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Since when am I Jewish?

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Summary: House has a puzzle to solve. Thirteen's new friends make him look normal. Cuddy has a secret and Wilson's been friends with House way too long.

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Television > House, M.D. > General(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR151011,218510135,4108 Aug 1116 Mar 12No

First impressions

Author: pinkhairedharry
Title: Since when am I Jewish?
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. BtVS and House M.D. are owned by their respective creators.
Summary: in answer to my own challenge. House has a new puzzle. Thirteens new friends make House seem normal. Cuddy has a secret and Wilson has spent way too much time with House
AN: The updates will probably be a bit slow on this. Sorry

“Has anyone else noticed the pirate standing outside in the hallway?” asked a very tousled Chase when he joined Foreman, Taub and House at the table in their office.

“Is pirate a new technical term or do I have to send you back to sensitivity training?” snarked House.

“I don’t think he personally cares,” commented Taub. “When I asked him what he was doing there he said and I quote word for word ‘I’m just waiting to kidnap me a bonnie lass. Argh!'”

“So we have a one eyed man in leather pants practically saying he’s a pirate waiting to kidnap a woman in the hallway?” asked Foreman turning to look at said man.

Remy Hadley otherwise known as thirteen exited the elevator and headed toward the office shared by her coworkers reading a patient’s file. The so named pirate went into motion as soon as she got near. He picked her up, slung her over his shoulder and headed back toward the elevator while the doctors all gawked. The file she had been reading scattered to the ground.

“Did the pirate really just kidnap Thirteen?” asked Chase incredulously.

“It would seem so. Should we maybe go help her or call security or something?” offered Taub.

“Nah. Thirteen can take care of herself or the security guards will figure it out. Go get the file she dropped Taub. It’s our new case,” ordered House.

In the elevator the kidnapper put his kidnappee back on her feet and said “Hiya Doc.”

“What are you doing here pirate? Aren’t you supposed to be in Cleveland?” at his crestfallen face she added, “I’m glad you’re here I missed having someone to talk about the nightlife with. Did you bring anyone else with you? Not that it’s not matters. It’s good to see you. How long you staying for? Oh My God I’m babbling... Answer the questions though.” While Remy had been babbling the door to the elevator had opened. Xander gently lead her to an empty room so they could talk in private.

“In answer to the first I’m here because Dawnie decided she wants to finish her degree at Princeton. We even have an apartment already. There’s also been an increase in the local night life so Faith got sent with us. That’s what G-man said anyways. I think he sent her cause she was bored. The minis’ are handling the Hellmouth on their own so she’s been starting fights at bars and it was getting kinda expensive to keep bailing her out. And last but not least Willow decided to come with because she missed you,” explained Xander grinning.

“Let me get this straight. Your saying you all decided to move here but other than Willow my living here had nothing to do with it?” asked Remy not believing it for a second.

“You’re right that had nothing to do with it,” responded Xander sticking his tongue out at her. “So maybe we took it into account but Dawn really did want to finish her Doctorate at Princeton so really it was like an added bonus that we can get you to patch us up for free.”

“So what are you doing here right now?” asked Remy returning his grin with a smirk of her own.

“Dawn and Willow kicked me and Faith out of the apartment so they could furniture shop online without our ‘horrendous’ input. Apparently hobo chic is not the decretive style they want to live in. Faith and I decided to surprise you at work to get even with Dawn and Willow,” answered Xander.

“Where’s Faith then?” questioned Remy.

“I may have lost her somewhere on the second floor. She said something about the two H’s and started stalking after a ‘hottie’ doctor. She’ll come find us when she’s done,” replied Xander.

“Not that I mind but why did you carry me off like that?” queried Remy.

“Just messing with your teams heads by embracing my pirate-like and dashing good looks. You got time for lunch or you got to head back to work?” asked Xander.

“I have to check with House to see if he wants me to run any tests but come up and I’ll introduce you to the team. And Faith if we find her,” replied Remy.

“I’m right here Doc. Who we getting introduced too?” interjected Faith from behind her.

“My team,” announced Remy.

EDIT: fixed some misstakes a reviewer pointed out for me.
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