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My Bloody Lover

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Adventures of a Slayer & a Time Lord". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Parallel dimensions aren't all they are cracked up to be. Buffy/Ten.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: The DoctorChloeBlackFR1848,568074,3927 Aug 1119 Aug 11Yes

Sunnyhell Never Changes

A/N: For the purpose of this, the whole Angel/Darla/Connor storyline never happened. Nor did Spike materialize in Angel’s office. Darla died when Angel killed her in S1 and Spike remained dead after the final fight.

This chapter is in the third person. :)

Chapter Two: Sunnyhell Never Changes

“What do we have here?” Angelus asked. His tone had mixtures of amusement, confusion and arrogance laced throughout.

“Looks like the bitch is back.” Darla bemused.

“Buffy…I think we should get back to the TARDIS.” the Doctor said, nervously.

Buffy swallowed the hard lump that had formed in her throat. She was trying her hardest to get from the ‘terrified-suddenly heartbroken-scorned’ Buffy that she currently was, into ‘badass Slayer mode.’

“We can’t turn our backs on them. As soon as we do, we’re done for.” she whispered to the Doctor.

“What do you think is going on, Buffy?” the Doctor whispered back, squeezing her free hand.

“Um, well, my guess would be that in this dimension, Angelus and his gang of loser vamps rule Sunnydale. Subsequently, after murdering myself and everyone I’ve ever cared about. From the freshness of Faith’s grave and her tombstone, I’m guessing the year is 1999.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking too.”

“You’re supposed to be dead, Slayer-bitch. I killed you myself.” Angelus growled.

Buffy whipped her head back in the vampire’s direction. She folded her arms and shrugged.

“Looks like you didn’t try hard enough.”

“I chained you to my wall and tortured your loved ones in front of you for hours. By the time I killed your mother, you were begging for death.” he smiled.

Buffy unfolded her arms and rolled her hands, into tight fists, clutching onto Mr. Pointy with one hand and the Doctor’s hand with her other.

He wanted to play that game? Fine. Buffy would play. She already knew all of Angelus’ tricks and she wasn’t going to let them get to her this time around.

“If you think that telling me how you murdered my family and friends is going to weaken me, you’re wrong. So very wrong.” she hissed.

Slayer-bitch was rising closer and closer to the surface and boy oh boy was she pissed.

“You…you’re different. You look…”

“Let me guess, different?”

“Buffy, I don’t think you should be mocking him.” the Doctor said.

“I am different. I’m older. Wiser. And, oh, hey. Not from this dimension.”

Angelus and Darla laughed. Spike felt a bit…uneasy. Something about this version of the Slayer was immensely familiar to him.

“See, I told you all. Something was coming. A trial. Night skies and falling stars. Past lovers and future enemies…aliens.” Drusilla rambled.

“I see Dru’s still completely insane.”

“Don’t you dare mock her, Slayer.” Spike hissed.

Buffy ignored Spike’s lame attempt at a threat and focused in on Darla, who was now clinging all over Angelus in, you know, that way.

Buffy heaved a gag of disgust.

“Ugh. Could you two, like, get a room or something? You’re literally turning my stomach. And oh, by the way, so not jealous. But nice try.”

They stopped their little show and looked in awe at the Slayer and her strange companion.

Darla smirked that dumbass evil bad guy smile.

“Sure about that, Slayer? I know that you two were all hot and heavy at one point…otherwise Angelus wouldn’t be here right now, waiting to eviscerate you. Again. Goodness knows I tried my hardest to get him to rejoin with us before…”

Buffy pushed the evisceration visual out of her head and hoped that the Doctor did as well.

“Yeah…and did you notice how the whole ‘perfect happy moment’ occurred with me and not you?”

Darla lost her little idiot smirk. Buffy decided to keep going.

“In my dimension, you’re not even alive. Angel killed you. He killed you to save my life.”

“Name’s Angelus. Get it right. Angel is dead.” Angelus growled. “And I would never kill Darla. I love her.”

Buffy laughed a dry, humourless laugh.

“That’s really funny. The Angelus that I know has very limited emotions and not one of them was love. Not a single one. You wouldn’t know what love is if it hit you, straight in the heart.”

“But you do. Both of you. I can smell it all around, the love you two have for each other.”

Buffy didn’t respond, she just tightened her fighting stance and let go of the Doctor’s hand, in preparation.

Big. Mistake.

As soon as she let go, all four vampires rushed them.

To her (somewhat) surprise, Angelus and Darla sailed right past her and went straight for the Doctor. She ran after them, but Spike and Drusilla jumped her and she was forced to deal with them. They gave up after a few minutes and ran off.

Buffy quickly realized that she was all alone now.

Angelus and Darla had kidnapped the Doctor while she was being forced to deal with Spike and Dru.

Buffy had the urge to sink down and cry, but she refrained.

Instead, she rose up.

She had already lost too much, in this world and in her own. She wasn’t about to lose anyone else. Especially not her Doctor. Especially not to him. If they wanted a fight, they were going to get one. And they were going to be sorry.

Buffy stood around for only a few seconds before she quickly realized that as much as she cherished MP2, it was going to take more than a stake to defeat Angelus & gang. It was going to take ingenuity and an arsenal of weapons.

She took another look at the tombstones and noticed something odd. Something odd and slightly hopeful.

Giles’ name wasn’t among them. Hopefully, that meant that he was still alive, if he was even in this dimension to begin with. Buffy figured that it couldn’t hurt to check, so off she ran.

This version of Sunnydale seemed to be pretty in sync with the one that had been, so she decided to go towards Giles’ apartment first. Buffy knocked loudly on the door, not wanting to just walk in.

She heard some hushed voices and shuffling around inside. It was several minutes before anyone made their way to the door.

“Who’s there?” said a hushed, extremely British voice from the other side of the door. It was a voice that held few emotions. Hate and sorrow being the main two.

Buffy took a deep breath.

“Giles, it’s me. This is going to sound completely insane and you’re probably not going to believe me….but you have to open the door and let me in. It’s important.”

Giles could hardly believe the voice on the other side. It sounded like her…it did, it really did but how could it be? He looked over to his partner in the war against Angelus and his new gang, who was running a hand through his short, chaotic reddish tinted hair.

He grabbed a crossbow that was sitting next to him, aimed it for the door and nodded for Giles to go on and open it already.

Buffy heard the locks coming undone and then the door was open and there was Giles staring her in the face, but so were Oz and two very menacing looking crossbows.

Buffy instinctively put her hands up.

“Look, I’m not armed. The only thing I have is a stake. See?” she said, wiggling Mr. Pointy around.

“How can it be you? You’re dead. You died. I watched it happen.” Giles said.

“Can I come in? I’m open bait standing out here.” Buffy responded.

“The real Buffy would never ask to come in. She would just waltz in, unannounced.” Giles deadpanned.

She sighed, put her hands down and strode in past Giles, Oz and their weapons.

“Look, see? Me Buffy. Buffy not vampire. Buffy real.”

Giles closed the door but kept his crossbow aimed.

“You look different. Older. Buffy was, er, you were only seventeen when you died last year.”

“I’m not from this dimension. Technically, the Buffy that lives here, she’s still dead. My boyfriend, the Doctor, he’s a Time Lord. We travel throughout time and space together. We got pulled here, through a hole in the time vortex or so that's what I'm assuming. Met Angelus and his gang in the cemetery. They kidnapped him, uh, the Doctor that is. I noticed you weren’t among the dead. Figured you’d have some weapons I could use.”

The Doctor barely recognized his surroundings. He had been here once, well, okay, not in this dimension of course, but he had been at the Mansion before. The very first time that he had met Buffy, actually. When he sealed the hole that Angel had fallen out of.

Quite a bit of change since then. Not that that mattered now.

He was tied down to a filthy wooden table. Arms tied above his head. Rope circled around the top of his chest and then again around his waistline and all the way down his legs. His middle was left open, he assumed, for Angelus to continue his torturous ways. He wasn’t sure exactly what was going on in the middle of his body; he just knew that it was painful.

And bloody.

Really, very bloody.

Though, for all the pain he was in and all the torture he was currently going through, he also knew that Buffy was on her way, with a daring rescue in mind. He just knew it.

And he hoped that was soon, because he, for once in his very long life, didn’t have an idea on what to do. He was just one brilliant, clever, severely injured Time Lord. Against four of the most vicious vampires to have ever come about. They weren’t dubbed ‘The Scourge of Europe’ for nothing, after all and he highly doubted that the sonic screwdriver would be of much help. Not that he could reach it anyhow, you know, with all the ropes and searing pain.

Angelus had stopped the torturing for a moment to have a word with his cohorts. Spike had just crashed into the main room, stating his opinion on everything that was transpiring.

“I don’t like it.” Spike said, loudly.

“Spike, I know this is hard for you, but how about you try having a spine for once. “ Angelus spat back.

“What exactly don’t you like, Spike? We have her lover. She’s going to come for him. When she does, we’ll kill her.” Darla said, matter of fact-ly.

“I have a spine, thank you. And unlike you lot, I haven’t forgotten what she said about being from a different dimension. She clearly has some sort of power, if she’s able to just hop between dimensional walls.”

“Aww….look girls, little Spikey-wikey is a scared little puppy!” Angelus mocked.

“Listen to me, tall dark and stupid, I’m not scared. I just don’t fancy being a big ol’ pile of ashes in the morning!”

“No, you listen to me, Captain Peroxide. I’m in command here. You do what I say, when I say it. Are we clear on that?” Angelus growled.

Spike stood tall and silent for a moment before walking out of the room.

Darla and Drusilla sauntered over to Angelus only to have him turn them away. He was far too angry to be dealt with at this point and they should’ve recognized that, but being the simpletons that they were and what with Dru’s mental condition and all, they didn’t. They followed silently in Spike’s footsteps.

The Doctor couldn’t really see what was going on due to his…predicament but he had definitely heard. Suddenly, Angelus was at his side, looking down, staring directly into his eyes.

“I know what will make me feel better.”

He smiled and it was deliciously evil, as they say.

The Doctor watched as Angelus picked up a very dirty, very sharp knife.

“How about we check out those two hearts that I keep hearing? See how they are faring.”

Angelus took the knife and plunged it down. He didn't scream, yell or even whimper at the pain. He wasn't going to give this monster that satisfaction.

Instead, he silently pleaded...begged...wished for Buffy to come crashing through the walls and put a stop to the horror.

For the first time in a very very long time, he wished nothing but death for his captor.

And personally, he couldn't wait to witness it.

It had taken Buffy a little longer than she had hoped to convince Giles and Oz that she was indeed trustworthy and that she had absolutely no plans to kill them.

Once they got that out of the way, Giles had started pulling out his weapon supply for her to choose from while he told her all the bloody details.


Apparently, Sunnydale’s condition was so bad that the Council had just stopped sending Slayers. The newest Slayer that had arrived after Faith was sent to Cleveland instead. It appeared that the Council was just as useless in this world as it had been in Buffy’s.

She listened intently as she rummaged through the weaponry. She grabbed a crossbow and some arrows because, well, she had never been able to resist the pull of flying fatality but there was something else lurking in the pile that had caught her eye.

She fixed the crossbow on her back and dug to the bottom of the pile, pulling out the familiar weapon. The stake at the bottom was sharp and pointy. The handle in the middle was clean and firm. The red of the blade gleamed, practically begging for use. Buffy could feel its power burning through her body…something she found that she kind of missed since she had given the original one to Faith all that time ago.

“Oz and I just dug that particular scythe out of a hidden tomb this morning. I haven’t had the chance to research it yet, find out why it was hidden.”

“It’s the true weapon of the Slayer.” Buffy said, in amazement and admiration.

Giles and Oz stared at her expectantly so she explained as best she could.

“It was forged in secrecy a very very long time ago. At its core, it holds the very essence of the Slayer. This weapon is pure power. Pure power for pure Slayers.”

“How do you know so much ‘bout it?” Oz asked.

Buffy cleared her throat. “There’s one like it in my dimension. I had possession of it for quite some time, but I handed it over to Faith when I left for the last time.”

“Faith? She lives in your world?” Giles asked.

“Yep. They’re all alive. Well, except for Kendra. And Mom. But she didn’t die at the hands of….well, she was sick. Really sick. She died from natural causes. And I’m pretty sure that Cordelia’s dead too. I don’t really know how I know that. And Angel…he’s not evil. Not anymore. I defeated him after…well, this situation here is pretty similar to one I went through a long, long time ago. And I won.” Buffy explained.

Oz smiled. Giles put his hand on Buffy’s shoulder. “And you’ll win again. Now go. Go or else I fear that your Doctor may not have much time left.”

Buffy grabbed the crossbow from her back and loaded it up with the arrows. She swung the crossbow back around her back and strapped the scythe in with it. She walked towards the door but stopped. She turned back and hugged Giles and Oz tightly.

“I’m so glad you two are alive. As soon as it’s morning, I want you two to book it out of Sunnydale. Go on and live your lives. There’s nothing left for you around here anymore but heartache. You’ll never be able to move on if you sit here wallowing in it every day. Promise me that you’ll leave.”

Oz and Giles nodded. “First light, we’re gone.” Oz said.

She sat high in a tree top, just outside the Mansion grounds.

It had taken Buffy all of five minutes to reach the Mansion after she left Giles’. In those five minutes she had formulated something that simulated a plan. Kind of. Well, a half-baked plan, at the least.

And then Spike wandered outside, followed by Darla and Drusilla and her whole plan changed.

She smiled, knowing that her win was imminent. She knew the Doctor was still alive; she could feel it. She could tell by the attitude between Spike and Darla that there was possibly some dissension in the ranks. All things that she could use in her favor.

She silently pulled the crossbow from her back. Spike and Darla were arguing. Drusilla was just glancing up towards the sky, lost in a faraway gaze. Buffy widened her smile and took aim. She pressed the trigger and within seconds, Drusilla was a pile of ashes on the terrace. Spike was wide eyed with grief and shock. Darla whipped her head towards the shadows. Towards Buffy’s direction.

Buffy hopped down from the trees, crossbow still aimed. She emerged and stood her ground.

“Slayer-bitch! You’re going to suffer horribly for what you’ve done!” Darla screamed.

“You know, I’ve always regretted not being the one to dust your skanky ass.” Buffy said.

Darla lunged and Buffy pulled the trigger of the crossbow at the same time. It hit Darla squarely in the chest and before she even had a chance to react, she was dust blowing in the non-existent wind.

Buffy walked forward, towards Spike, crossbow still aimed. Spike looked up from Dru’s ashes. He had tears welling up in his eyes and running all down his face. He opened his arms up wide.

“Kill me Slayer. Go on. I’m nothing without her love. I’d rather be dead.”

Buffy stared at Spike. She lowered the crossbow, realizing that she didn’t have it in her to kill him, even though he clearly wasn’t the same Spike…the one that had died in her dimension. The one that had died to save the world.

“What’s the status of my lover?” Buffy asked, keeping her voice cold.

Spike eyed the Slayer curiously. She seemed so familiar…and not just because he had witnessed Angelus kill the girl the year before. This exact version of her with longer, blonder hair. Sharp wit. Like she had said. Older. Wiser.

It was like she had stirred distant memories of dreams that he'd had….dreams that he had never told any of his cohorts. Dreams of a world where there was more than one Slayer. Slayers. Coming together from all different parts of the world to fight a common foe. Something called ‘The First’.

And he was on their side.

The latest installment of the dreams ended with him and the Slayer holding hands, while his hand burned, from sunlight or the fires of Hell itself, he wasn’t sure. But it was the Slayer that he saw before him that starred in that dream. Not the one that Angelus had murdered.

“I asked you a question.” Buffy growled, fiercely.

“Oh, uh, not good. Angelus’ been using him as a torture device for the last half hour. Better get in there quick, pet. Or else there’ll be another one joining the cemetery tonight.”

Buffy walked closer to Spike, who was still kneeling on the ground, next to Dru’s ashes.

“What’re you doing? Aren’t you going to kill me?” Spike asked.

“Did you kill any of my loved ones? And don’t lie to me.”

Spike swallowed hard. “No. Not at first. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t know why, but I felt…drawn to the core of them. But eventually, Captain Forehead got suspicious so I had to kill someone….but he said it wasn’t good enough. That I hadn’t…contributed like the rest of them had. He made me kill Red and her boy toy, the one with the weird shirts, not the werewolf. While you, well the other you, watched. I’ve had this horrible guilt about it ever since…”

Buffy had a sudden realization. She knew exactly what was happening. She lowered her crossbow and bent down to his eye level.

“I’m not going to kill you. But listen and listen good. Whatever the Buffy in this dimension was….I’m not. As soon as my back turns, I want you gone. Get out of Sunnydale and stay out. And don’t even think of trying to sabotage me while I’m in there fighting with Angelus. I’m giving you one warning and this is it. I don’t do second chances and you’d do best to remember that. Now, run along.”

Spike stood up. Buffy stood along with him.

He nodded and then he was gone.

Buffy turned back towards the Mansion and took a deep breath.

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