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Debriefing the Close Encounters

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Summary: Daniel and Willow discuss the events of Christmas Eve night with their friends, and mentor. Sequel to ‘Close encounter of the vampric kind.’ (August Fic a Day Challenge response.)

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredpezgirlFR131924031,0587 Aug 117 Aug 11Yes
Author: Orangethunder
Rating: 13
Warning: None
Fandoms: BtVS and Stargate SG1

Summary: Daniel and Willow discuss the events of Christmas Eve night with their friends, and mentor. Sequel to ‘Close encounter of the vampric kind.’ (August Fic a Day Challenge Response) Fic 7.

Timelines: Set after season 7 for BtVS and mid-season 7 for Stargate SG1.

Disclaimer: BtVS and Stargate SG1 belong to Mutant Enemy and MGM respectively.


“You are absolutely sure that that man didn’t see anything?”

Willow sighed, and stared at her mentor beseechingly, “No, Giles. He passed out before I did anything, I’m not gunning to make everything more difficult for us; he needed help.”

Not that Daniel would have needed any if Willow hadn’t screwed up, she’d wanted to keep the vampire out of the public eye; she just hadn’t expected a complete stranger to join in the fun. After living in Sunnydale for the first twenty-two years of her life, she had grown accustomed to the public’s refusal to notice ‘the weird and stinky’.

But Daniel wasn’t like that; he’d just swooped in, and tried to help her- even when he was getting his hiney kicked, he’d never attempted to make a run for it.

She looked at Giles, hoping he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it; his eyebrows were raised and he had a knowing look in his eyes, “Giles?”

The man pulled his glasses from his nose and polished them, “Clearly, he was under the impression that you needed the help. I must say, the idea of a member of the public coming to one’s aid had become rather foreign to me.”

Willow snorted, feeling the amusement, “I grew up in the town of ignorance, Giles- how do you think I feel?”

Giles smiled and placed his glasses back onto his nose, “Yes, well... Back to the point; This Daniel person, he didn’t see or hear a thing that might alert the military to us?”

Ah... hearing and seeing were two different things.

“I shouted an incantation,” she explained, then hurried to elaborate, “But, it was in Latin; he probably thought I was speaking gibberish or something, if he was even conscious to hear it.”

Daniel had looked as if he was half-gone anyway.

Giles gave her one of his piercing looks, “You are completely sure of this?”

Not ‘completely’ per se...

Reading the expression on her face, he shook his head, “We won’t dillydally around this, the military presence within Colorado Springs compels me to act with a greater degree of caution.”

Time to bring out ‘Willow: the Hacker’.

Willow nodded, and pulled her laptop towards her, “One background check coming right up.”

She hoped that she wouldn’t find anything on Daniel, she really did want to keep him out of harm’s way, and drawing him into their world wasn’t high-up on her list of things to do; she was glad that neither Buffy or Xander were present.

The last thing she needed was for them to suss-out her feelings and lecture her, even if he had tried to help her they still needed to be careful.

“Willow, this man’s surname,” Giles started, quizzically, “did you happen to hear it?”

Willow nodded as she signed-in to her computer, “Jackson... Daniel Jackson.”

After a moment of complete silence, Willow looked up and saw that her mentor was staring at her in shock, “What’s up, Giles?”

“Jackson, did you say?” he stammered, removing his specs once more. “Daniel Jackson?”

Willow frowned, “That’s what I said. Why?”

“I know him,” he started, wiping his lenses furiously, “Or, at least, I know of him.”

How did Giles know of Daniel?

Was Daniel already involved in the supernatural?

Giles gestured for her to continue her search, “Go on, go on... I’m hoping that my suspicions prove inconsequential.”



“So, this ‘Willow’ kid is all right?”

Daniel glared at his best friend and chewed pointedly, the man would have to ask him that after he’d crammed his mouth full of food! He swallowed hard, and answered, “Yes, Jack. The nurse made her leave the room; Willow wanted to know if I was okay.”

Sam placed her Diet Coke back onto the table, and eyed him mischievously, “Well, you were kind of her ‘Knight in Shining Armour’.”

He speared another chunk of steak on his fork and shook his head, “I was out cold two minutes into the fight, Sam. Lucky the cops showed up when they did, must have been at least three of them.”

Sam frowned, looking puzzled, “Why do you say that?”

“The man was on steroids,” he stated, then he backtracked, “I’m quite sure he was, the man was about my size; but he was Teal’c-strong.”

The Jaffa in question raised an eyebrow, “Thank you, Daniel Jackson.”

Daniel blinked, and then nodded vaguely.

Jack shrugged, “So, the guy ate his Wheaties that morning...”

Daniel shook his head, “No... that man was a little too strong, and his face was kind of... deformed.”

Maybe the guy was someone that the SGC should look into.

His team mates stared at him in varying degrees of confusion, and he knew that they weren’t going to let him wriggle out of explaining. Wishing he’d waited a while longer, he pushed his dinner away and started to talk.

Daniel knew without a shadow of a doubt, they were going to do some detective work; that was just how Stargate Command worked, they were going to ensure that there hadn’t been some sort of alien incursion; although, if the stargate had been used, wouldn’t they know about it already?

His thoughts went back to the woman he’s tried to save; he hoped, for her sake, that she didn’t get dragged into whatever was going to happen.

Willow, presumably, had a relatively normal life.

Daniel wanted it to stay that way.


The End

You have reached the end of "Debriefing the Close Encounters". This story is complete.

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