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Since when am I Jewish?

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Summary: House has a puzzle to solve. Thirteen's new friends make him look normal. Cuddy has a secret and Wilson's been friends with House way too long.

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Television > House, M.D. > General(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR151011,218510135,4048 Aug 1116 Mar 12No

chapter 10

Chapter 10

After lunch Riley left but Graham stayed. Graham had turned into Xander’s best male friend since he started dating Buffy. They got along surprisingly well considering the only thing they had in common at first glance was demon hunting. Graham proved to have a wicked sense of humor and an easy going constitution. He could hold his own in a prank war with Xander and the incident that caused him to sleep with Faith had just rolled off his back. They’d been hit with demon goo that acted like an aphrodisiac plus it had been before he asked Buffy out. Riley was the only one that actually had an issue with it and that was mostly because he had issues with the old Faith.

Lunch for House had been in turns amusing and confusing. Captain Cornfed and Graham were obviously hard core military men but they were close enough to Xander to have inside jokes that left Thirteen completely lost. On the other hand she had no problem joining Xander and Graham in teasing Captain Cornfed about his wife and the as of yet unmet Buffy. Apparently Graham was the second soldier to date Buffy and her relationship with Cornfed had exploded messily with him mostly at fault.

Xander followed their military jargon without problem and easily added his own comments. Riley, Graham, Xander and to a lesser extent Remy talked in a code he hadn’t been able to decipher yet. Xander and his friends had apparently saved Riley and Graham from an op that had gone completely FUBAR a few years back. They didn’t outright say that it but both soldiers had looked to Xander for permission or guidance when they couldn’t get around saying something not in code. His son was turning out to be quite the puzzle.

Graham had taken Xander back to his room while Wilson, House and his ducklings went back to work. Chase, Taub and Foreman made up reasons to leave as soon as they saw the look on House’s face. House had that ‘I’m going to figure this out’ look on his face and Wilson knew his friend well enough that trying to distract him was futile.

“Don’t do it House. You’re going to alienate him if you do this like you normally do things. Just get to know him without hiring someone to dig into his past,” offered Wilson.

House turned his gaze to Remy. She shrugged and said, “Just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they don’t have jobs. The company they all work for is global and they honestly don’t have to ask permission to do anything. They only have to explain their actions to a handful of people on the planet: The Queen of England, the President of the United States, the Pope, and a few others depending on where they are at the time. No P.I. in existence will be able to access his file. They might be able to get his adoption records, any school records that survived Sunnydale maybe his employment records from before Sunnydale but now and days all of his records are need to know and you don’t need to know.”

“What’s to keep him from lying? He already lied about his eye,” countered House.

“Xander’s the most honest person I’ve ever met. The only time he ever lies is to save lives or protect people. He wasn’t lying when he said his eye was a work related accident. It just wasn’t so much an accident as enemy retaliation,” explained Remy.

“How?” asked House. Even though he’d only known his son for about two days he knew they were right. Xander would cut him off if he tried his usual method. Xander was surprisingly good at misdirection and changing a subject with no one realizing it.

“Talk to him,” offered Wilson.

“Xander’s a babbler. Ask him questions. He’ll answer the ones he can and deflect the ones he can’t. Stick him in a room with Rachel and let her ask him questions,” offered Remy.

House looked a bit startled then grinned, “That’s a great idea. I’ll go get her.”

A while later, House returned with Cuddy and Rachel. Cuddy had given her okay to the meeting of Xander and Rachel as long as she got to witness it. Wilson got dragged along since House had gotten Rachel to call him Uncle Wilson. Cuddy thought it was cute and pretty accurate so she didn’t correct it. They knocked on Xander’s door and entered when invited.

Graham was still there as well as a petite blonde.

They adults entered first with Rachel hidden behind House so none of the Scoobies could see her.

“What’s the what?” asked Xander as he looked at his bio-parents and pseudo-uncle.

“I got bored so it’s your turn,” offered House.

Xander grinned and said, “Mom, Dad and Uncle Wilson this is my friend Buffy. Buffy these are my biological parents Doctors Cuddy and House and Uncle Wilson. Graham you met Dad and Uncle Wilson at lunch but this is my Mom. Mom this is Graham.”

They exchanged polite greeting. House noticed that while Buffy was smiling it didn’t reach her eyes. There was a cold threat in her eyes. He got the ‘hurt my friend and they’ll never find your body’ message clear as day. Buffy was definitely dangerous despite the name. Something in her eyes told him she would follow through with her threat and he had a feeling she’d get away with it without a problem. Every single one of his friends would help her and they were all dangerous. Not the ‘we are psychopaths dangerous’ but the ‘we are a lot smarter then we look and we’ll get away with it’ kind of dangerous.

“We wanted to introduce you to someone too,” announced Cuddy as she motioned for Rachel to step out from behind House. “Rachel sweetie, I thought you wanted to meet you big brother?”

Buffy whipped out her phone and started recording. The others would be so upset at having missed this.

The little girl that peaked out from behind House’s legs was adorable; big blue eyes, dark hair, a little button nose and a shy smile. She said, “Hi,” as she walked toward Xander’s bed.

Xander didn’t stand a chance. She’d have him entirely wrapped around her little finger soon and he knew it. She was just too cute. “Hello.”

When she reached his bed he picked her up and sat her down next to him. Cuddy and Wilson had started forward to stop him when he reached for her thinking he’d forgotten his injuries. He shouldn’t have been able picked her up with the ease he’d just shown. Jostling broken ribs and fresh stiches should have hurt even with the pain killers he was on.

“I’m fine. She’s really light,” offered Xander to all three Doctors.

“You shouldn’t be lifting anything with your injuries,” rebuked Cuddy.

Xander gave Cuddy a sheepish look before turning his attention to the happily babbling toddler in front of him.

Cuddy was smiling as she watched her children interact for the first time. House couldn’t help but relax as he watched Xander answer each and every question Rachel asked. He’d have to reward Thirteen for this. Even Buffy and Graham had joined in the babble fest that was going on.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Since when am I Jewish?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Mar 12.

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