”

“Well, unlike Phoenician Cuneiform, these characters are pictograms rather than rep-”

“They're talking in pictures instead of words,” Dawn supplied, leaning back and rubbing at her eyes. She took a few more pictures with her phone, eventually pulling out the camera SGC had given her.

“Well do these pictures say how to open the pyramid?” Jack asked.


Jack blinked at the near synchronized correction he received from both linguists. Dawn was looking at him while Daniel was continuing to investigate the writing on the wall. Dawn could make goo eyes at Daniel when she was thirty.

“It's a ziggurat, not a pyramid,” Dawn explained. She offered him a smile. “There's not much of a difference from the outside, but a ziggurat is more like a building, with doors and rooms. A pyramid is more like a giant block of stone on a parking garage.”

Jack nodded, thankful that someone would put it into normal words before the nerd-speak.

“So did you figure out how to open the giant stone building?”

“Not yet, there are some...issues, with translation.” Dawn glanced back at the wall, leaning closer and making a few more notes. “The symbols are bouncing around between late Sumerian and early Akkadian.”

“I thought you said they were Babylonian.”

“Babylonian is in between Sumerian and Akkadian,” Daniel supplied. “It's basically the Victorian in between Shakespeare and and 80's slang.” Daniel shot a glance at Dawn, eyes softening for the slightest second. “As wonderful as Dawn is at deciphering those three languages, I think we're going to have to go back to earth for a few references.”

“How hard could it be?” Jack raised a brow, multiple meanings in one look and one question.

“Very,” Daniel admitted. “It's a dead language.”

“And most of what I know is spell related,” Dawn admitted, turning back to them. “Unless you want the ziggurat to turn into a rock monster...”

“No. No rock monsters,” Daniel cut her off. “Spike told me about the last one.” He turned to the rest of them. “I doubt anyone, monster or no, has been here for centuries.”

“I wouldn't be so sure about that.” Sam spoke up from beside the main entry point before reaching down to pick something up. It was small, colorful, and it crinkled when she took it between her fingers. She came over with it, neither pleased nor displeased with her findings. Rather, she looked wary, concerned really.

“Russian cigarettes,” Sam supplied, handing the object over.


Spike was sitting in her office when Sam walked in. She was still in her gear, still sweaty and covered in dirt, and there sat Spike. The vampire was looking through her notes, marking them, scoffing even!

“Back already?” Sam asked, walking to stand in front of her desk.

“Mm, been here since the sun rose,” Spike mumbled. “Did you know you have a discrepancy right here?” Sam took the proffered paper, scowling down at it until she realized he was right. “Don't look so surprised, I was studying physics before your granddaddy was even born.”

Sam looked up at the roughspoken vampire. She had taken a bit of a bias against him since he came into town. Really, there were much worse people she'd met in her life. Such as McKay, who was much ruder regarding her studies and theories. Likewise, the vampire was perhaps the only person who helped her rework the numbers without taking over the project she was working on. Perhaps it was time to start writing the blueprints for the bridge between herself and the man behind her desk.

“Sorry.” Sam sat down at one of the chair, reading over his notes. “Where did you go to school?”

“All over the place,” Spike grinned. “Been in Cambridge at least four times, Stanford, Yale, went to art school back in the nineties.”

“Which nineties?”

“Both,” Spike grinned, taking a sip of coffee. Apparently that was very strange for a vampire. He was like the Tok'ra of Vampires. Or something. “Nibblet off to school?”

“Yeah, Daniel is threatening to take her off of the mission if she doesn't attend at least four days out of the week.” Sam had voted for independent study, but Dawn had shot it down, preferring to have friends outside of base. She also mentioned something about...”Crap.”

“Wha?” Spike had another one of her papers in hand.

“Dawn. We have to go get her a dress for homecoming.”


If ever Sam had thought a vampire to be utterly fearless, the look on Spike's face was a dead giveaway. No matter their status, species, or heart-rate, men were in no way interested in shopping for anything. Ever. Except perhaps food. But that was more of an exchange and less of an all day thing. Food was good or it wasn't. Dresses came in various degrees of good, and good for one was not good for another.

“Dawn and I. And no, I am not going to try and bring Cassie with.” Sam smiled lightly as the vampire gave a satisfied nod. “I learned my lesson. I am respecting Dawn's wishes.”

Sam's lesson had consisted of Dawn being stuck at school for an hour because Cassie hadn't waited three extra minutes for Dawn to finish talking with her teacher concerning a math assignment; Sam had been stuck in quarantine, otherwise she would have been there. It was that experience that showed Dawn's dislike of Cassie was mutual.

“Try something in blue,” Spike suggested. “Stay away from pinks. Never looks good, seeing a girl like her in pink.”

“I'm going to let Dawn do whatever she wants,” Sam shook her head. “She's been talking about white.”

Spike nodded. “How'd the mission go?”

“Daniel and Dawn needed to come back for references. We're debriefing when She get's back from school. Depending on what happens, Dawn might have to sit this one out.”

“Niblet won't like that at all.”


Dawn was surprised to see Sam waiting for her after school. No Daniel or alternative ride, just Sam, looking over her paperwork and waiting patiently. It made Dawn feel just a little bit bad. She had practice today, and having her aunt sit there in the car for three hours wasn't a very nice thing to do.

“Holy fuck, your aunt's here.”

“I noticed Deb.”

Debora was one of the few girls Dawn actually got along with at the school. She cursed more than Faith and tended to talk about sex more than Anya. No. That was wrong. No one could talk about sex more than Anya. Deb did however bring some of her father's cold cases to school for 'light reading'. She was planning to become a detective if cheerleading didn't pan out. Deb, along with two others, were the three best friends Dawn had in her short life.

“Well fuck you too,” the girl grinned, pushing an strand of hair from her eyes. “Want me to tell the coach you aren't coming?”

“No, I'm going to ask Aunt Sammi if she can maybe wait.” Dawn bit her lip. “Crap, I hate doing this.”

“After all the shit she fuckin' pulled?” Deb asked incredulously. “Dawn, you're a better person than I am.”

“And I don't even try,” Dawn laughed, adjusting her bag. “I'll be right there.”

Sam knew what was going on before Dawn even reached the car. The giant duffel bag was clue enough, but instead of making a face, Sam got out of the car, hands itching to do something. Debriefing must not have gone very well. Sam's retelling only confirmed that.

“So, we're taking off on Friday because the Russians aren't here?” Dawn asked.

“Exactly, but, that gives me and you time to do things normal families do. Like school, and homecoming dresses, and getting take-out.” Sam took Dawn's bag from her, hefting it onto her own shoulder rather than throwing it into the backseat. “I have some work to keep me busy, and Spike made a good point earlier.”

“Surprising isn't it?” Dawn laughed. “Alright, you can sit with the other cheer-moms.”


“There is no possible way that is safe,” Sam scowled as they walked through the grocery store.

“Probably not,” Dawn admitted, tossing a box of cereal into the cart. “But it's fun. And safer than what you do for a living.”

Sam couldn't argue that, but she did wonder why Dawn was throwing all of this health food into the cart. The coach had said to give up one thing bad for them. Like soda or pizza. Not all refined sugars and fats.

“Shifting your diet isn't going to make you pass out is it?” Sam asked, eyeballing a box of granola bars. They actually looked half decent.

“No, Janet's been on my case for a while. If I eat more complex carbs and natural sugars, I shouldn't have to eat as often, or as much.” Dawn looked at Sam. “I'm still eating my Doritos.”

“Of course,” Sam nodded, smiling. “One question though. Who is going to cook this stuff?”


“Holy fuck, you look hot.”


“It's alright.

Dawn grinned at her friends, turning back and forth in her dress. Sam wasn't a fan of Deb, but her aunt was enduring the excursion, just as Deb's dad was. Alessa and Ellie had come too, the former's guardian had work today while the latter's mother was overseas for business. Sam hadn't met the other two before today.

“Watch you fucking mouth Deb,” the detective grumbled from his seat. “I mean it.”

Deb rolled her eyes, moving closer to Dawn. “It's all slinky and sexy.”

“Sexy pink,” Ellie agreed from her own dressing room. She was half dressed in something green and fluffy.

“It certainly is slinky,” Alessa agreed from her place beside Samantha.

“I'm not feeling in a slinky mood,” Dawn shook her head. Alessa disapproved fully, and that was usually a good sign that Dawn wasn't suited for the garment/decision/spell being considered. “Sammi?”

Sam tilted her head before shaking it. “It''s not bad, but I think we should keep looking.”

Deb's father groaned.


“We could try and drive to Denver,” Sam suggested as they watched TV. Dawn's new diet had extended through the house. It wasn't altogether bad.

“Assuming we don't die on the mission, that would be pretty cool,” Dawn nodded before taking another bite of her cereal. “This stuff isn't so bad.”

“It's really not.”


Dawn lifted a brow when she saw her aunt sitting on the hood of the car. Sam was holding a box, a rather large one, and wearing a smile. She'd shown up at the end of practice today, waving at Dawn's friends as each girl went her own way. Deb to her truck, a big white one, Alessa to her bug, tiny and blue, and Ellie to her driver in the big black SUV. Each girl waved in return before driving away, music blaring from each vehicle.

“Whats in the box?”

“It came from LA.” Sam passed the large box over. “Cordelia Chase?”

Dawn took the box a bit quicker than may have been polite. Cordy had sent her something. Cordy! For a moment, Dawn didn't have enough hands to open it. Luckily her duffel and backpack were taken by Sam and placed into the back seat. Dawn went over to the hood, setting the box down carefully before she opened it up. Another box rest inside, a letter taped to the top.

Cordelia's flowery hand was written across the envelope.

Dawn, if you open this any place that is not indoors and clean, I will find you and I will kill you.

Dawn pursed her lips at that. Damn. “Hurry and get back in the car, please, thank you. If that's okay?”

“Fine, but you have to tell me who Cordelia is and if I need to prepare the couch.”

Cordelia was incomparable, really. She worked with Angel down in LA, and judging by the name on the box, she'd used Angel's credit card to buy Dawn's dress. Possibly other things as well. She was the kind of person who'd guided Dawn through middle school, taken her shopping and bought Dawn all sorts of pretty, shiny things. Cordelia had been grooming Dawn to take her place as queen of the school and future captain of the squad, and while at first Cordy had only done it to annoy Buffy, she started seeing Dawn as a surrogate sister.

“I'm not sure if you need to prepare the couch,” Dawn settled on as she opened her door. Not a once had she let go of Cordy's letter or the box. “I'll have to finish reading the letter.”

Dawn hadn't told her aunt everything. She hadn't told her aunt about the way the others had treated Cordelia, or the way her parents had walked out on her, or even the ratty apartment she was living in. She especially didn't tell Sam about the love Cordelia felt for Angel. She couldn't.

Dawn made sure to wash her hands before she opened the box, all the way to her elbows, just in case.

“Staring isn't going to help,” Sam prodded a few moments later.

“I know, I know.” Dawn lifted the lid, peeling away the tissue paper to reveal folds of pure white chiffon. Dawn stood, lifting the dress with her and marveling at the flawless tailoring.

“I'm scared to tell you about the other box,” Sam finally said. “But go put that on while I get it.”


“Cordy?” Spike asked as he sat with them at dinner. The Russians were delayed for reasons yet unknown and Daniel was doing 'learned things' which Spike wanted no part of it. “Well she's got taste, I'll give her that. You said she's coming up to visit?”

“Yup, got a vision about being needed here,” Dawn nodded. She took a bite of her meal, Sam had finally managed to conquer a fearsome beast known as the chicken and Dawn had shown spinach what for. It wasn't too hard to cook, not when you could Google everything.

“Good, needs some time away from Peaches she does,” Spike tasted the chicken. “Oi! Samantha, you might want to consider brown sugar instead of regular.”

“I meant to add salt.”

Spike made an approving noise. “Brown sugar.”


...will hunt you down and kill you.

I heard, and I'm so sorry. God, that sounds not enough. And I'm sure you're tired of hearing it and being reminded every time you see someone new.

I also heard about your recent relocation. Congratulations. I'm not so sure Colorado is a step up from Sunnyhell, but who knows. Maybe you'll actually be able to walk home in the dark and not worry about being drained or eaten.

I'm coming to see you soon, I can't be here anymore. I can't stand Angel anymore, especially after...I'll tell you about it when I get up there. Suffice to say, he's not getting his credit card back. Or his car. And I may have sold the Hyperion to an art school. Well, leased it out. Never sold, but at least now that ratty old building is being repaired and making some money. I'll come and see you as soon as I can find a place to live up there.

Love and kisses, Cordy

Dawn set the letter down when her aunt and Jack came into the room. She'd been studying, kind of, with Daniel, helping him track down specific symbols and cuniform. Her letter from Cordelia kept ringing through her mind though. A vision, a pissed off seer was coming to Colorado springs, possibly getting a job as Dawn's new coach.

“Dawn, have you finished that page?” Daniel was smiling at her, that teasing, bight smile that made her heart flutter.

“” And now he was laughing at her. “I'm really sorry, Cordy's coming and homecoming and...I'm sorry?”

“Relax,” Daniel recovered, taking his glasses off for a moment. “There was no page. But you've been staring at the one for almost twenty minutes.”

Dawn leaned back in her seat, wishing Spike had come along. He was busy clearing out the local cemeteries with his own squad.

“So, homecoming is coming up?”

Dawn perked up, a fleeting thought running through her head that maybe Daniel would ask her. Very fleeting.

“Yeah, I'm going with Alex, he's one of the bases on the squad.” Dawn folded her letter up, thinking about Alex and his crush on a fellow classmate. “I think I'm going to set him up with Jaime though, they're both falling over themselves for each other, but neither can see it.”

Dawn suddenly felt very self conscious. She was doing the same thing these days, falling over herself, but Daniel was old enough to recognize her behavior for what it was. He was probably being nice right now, acting oblivious to spare her feelings, taking only a polite interest. He'd taken off his glasses though, wearing his concerned face as he started to clean them. He'd been wearing that face a lot lately. Ever since they came back from Chaka's.

He looked ready to say something, but voices in the hall interrupted whatever he'd been planning to say. Sam and Jack entered the room, arguing.

“-because we have an agreement sir,” Sam explained, patiently as she could.

“Yeah,” Jack grumbled. “You see them holding their end of it?”

“Well have we?” Sam asked, brows raised.


Dawn glanced over at Daniel, silently asking if this was normal. The archaeologist rolled his eyes, returning to his work. Apparently it was quite normal for her aunt and Jack to shout back and forth like this.

“If Thor's ship hadn've ” Dawn winced at the word her aunt used “crashed into the ocean, we never would have told them about the stargate.” Sam could be smart, but her English needed work.

“Hey,” Jack cried, rather insulted and indignant. “Whose side are you on?”

“You crashed an alien spaceship into the ocean?” Dawn asked Jack. That was what it sounded like. She could of course be wrong, but it sounded like a Jack thing to do.

“It's called an emergency landing,” Jack crossed his arms. He was all but pouting. Assuming she had free time between the end of the mission and school, Dawn just might have to 'beg' him to take her fishing.

“Sir, I'm just saying we should at least try to work together.”

Yes, Dawn would be taking him fishing. Unless Cordy showed up. Jeez, Dawn had a game this Monday, she couldn't go fishing. Fishing was a Thursday thing anyways and next Friday the squad was having a bake sale. One day to go on a mission and rest up enough to perform...maybe she should just duck out of this one.

“-that pyramid yet?”

“Ziggurat,” Dawn corrected in time with Daniel. However, Dawn was more distracted in her answer, looking back down at the letter from Cordelia.

“Yes,” Daniel continued to speak, snatching Dawn's letter away from her and tucking it into his desk. He had that look on his face. “I think I have. In order to expedite matters, the Russians emailed me the notes of their archaeologist, Dr. Britski.” Daniel gave Dawn the Unhappy Teacher look again. “The temple is dedicated to the Babylonian god, Marduk.”

“Also Sumerian,” Dawn couldn't help but point out. In between her lapses of letter reading and mental planning, she and Daniel had been debating the origin of the god.

“But our language is Babylonian, so he's Babylonian.”

Sam spoke up before their discussion could deteriorate into an argument, asking if Marduk was a Goa'uld.

“It seems likely,” Daniel nodded. “The word Babylon literally means 'gate of the gods', so if there was a connection it wouldn't surprise me.” Daniel looked at Dawn. “I'm thinking we have two Marduk's. One Sumerian true, and one Babylonian false.”

Dawn's brows raised as she considered the fact. “I actually didn't think of that.”

“Neither did I until just a moment ago,” Daniel nodded. He began shuffling through papers, gesturing for Dawn to look at the screen of his computer. “You can see here that the symbol for his name is faintly different, not at first glance, but right here,” Daniel pointed something out, Dawn leaning closer to see what it was.

She could smell him, the cologne and the shampoo he used. She could see a place on his jaw where he'd nicked himself shaving. Dawn exhaled, bringing herself back to the real world. She was seeing the difference between the two symbols, one of them had two legs at the end of a symbol while the other contained only one leg. Just as Daniel had two gray hairs on his right temple rather than just the one on his left. Nowhere else, just his temples.

The phone rang very suddenly.

Dawn reached over, chirping a perky greeting into the receiver. Airman Walsh was on the other end, one of the younger airmen, telling Dawn that the Russians had arrived as well as informing her that a new restaurant had opened up in town.

“Thank you,” Dawn laughed. “But I have a game this Monday.” Dawn hung up the phone, wondering just why Daniel was looking at her that way. Her aunt and Jack looked faintly disapproving as well. “Oh, the Russians are here.”

Jack grumbled, walking out of the door with Sam following close behind, reminding him that his grumpy face was not the face he should be wearing with a foreign nations armed forces. Dawn was pretty sure that if anyone could get away with having a grumble face, it would be Jack.

“So why exactly did you tell someone about your game?” Daniel was grabbing his notes, setting them in front of Dawn for her to organize on their way to the meeting.

“It wasn't anything important,” Dawn shook her head, trying to keep up with him. “One of the airmen wanted to take me out, but I'm busy.”

“And if you weren't?” Daniel asked, standing from his seat. “Busy.”

Was he jealous? No. No, Daniel Jackson barely noticed her as anything other than his assistant and Sam's niece. At most she was his protege, but even that was a rather business-like relationship. He was probably just concerned that she might get distracted from her studies. He'd already taken several things away from her during study sessions. Like the letter.

“I don't know. I've never had much luck with guys.” Dawn rose as well, continuing to sort out his notes. “If they aren't trying to eat me then they're being eaten.” Dawn paused. “Or kidnapped, or possessed, or kidnapped and possessed, or scared off by...well. I don't have a lot of luck with guys.”

Dawn could have sworn he looked satisfied with her answer.


They joined the gathered teams a few moments later, Dawn moving over to the projector to set Daniel's presentation up. The Russians looked almost exactly what one expected when speaking of Russian soldiers. Even the woman looked stereotypical. Dawn sat down a few seconds, later, hurrying to sit in between her aunt and her teacher.

“At ease,” Hammond nodded to the various soldiers. He turned to the eldest of the Russian soldiers, a sort of Russian Jack. Complete with the bushy eyebrows and permascowl. “You must be Colonel Zukov.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, General Hammond,” Zukov's accent was heavy, almost too thick for Dawn to understand immediately. “Allow me to introduce Major Vilarri,” he gestured to a not so unattractive man drinking coffee. “And lieutenants Marchica” a second man, somewhat bland looking “And Tovenue.”

The woman nodded at them, eying Sam and Dawn both with varying amounts of respect; Dawn received little to none.

“Welcome to Stargate command,” Hammond nodded in return. “This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson and his protege, and Teal'c.”

Dawn was used to being introduced as the student by now. Perhaps that was why she was surprised when Zukov spoke up, asking her name.

“Dawn Summers,” she blushed slightly.

“I find it odd that the American government would allow a child into such a secret project,” the woman spoke up. Tovenue was going to be a pain in the ass. She just knew it.

“Miss Summers is incredibly gifted at language. In fact, she is very close to attaining her masters.” Hammond sat down after his statement.

There was a tension in the room and this time Dawn knew she was responsible for it.

“The famous Colonel Jack O'Neill,” Zukov spoke up again. “I believe we have a mutual friend.”

Daniel leaned over in his seat, speaking in low Swahili. “*Just relax, you know what you're doing. She doesn't.*”

“*Yeah,*” Dawn nodded, trying to keep the nervousness from showing. “*Think you can tell her that?*”

There was a silence in the meeting room. Hammond was looking at them and several of those in the room were looking at her with annoyance for daring to talk. This was going to be a tiresome mission. Maybe she should just go to a party this weekend, or throw a party like a normal high school girl. She could go shopping with her friends, stay up too late watching reruns. She could even make it to all of the practice sessions and do more when it came to planning fundraisers and dances. These thoughts passed through her mind as Daniel gave his presentation. It wouldn't be so bad, staying on Earth like she was probably supposed to, less chance of kidnappings and dying. Dawn clicked over to the next slide. She could still study with Daniel, maybe. When he was on planet. She clicked to the next slide. Although, leaving SGC would tear apart everything she'd built with her aunt.

“Gentlemen, please.” Hammond's voice summoned her back. “We seem to be getting off topic.”

Dawn finally noticed the tense air around her. Jack and Zukov were glowering at one another from opposite sides of the table.

“Doctor Jackson?” Vilarri spoke up. “What about the entrance? Can you get us inside?”

Daniel looked at Dawn. She nodded her head. “Yes. We've managed to figure out the engravings on the door, it's actually a quite detailed myth about-” Dawn coughed. “The engravings are a code, like a giant combination lock. It's just a matter of activating the correct symbols in the proper sequence.”

“Before we miss calculus,” Dawn grinned. Her comment did make two of the Russians grin. Zukov and Marchica.


“I'm going to call Giles as soon as we get back from this mission,” Dawn gave a sigh. “Then you'll see what I'm talking about.”

“I really would like to see,” Daniel grunted. “I sincerely doubt that this Watcher's Council has a pristine copy of Ershkigal's ballad.”

“They do, and you sir are going to buy me cake when Giles ships it here.”

Sam raised a brow at the duo coming into the gate room. Dawn was wearing the kind of shorts Sam had only worn swimming when she was that age. Warm tan, the pockets nearly went from waist band to hem. Thankfully she had a button up over her tank top, soft white cotton contrasting with the soft blue cotton. With attire like that, Sam was starting to understand why Tovenue had been doubting Dawn's ability to do anything other than shop and distract the men. She'd even come to Sam about it after the meeting, asking if it was so wise to allow Dr. Jackson's pet onto the team. The Russian woman hadn't even apologized when Sam politely informed her that Dawn was her niece. She'd only repeated her question, using a term that could have only been insulting.

“Dawn, gear up.” The teen nodded, taking the holster from her aunt and strapping it around her waist. “You look like a video game character,” Sam laughed as she handed Dawn the gun. Sam might not enjoy most of the clothes her niece wore, but they had fun on missions, and that was important to her.

“Yeah,” Dawn admitted with a slight smile. “I was reminded of that like, five minutes ago.”

“Archeology is not like the movies,” Daniel spoke as he passed them to stand next to Teal'c.

Sam had a sudden suspicion as to where Dawn had gotten her shirt from. Rather, who she had gotten her shirt from. Maybe Jack was on to something. Maybe Tovenue was turning something sweet into something vulgar.


The ziggurat had not gotten any cooler since they'd left. It had, in Dawn's humble opinion, gotten hotter. The only good part about the trip was the data collection regarding Babylonian cuneiform and myth. Also, the right to take off the shirt her teacher had all but forced on her. It was tied around her waist now, absorbing the sweat that dripped down her back, and protecting her legs from the leers Vilarri kept giving her.

“This isn't right,” Dawn mumbled to herself. There was a major flaw in the telling of the world's creation. Several major flaws actually.

“I noticed that too,” Daniel hummed from beside her. “Wait, you're talking about the discrepancies right?” She could feel his body heat now that he was closer. Scorching in the heat of the desert.

“Yeah, this is...hold on.” Dawn leaned closer to the stone door, fingertips tracing the marks. “This is...Ishtar was born second.”

It was as they read the glyphs that Jack walked over. He watched as they began scrambling for the mistakes in the legend.


“Just about there,” Daniel muttered as he made note of the flaws.

“You said that an hour ago,” Jack grumbled. His jaw was set as he tried to speak in his calm voice.

“Do you know the family tree of the Sumerian divine?” Dawn asked, turning to look at him. “Because if you do, go ahead, be my guest.”

Jack got a look of glee on his face, clapping his hands together as he called out for Sam. He also called for C4.

“Wait!” Daniel shouted, waving his arms. “Wait, wait wait wait wait Wait!” He showed his notes to Dawn. “Remember when I was telling you of the two Marduk? That's what's happening here. The engravings are deliberately using the first Marduk's name to confuse any would be thieves from stealing from our Goa'uld Marduk.”

“And how does that help us Doctor Jackson?” Zukov asked as he walked up.

“Because only a priest of the Goa'uld Marduk would know the difference in name,” Dawn nodded. “Both Marduk are listed with their children, first born to last.”

“So we just have to press here,” Daniel pressed in on a tile. “And here.”

“Here,” Dawn nodded, pressing the next in line.

“And here,” Daniel pressed on a stone near Dawn's stomach.

The stone wall began to rumble and shake, dust falling from the frame, as well as no few small stones and large rocks. One of which nearly hit Dawn; Jack was quick to pull her out of the way. A blast of cool air came at them, bordering on cold, welcome after the dry heat of the desert.

“Nice job,” Jack nodded at the two of them.

Both military teams entered the tomb, taking the lead with guns ready, while Daniel and Dawn followed from behind. Dawn had her camera out, taking quick pictures as they went through, recording locations for each image. Debris continued to fall from the ceiling as they ventured deeper into the ziggurat.

“This doesn't seem very stable,” Sam commented as a rather small rock struck her on the shoulder.

“Well, it is at least 4,000 years old,” Daniel pointed out as he took Dawn's notebook from her and started to record her images. “And if our findings were correct, this goa'uld has been around since before our Egyptian dynasty.”

They continued walking through the cool stone halls, the air getting colder the further in they walked into the ziggurat. Dawn was feeling the beginnings of goosebumbs when they hit a fork in the hall. Left and Right. An argument was visibly brewing between Jack and Zukov. Dawn watched as Jack and Russian Jack stared one another down. The testosterone was usually at a bearable level on a mission, or even when SG-1 just came to visit; she wondered very faintly if they would have any left by the time they were done posturing. She wondered if they would make it out as well. Something about this temple was giving her a bad feeling, a very bad feeling. A case of the Wiggins as her sister might have put it. She wanted to go home. Tombs were nothing but trouble.

“We should split up,” Zukov spoke. “We'll take the right, your team will take the left.”

“Okay, but you take Teal'c with you. For protection.”

Dawn leaned towards her aunt.

“They do know the temple is still sending debris at us, right?”

“Doubtful,” Sam grumbled, shifting her weight. “You okay?”

“Bad vibes,” Dawn shook her head.

The two officers finally broke apart, Teal'c going with Zukov while Marchica followed them down the left corridor. The wiggins weren't quite so bad now, still buzzing in the back of her head, but not as intense as before. Instead she found herself moving closer to her fellows as they moved deeper and down into the ziggurat. A scent was tickling her nose, familiar in a way that all creatures knew, even without knowing. The scent of death was faint, a tickle along the tip of her nose.

Sam saw it first, shining her light onto a booted foot sticking out from behind a wall.

“Colonel,” Sam spoke, drawing Jack from his mental ire.

Jack and Marchica both called out to the man, demanding the boot identify itself. Dawn knew he wouldn't answer. She'd known before they turned the corner that the man was little more than a shadow, and echo of what he'd been. Pale ivory was reflecting back at them as their lights hit his form. He still wore his clothes, shredded though they were. His dog tags were glinting at them, nearly begging to come back home, out of the darkness.

“This one of yours?” Jack being surprisingly delicate as he asked the Russian soldier.


“This doesn't quite make sense,” Daniel moved closer, kneeling in front of the skeleton. “They've only been here, ten months at the most. How could a body completely decompose that fast?”

“They didn't,” Dawn shook her head. She'd drawn their attention with her statement. “Look at the bones. Something got to him and took every bit of flesh from his bones.”

“How, something Ate this guy?” Jack asked, looking back and forth between dawn and the skeleton.

“She's right,” Sam ran a finger along the skull. “It's covered in teethmarks.”

“You seen something like this before?” Jack asked quietly. Something supernatural, sub-terrestrial that might be running around Earth even as they spoke. The Russian was paying them no mind, laying his jacket over the fallen and whispering prayers.

“There's a lot of things like that,” Dawn shook her head. “Most of which live in the dark, at least half can survive in the cold and over fifty can hibernate until something yummy comes along.”

“Well, let's get out of here before that thing decides it's in the mood for good old Irish food.”

“So...potatoes and beer?” Dawn teased.

“Shaddup.” Jack lifted his radio before calling on the other team. “Zukov, this is O'Neill.” Zukov's reply was filled with static, scratching through walls of stone and mortar. “We found one of Krinski's men. Use extreme caution.” Zukov said something more, something about a sarcophagus. “Zukov hold position. Zukov!”


“Trap doors,” Dawn mumbled from atop the sarcophagus. “People really don't watch enough movies.”

“Get off of there,” Daniel sighed. The two colonels were arguing with each other at the other end of the room. Each was falling into old habits, acting much like children arguing over a toy. The difference was the toy and the results of playing with it. Dump trucks and action figures very rarely trapped someone before killing them.

“It's a rock Daniel,” Dawn gave him a look. “I doubt it even works anymore.”

“Dawn, please, just...move away from the sarcophagus.”

Dawn would have argued further, but Sam called her over, asking if she could translate something on the wall. She hopped off of the stone, a whiff of dust rising under her feet as each colonel stepped away to cool down.

“Dawn,” Sam smiled, pulling her close. She kept her smile as she spoke her next words, soft despite their weight. Daniel was uncomfortable around sarcophagi ever since a stop they made two years ago. Her mentor had been addicted to them, and seeing her so close probably triggered emotions best left buried. That did of course lead into an explanation of what a sarcophagus was.


Seeing Dawn on top of the sarcophagus had dug up too many temptations for the doctor. He'd never quite recovered from the sarcophagus, even now he wanted to see if it was working. He wanted to jump in and feel the rush in his veins. He wanted to do things that were wrong and terrible. It was that clinging feeling that he attached Dawn to. His attraction to her was part of his Wrong and Terrible Things category.

“You okay Danny?”

Daniel looked up to see Jack staring at him with concerned eyes. The only person who still knew he had trouble around the alien technology.

“Yeah. I'm getting a grasp on some of the stuff on the walls.”

Jack nodded.

“It's actually quite fascinating,” Daniel continued. “Here, this set solidifies some of the claims made by the Initiative regarding sub-terrestrials. When Marduk the goa'uld arrived in ancient Iran, the God Marduk went to war with him. The god actually won the battle, the goa'uld would have died, but he made a deal with the god, in exchange for 1000 human slaves, he would never return to Earth.” Daniel paused. “It's almost like a consolation prize.”

“So the chances of these gods still being around?” Jack asked. Some home-grown backup sounded like a nice investment.

“There's a high chance that with time the gods back home died out, when no one believes in you, it gets hard to believe in yourself, you know?” Daniel looked back at the wall. “Although, I suppose it's possible they simply moved on, ascended to a higher plane of existence and forgot about us.”

Jack didn't have time to make a snappy and snarky comment, Dawn was walking purposefully towards the sarcophogus, gun in hand and safety off.

“Summers, what the hell are you doing?”

“If it's all the same, I'd rather not be trapped in a stone prison with a sadistic wannabe god And a flesh eating monster.” Dawn began to look around the stone technology. “Where's the alarm clock?”

“Oh fer...” Jack moved his gun out of the way. “You're lucky you have a point Dawn.”

Dawn and Sam both were aiming at the head of the sarcophagus as the men started pulling the doors open manually. The Russian female had decided to join them as well, lifting her assault rifle and preparing to fire at the possible threat.

“I don't think Marduk is getting up any time soon,” Jack peered over the door and into the sarcophagus. “Or heading back to Earth.”

“I thought a sarcophagus could keep one alive indefinitely,” Zukov peered into the glorified coffin.

“Maybe it broke?” Dawn reached out to touch the skeleton, jerking her hand back when Tovenue slapped it.

“Do not touch evidence,” the Russian woman scowled.

“I'm just trying to get a look at the teethmarks,” Dawn scowled, touching a femur once more. Tovenue slapped at her again. The woman was hitting a bit harder than she aught have.

“Would you quit slapping my rookie?” Jack cut off Tovenue's next scolding. “Dawn, do you know what got to him now that you can see it up close?”

Marchica furrowed his brows. “You have encountered this creature before?”

“No,” Sam shook her head. “But Dawn is the only one who didn't feel like shooting herself when we started compiling the bestiaries we've managed to collect from our missions.” The best lies were peppered with truths. Dawn had all but taken over in the project of classifying Earth and alien beasties.

“If it's going to try and kill me I want to know how to kill it first.” Dawn leaned closer. “Okay, so those fifty, cut it down to about twelve.” Dawn leaned back and waved Daniel over. “Let me see your glasses.” Daniel handed them over, thoroughly blind once he did. Dawn said as much before leaning closer. “See, well, probably not, the teeth marks are jagged, like the teeth themselves are serrated. Only seven of the suspected species have serrated teeth, four are only found in the tundra.”

“The remaining species should pose little threat,” Teal'c titled his head in a question. Tovenue was translating for her teammate while Zukov mulled her words over.

“Well, maybe.” Dawn looked up before leaning back a step. Daniel was well and truly blind, handy for magnifying things, not so much otherwise. She handed them back to Daniel, fingers tingling where he touched them. This was so very dangerous right now. “The remaining three are especially aggressive. One senses movement from vibrations, like a spider on a web or a snake. The second senses heat and targets its pray that way. The third tracks by sound.”

“We will be found no matter what,” Zukov nodded. “How do we kill them?”

“The first burrows in the ground, fire or bullets should take care of that. The second you can squish, and the third has a shell around it, that way it can blend in with the surrounding rocks.”

That was the wrong thing to say. Very suddenly, the two teams were acting ever more paranoid. Tovenue was aiming at the ground, as was Teal'c. Jack and Sam and Marchica were eying the walls while Zukov watched everything. A cool breeze crept along the floor of the room, swirling dust into tiny funnels and climbing up along Dawn's legs. The temperature outside was falling, just as the tempers of those within the building were rising.

“I doubt it's in here,” Dawn finally said. “We would have seen it, smelled it, or heard it by now.”

“DawnSummers has a point,” Teal'c spoke. “A hungry creature would not pass up the opportunity for fresh meat.”

Sam seemed to notice something about their situation, she wearing a thinking face, math and numbers flying through her head at a rate Dawn couldn't have kept up with.

“Sir,” she finally spoke. “We've got a problem.”

“We've got a lot of problems Carter,” Jack gave her a sarcastic grin. “Can ya be a little more specific?”

Dawn had to turn to hide her snicker from the two. Sam's face was wearing patient annoyance while Jack's sarcasm was proudly displayed on his face. Even, Daniel was reading a wall. Honestly though, a wall seemed more interesting than watching her aunt and not-uncle fight. Sam was telling him about a lack of water rations as Dawn moved to join her teacher. The faint mention of explosives caught her ear as she started investigating Daniel.

Daniel's area. His area on the wall. With the words.

No. No, she was studying Daniel and the way his eyes were burning with the excitement of next information and discovery.

Then Jack had to come over and ruin it all with his grumpy face.

“How about the writing kids?” Jack nearly pushed his way between Dawn and Daniel. “Any mention of a back door?”

“No,” Daniel shook his head. “This portion just talks about the final fate of the goa'uld Marduk.”

“I think we know his fate,” Jack rolled his eyes. Wasn't Dawn supposed to be the teenager on this mission? Instead a man three time her age was acting like a little boy. Daniel seemed to agree, taking a deep breath and looking at Jack.

“Well, apparently this Marduk was such an evil tyrant that his own priests rebelled,” Daniel explained. “They sealed him in the sarcophagus and placed that, thing, in there with him.” He answered Dawn's question before she could ask it. “There's no direct translation for it. But it's in this line.” He pointed to the string of glyphs, showing her where it began and where the writing ended.

“Are you saying he was eaten alive?” Sam asked. She looked as green around the gills as Dawn felt the other day.

Dawn continued to pour over the glyphs, of course he'd been eaten alive, it was a flesh eating creature. Thankfully, the glyphs were only used for two of the creatures she suspected.

“Good news,” Dawn mumbled over her shoulder as they began to team up. “It isn't the burrowing one.”

Several someone's muttered, presumably doubting her idea of good news. She thought it was excellent news. She could actually sit down without worrying about something crawling up her shorts. She continued reading, only becoming aware of her situation once the extra bodies left the room. She was completely alone in a dark tomb with Daniel. Even when she wasn't in Sunnydale, it followed her. Every time she was with a crush, it turned into a life threatening situation.

“So, how can you tell it isn't the, burrowing one?”

“The Ges Zig,” Dawn replied, trying not to blush and failing. “Right here, see, it's of the shadows, the...Ges Zig is always shown with a plow in it's description. Sometimes a field or a cave.”

Daniel seemed to feel just as uncomfortable with the description. “So, the uh, the heat seeking, sound ones?”

It was barely getting better.

“I don't know,” Dawn admitted. “The one is from the Black Forest, it's the one that tracks with sound. It's a bit like a spider. The other one is from south America, it's more like a scorpion.”

“So it's an import,” Daniel started looking over the information on the walls. “They could have invented an entirely new glyph for it.”

“Yeah,” Dawn nodded.

The continued reading in silence, Dawn retrieving her camera and clicking away, something, anything to keep the silence away. She wouldn't lie about using her phone to capture images of Daniel. It wasn't like anyone would ever see it. Not anyone at SGC at least.

“So, tell me about the dance,” Daniel mentioned over his shoulder. “Still going with Alex?”

“No, he's finally going with Jaime,” Dawn smiled, despite the fact her couldn't see her. “Alessa is the only one of us with a date now, so we're just going to have fun.”

He made a noise. A noise she couldn't quite place. He might have been annoyed, he may not have even cared, he might have just been making small talk. Although, Daniel wasn't one to make small talk. The echo of machine gun fire stopped any further conversation. Jack's voice carried strong over the scratching of the radios, checking in with them. Why were they always The Kids?

“Not us,” Daniel replied. “For once.”

When Sam didn't reply right away, a sinking feeling hit Dawn. This mission was finally driving home just what SG1 did. How often they risked their lives against something creepy and crawly in the dark.

“Just like Sunnydale,” Dawn sighed, leaning against one of the walls. “You know, I have been in this exact situation three times before.”

Daniel gave her a smile of understanding. He knew exactly what she meant. “Trapped in a ziggurat with a flesh eating monster?”

“No, trapped in a tomb.” The machine guns fell silent. “There was this boy, I'd seen him at school a few times and so, we went on a date. Turned out to be a vampire.” Dawn placed her phone back in her pocket. “The second one was actually in the school boiler room, There was this monster, Buffy thought she'd killed it years before, but, I guess one of it's young survived. It lured a bunch of us down there, I was literally standing at the edge when she came in.”

“And the third time?” Daniel asked, trying not to smile.

“Third time?”

“You said you'd been in this situation threes times.” Daniel was looking at her oddly now. A look of study and confusion.

“I...I don't remember saying three.”


The appearance of the others prevented any further discussion as to numbers and words. Daniel was thankfully silent on the subject when Jack asked about odd happenings in their absence. Tovenue was down, shivering almost violently as the color drained almost visibly from her skin.

“You find anything new about or bug problem?” Jack asked no one in particular.

“It was kind of spider-like,” Sam answered, reloading her rifle.

“J'ba Fofi,” Dawn whispered. “I know what this is, it's a regular spider, well, not a regular spider, the legspan goes anywhere from four to six feet, and the mouth is just-”


Dawn ignored the not so hidden snort Daniel emitted.

“J'ba Fofi. It's a spider, from earth, nothing too out of the ordinary other than size. Do you have any antihistamines in your med kit?” Dawn moved to kneel beside Tovenue. She'd been almost unbearable, but not one deserved to die tonight. Not a spider for being a spider or a woman for being completely rude. Rude wasn't evil. Sam handed the med kit over, Marchica doing much the same as Dawn looked for the puncture wound.

“Danny, any certification to what she says?”

Daniel had actually run into one during his undergrad. He'd gone into the Congo with his professor, investigating the rumor of a ruined temple. The spider had been much bigger than six foot, nearly seven and wrapping something the size of a chimpanzee in a blanket of webbing. His story was distracting enough for Dawn to slip something from her thigh pack. She'd been having terrible feelings recently. Very bad. A small little potion wouldn't hurt, especially when it was one of the cleansing potions from Angel's side of the family.

Very briefly she wondered if cleansing meant ridding the body of poisons, or everything that needed to be excreted.

Well, she had been rude.

“Sir, I think the poison is causing some system failure,” Sam spoke up as Dawn received her answer.

The results were messy, and rather foul smelling, but the potion was the ultimate in detox. What in the world did this woman eat? Tovenue was placed on top of the sarcophagus, tilted so she wouldn't choke on her own vomit or sit in her own waste. It was actually a bit funny, watching the sarcophagus fill with waste. The scent was insane, but the image was a bit amusing.

“Right, Danny, Dawn, you're on watch, Marchica, keep the kids safe.” Jack shared a look with Zukov. “You and me will go this way, Sam, Teal'c you take the other path. It's time to hunt a spider the size of a bathtub.”

Marchica was fussing over Tovenue. Daniel was staring at the wall, gun in one hand as he glanced back and forth between his resource book and the wall. Dawn was taking pictures, this time with the team camera. Not officially a team camera, but SGC seemed pretty happy when she offered them the data chip after the mission with the Unas. Hammond hadn't said no when he spotted the device in her pocket either.

“You already snapped that wall,” Daniel mumbled as her camera clicked.

“There's a sigil I want a better look at,” she shrugged in response.

Daniel fell silent, returning to his work. She didn't see the concerned looks he kept giving her. Nor did she realize he'd spoken to her in Bengali. Dawn didn't know Bengali.
He didn't point it out. Instead, her continued his work, mind flickering back to a theory he'd been trying to avoid since it popped into his brain. A theory Spike was only helping whenever Daniel mentioned something to do with Dawn. This wasn't the first time Dawn had slipped into another tongue. Most times it was something she knew, Latin, Turkish, Sumerian, normal things. Recently, it had been less than normal things. Languages that might normally be spoken by a centuries old thief known throughout most of ancient Mediterranean and the Carpathians. Dawn didn't slip often, only when she was worried, or stressed, sometimes when she was nervous or scared.

Daniel was distracted by the sudden movement of Marchica. The major had jumped up from his place by the wall and was now striding purposefully over to Tovenue. He took her pulse, furrowed his brows, and for quite possibly the first time since his arrival, he didn't stare at Dawn.

“How is she?” Daniel asked as he saw the man tighten his grip on the gun.

“Her pulse is slow.” Marchica jerked and lifted his gun towards the entrance way. “You heard that?”

He darted off before either linguist could speak.

“Totes.” Dawn shifted her weight and rest a hand on her hip. “Just leave us here, alone, in the dark. Do they not have horror movies in Russia?”

“Uhm, I'm fairly certain they do. Daniel was distracted by the way his shirt was pulling on her frame. The way the darkness was closing in on them made her seems brighter, younger. It made him want to protect her. “Just in case though, maybe you should come away from that door.”


Moving closer. Closer to Daniel, in the dark, just them alone in the dark.

Dawn shook herself before she moved closer to her teacher. She needed to keep reminding herself of what he was. Her teacher, an older friend who was not interested in things like Lady Gaga or the most recent episode of Supernatural. They watched Doctor Who, he came around to keep an eye on her when aunt Sammi went into mad scientist mode. He was just so cute. Smart and bookish, but covering a decidedly steely resolve and under his terrible fatigues and baggy clothes, she knew he was a very nicely muscled man.

“Salty goodness,” Dawn sighed as she leaned against the wall and stared out at the chamber.

“Did you need to eat?” He stopped what he was doing to pull something from his vest pocket. A snickers. He smiled when he noticed she was no longer interested in the wall and joined her against the wall. “Take it. It's kinda salty.”

Dawn held back from responding the way she might have once upon a time. Instead, she was good and thanked him. “You find anything interesting?”

“I found out where the ring transporter is.” He was watching her as she ate. Making sure she didn't pass out. It made the string of caramel on her chin all the more embarrassing. He looked down at the floor when she reached up to wipe it from her chin.

“That can get us out, right?”

“Yeah. Lucky for us, it's in the room somewhere. Hopefully.” He glanced back at her when she handed him the other half of the candy bar. After she shook it at him, he took it with a small smile. “Did you find anything?”

“...I may or may not have found something very sparkly.” Dawn reached over towards her bag, pulling it closer as she sat upright. “Well, it could be sparkly, assuming it was polished.” She pulled the item out and held it up for inspection. “I tripped over the stupid thing while we were running from the falling ceiling of doom. I managed to have enough time to throw it into my pack.”

“You stopped running for a gem that could be sparkly maybe?” Daniel turned the object over in his hands. “ you know what this is?”

“Mine.” He didn't find her answer as amusing as she did. “Hammond said that if I found something on a trip I could have it.”

“Unless it was something important,” Daniel reminded her. He looked down at the object, brows furrowing as he put his thinking face on. “I wouldn't wear it around town.”

“Sweet,” Dawn reached to take it back from him. The building shook as she did so, sending the teen into Daniel's lap. Only years of running from vampires allowed her to catch herself somewhat, one hand on the other side of his hips as her side rest against his thighs and her free hand gripped his shoulder. His knees were against her back and his hand had wrapped around her bicep and the look in his eyes was not something she'd seen before.


Aunt Sammi's voice pulled her away from the heat in Daniel's eyes. She saw his eyes from alarm to absolute shock and when his hands raised into the air, she fell just a bit further.

“She fell.” Daniel's words were odd, and when Dawn pushed herself upright and turned to face those he spoke to, she could see why. Two automatic weapons were pointed at them, held by Sam and Teal'c.

“I do not sense the presence of a Goa'uld.” Teal'c's words were not comforting. They did sound faintly amused.

“Me neither.” Sam was decidedly less amused. She was watching the two against the wall with a hawklike gaze.

“Thanks for that,” Daniel nearly snorted.

He pushed himself up before helping Dawn up as well. His shoulders were tenser than they had been before she'd fallen into his lap. She'd offended him without even trying, wasn't that the way her life always went?

“I take it the spider is possessed?” he asked, ignoring Dawn as he questioned his teammates. Why was she so clumsy? Every single time, she seemed to ruin things just by being there.

Maybe it was a good thing she kept her focus on the wall. The darn thing was practically a road map and how to guide on the ring system to their left. The left. Right there. Dawn set her bag down beside Daniel before moving over to the area. The dirt wasn't so thick here, like it was being transported out every so often, and as Dawn moved her booted foot across the ground, she could see a pattern on the tile underneath.

When the building shook above them, they knew it was time to go. Marchica was the first to return, still frantic looking as he moved closer to the feverish woman on the sarcophagus. Dawn was surprised to see him in truth, she'd been depending on the rules of scary movies to have taken him out. He was a pervert, a they were almost always supposed to die. Then again, hadn't she been the one to feel buterflies moving south as her heart sped up? All because of a look.

Jack came into the room with a limp seconds later. He was looking especially rough and alone. Zukov was gone. But if these goa'uld were that tricky, then it was possible...

“I do not sense a goa'uld.”

Teal'c made Dawn and Jack both jump.

“Oh! Good, I'm fine by the way.”

“You look terrible,” Dawn snorted.

“...Thanks.” He watched as Marchica pulled the other Russian down and into the recently revealed circle. “How is she?”

“She'll be fine once we get back,” Daniel answered as he began to manipulate the controls to the ring system. “How's Zukov?”

Even though they all knew the answer, someone still had to ask the question. Someone had to be the one to bring out the dirty laundry.

“He didn't make it.” Jack turned to face Sam. He was grinning wide. “Only one thing left to do. Dawn, how about you help me and Carter set up the C4?”

Even though it was downright wrong to destroy the wealth of knowledge in the ziggurat, there was an evil alien running around and fire was good for killing nearly everything. Jack agreed on this. Fire, fishing, and frequently relaxing. He was looking between Dawn and Daniel though, every time she reached for a new brick of sticky, he was listening to something Sam was whispering into his ear. His expression grew more and more concerned, and he was going to have a uni-brow if they knit any closer together.

The sight of someone coming around the corner made Dawn jump. Seeing the Russian soldier possessed by an evil alien was far different than seeing one possessed by a demon or ancient hell goddess.

“Alright,” Jack pulled her back to the rings. “Let's go.”

“Colonel O'Neill!” The Goa'uld roared at them as he came limping into the room. “I will have my revenge!”

“You know, you guys always say that,” Jack laughed as he looked over at Dawn. “Do yours say that too?”

“Every time,” Dawn grinned, pressing the button of the remote detonator.


So, it's been a good while since this was updated, and for that I apologize. But, it's here. So tell me all about it ^_^

The Ges Zig is making a reference to sex, the word itself means to thrust, while the plow and cave came to me while writing up 'Our Mrs Reynolds and Miss Johns'.
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