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Six Degrees or some such bull shit.....

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Summary: Challenge 1488: Iowa Flotsam- Riley is found by NCIS and Buffy and the Council have to help save him and his family.

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NCIS > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersFireWolfeFR212331,582712738,8357 Aug 1114 Nov 14No

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Chapter One What Poseidon gifts us with

Challenge 1488: Iowa Flotsam
*Spoiler Alert* for NCIS:

Riley was on the job with the Army in Mexico, got wounded in a battle and was thrown out as fish food. Somehow he washed ashore at Mike’s place (Gibbs’ old NCIS boss) while Gibbs is there recovering from the political wrangling. Is Riley dead or delusional with fever and injuries and in need of mucho medical attention? Your choice.

Mike and Jethro see the uniform and his dog tags and start investigating. What do they find? Not the whole truth, but how much? Whose help do they enlist? Who shows up to get the corpse/patient? What do they say that blatantly contradicts the ex-NCIS agents’ findings?

Must have:
“Don’tcha know? The sharks don’t like the corn-fed types.”

Must not have:
Any pairings

Disclaimers: Sorry I don't own either world or their characters sadly. They belong to their creators and the companies that hold the rights to them. They just came out to play for a while. I hope everyone enjoys the challenge and reviews because its the only reward we poor fan fic writers get.

By :Fire Wolfe

A/N: Not betaed read at your own risk

Six Degrees or some such bull shit.....

Part One What Poseidon gifts us with

Mike Franks was walking along the beach sipping a cold beer. Life was good and he enjoyed watching the sun set. He missed his grandchild but understood that it was vital that he spend some time in his mother's country. He would after all one day have a very important role to play. So, for now Mike was on his own no daughter-in-law and no grandson to play with. He was a carefree bachelor once more.

He took a long drink and pulled out a pack of cigarettes he was just about to light one when he saw a reflection against the waves.

"What the hell?" He thought. He quickly put the cigarette away and ran to check what was drifting up onto his beach pulling his 45 as he went. As he got closer he saw it was a body. A body that was struggling to get to shore.

"Ah hell not again." He walked over and said "Hold it right there."

There was a low curse as the body on the beach struggled to roll over. As the body did. Franks noted he was wearing United States Marine corps BDU's with the rank of Lt. Colonel on his collar.

"Shit, who are you?"

The body looked up and said. "I don't know."

Franks cursed put his gun back and leaned down to help the Marine. I was so hoping for a vacation. Damn Poseidon for his unexpected gifts.

The phone rang and Buffy grabbed it. She was just walking back in from a short patrol along St. Peter's square. "Hello?"

"Is Buffy Summers there please?"

"Who is this?" Buffy asked. She was always careful never really trusting much.
"This is Graham Miller. I'm a friend of Buffy Summers and Riley Finn's. I need to speak to Buffy Summers it is an emergency."

Buffy rolled her eyes it always was lately. You would think that with all the new slayers she might get a day off now and again but no.... "This is Buffy. What's the emergency?"

"Buffy, it's Riley he and Sam have been kidnapped. "

OK this qualified as an emergency. Sam and Riley were her friends as weird as it may seem she loved them like family. They had helped the new SWC a lot and she grown close working with them.

"What happened Graham?" Buffy was now all business. Graham was not one to panic so if he was this had to be bad.

"Someone snatched them in Mexico. They were visiting the village where Sam used to do missionary work. Some bandits just swept in and took them. Or so the authorities say. Our team found traces of demons and a message in runes telling us they took them."

"Ok, what can I do?"

"Buffy they want to exchange them for slayers. Now me and my guys we won't do that but..."

"Yeah, Sam's old man is connected and not so nice. He hates the supernatural. I'll catch the first plane out."

"Thanks Buffy, I mean it. Sam she would never forgive herself if someone got hurt because of her. But her old man Kinsey he's a piece of work."

"Yeah, I know. I'll bring a team. Hold the fort. How is Roland holding up?"

"He misses his mommy and daddy but so far he just thinks they are on a mission. My sister Jeanette is watching him."

"Good I'll be there as soon as I can. I have to call Giles now to get our paper work in order."

"Ok, thanks again. You can reach me at 515-585-8989"

"Got it. We will get them back. No one messes with our family Graham."

Graham smiled at this. " Yeah, I know." He hung up and waited.

Buffy called Giles and the plane was made ready. This was going to be a long trip. It was not going to be fun telling Dawn that Riley was kidnapped. She loved the big goof as a brother as much as Buffy did. Besides Roland was her godson and there was no way she wanted the cute three-year old to become an orphan.

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