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Hope in the Darkest Days

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Summary: There is no more magic, no more Slayers in Panem. All that's left is a Key who cannot die.

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Seen Enough to Know

Title: Seen Enough to Know

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and related characters; Suzanne Collins owns "The Hunger Games" and all related characters; I own nothing.

Summary: Katniss felt like the woman's blue eyes were seeing into her soul, weighing everything she had ever done.

Spoilers: Through "The Hunger Games" and Season 8 of the comics.

Note: Thank you to Luna for the rec!

In a welcome break between being sponsors crowding around her and Peeta to take pictures with the "star-crossed lovers" of the Hunger Games, Katniss let her eyes wander the room, looking everywhere but at the ice cold gaze of President Snow. They landed on a young woman who, despite doing little to draw attention to herself, managed to stand out in a room packed with people in the latest Capitol fashions. Much like Cinna and Portia, she exercised restraint that was so rarely shown otherwise with residents of the Capitol. Long brown hair streaked with bright green and some eyeshadow of the same shade stood out in a room full of men and women who sometimes went as far as dying their skin.

Throughout the night, even when the crush of people threatened to overwhelm her, Katniss felt herself constantly searching for the woman.

Peeta, noticing her interest, followed her gaze.

"Who’s that?" he asked in a careful whisper, disguising it as if he were saying something romantic into her ear.

"I don't know," Katniss replied using the same technique.

It wasn't until the end of the night when the woman finally approached Katniss and Peeta after talking briefly to their stylists like she was greeting old friends. She stopped before them, looking first at Peeta then Katniss. Katniss did her best not to shiver as the woman's blue eyes met hers. It was like she was seeing into her soul, weighing everything she had ever done. Those eyes chilled her, but not in the same terrifying way Snow's had. These were eyes that had seen and lost too much for their owner's apparent age.

"Good luck," the woman said, finally breaking the silence before quietly turning and walking away, leaving the confused pair behind.

"Who is she?" Katniss asked Haymitch when they returned to their rooms.

The older man paused before answering carefully. "Her name is Eos," he replied almost too quietly for Katniss to hear. "She's known for sponsoring tributes who otherwise get very few other patrons. She also happened to be your single biggest sponsor this year." He quickly left before Katniss could ask him anymore questions about the woman.

Why us? Katniss wondered silently. She and Peeta didn't lack for sponsors, so why had Eos sponsored them so heavily? Why had she drawn so little attention to herself in a room where sponsoring a winning tribute was a thing of glory? Why had her only words to them sounded so ominously like a warning?

She was still trying to come up with answers after the final interview when she returned to her room to pack for the trip back to District 12. To her surprise, she found the mockingjay pin she had worn into the arena sitting neatly on her pillow. Somebody had taken the effort track it down and clean it before returning to her.

Lifting it up, Katniss found a small slip of paper attached to the pin itself. She didn't have time to look at it, so she slipped it into her bag and carried it with her to the train. As soon as she was alone, she took it out and carefully unfolded the scrap. She squinted, but managed to read the faint handwriting. She read it once, twice, trying to figure out if it was a warning, words of encouragement, or something in between.

Knocks at her door startled her.

“Katniss? It’s time for dinner,” Peeta’s muffled voice said through the door.

“Give me five more minutes,” Katniss called back. She heard Peeta’s footsteps, and she quickly changed and braided her hair. Almost as an afterthought, she slipped the paper into her pocket, determined to find out what it meant.

As she walked to the dining car, its words echoed loudly in her head, almost like a mantra:

Are you ready to be strong, little mockingjay?
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