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Not So Blind Date

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Summary: Someone's interested in Buffy... Written for August Fic A Day.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Percy Jackson & the OlympiansgrundyFR131639062,0536 Aug 116 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. Camp Half Blood and its denizens belong to Rick Riordan. I just like to play in their sandboxes now and then.

Buffy tried not to glare at one of her two best friends.

God, but this was weird, even by her standards. She’d been away from Camp Half Blood for several weeks on Slayer business. When she came back, she’d discovered that all hell had broken loose in her absence.

For starters, Olympus had been closed. Percy had disappeared and they still weren’t sure exactly where he was. A son of the sky god, Jason, who was from the Roman equivalent of the camp had been found along with two new halfbloods, Leo and Piper. (Piper was a huge improvement on the previous head of Cabin Ten, so there was that.) Jason thought of himself as a son of Jupiter, not Zeus, and had been given to Hera. Personally, Buffy thought giving your wife the kid you had with someone else was the worst present ever, but if Hera was happy…

Unfortunately, Hera was apparently also behind Percy’s disappearance, having decided that since Camp Rome and Camp Greece generally had a serious war whenever they ran into each other, trading key half-bloods would be a good way to get the two sides talking instead of killing each other. Good idea, but still massive potential for badness.

Then there was the potential apocalypse du jour, which this time involved Gaia waking up and bringing some really badass giants with her that could only be beaten by gods and demigods working together. No one was quite sure what effect a Slayer would have on one, though Annabeth had suggested in her slightly creepy clinical way that it would be interesting to find out.

And all that was before you weighed in what her own family had been up to. She wished Faith were here to vent to- although she suspected her sister Slayer would find all of it hilarious. Especially her part.

On the Scooby side of things, Dawn had nearly gotten caught red-handed smuggling some of Hephaestus’ equipment out of his workshop at Olympus in cahoots with Annabeth and several campers from Cabin Eleven. Only a timely intervention from Aphrodite had let them get away. Piper had privately warned Dawn that probably meant her mother had plans for her, though whether it was with one of the Hermes boys or with someone from the mystery camp in California was an open question. Leo was convinced his father was secretly ok with them borrowing without permission and had just needed an excuse not to catch them. His entire cabin was thrilled with the additions to Bunker Nine.

Willow and her cabinmates from Hecate cabin were up to their ears trying to figure out how to counter the magic preventing everyone from tracking Percy. Willow had pointed out that until now, the campers had never really attempted magic, although they frequently used magic objects. Hecate’s children were giddy at the chance to prove that they were just as useful to the camp as any of the Olympian cabins.

Buffy also had roomies for the first time since the Scoobies had moved into Camp Half Blood. The Hunters of Artemis were in town, which apparently always made for happy fun times at camp. The Hunters had been fascinated to find someone not from their own group living in Cabin Eight- more so when they found out that the Slayer didn’t exactly shun the male of the species.

But by far the most awkward detail was finding out that Xander’s half-brother wanted to know if she’d like to go out to dinner with him some evening. Even before the rest of her cabinmates weighed in- and couldn’t she just hear the comments now- Buffy had been dubious.

“Xander, I know I don’t have a great track record with dating, but seriously Thanatos? You want me to go on a date with Death?”

The End

You have reached the end of "Not So Blind Date". This story is complete.

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