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Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

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This story is No. 8 in the series "My Name Is Legion". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” - Jonathan Swift. No. 8 of the My Name is Legion series. August Fic-A-Day 2011 entry.

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DC Universe > Legion of Superheroes(Current Donor)ManchesterFR1812,988251,4298 Aug 118 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and DC Comics characters are the property of their original owners.

Dancing down the school corridor, Xander Harris enjoyed the smooth rush of air over his uncovered chest, the firmness of the floor under his bare feet, and the swaying of his dangling junk exposed to the entire world. He was nude, and he was proud!

Okay, he was also invisible, and since it happened to be the middle of the night, Sunnydale High was totally deserted. Well…the late-shift janitor was busy at his job somewhere else here, but again, he was invisible, so even if that hard-working guy ever showed up, all Xander had to do was to stay quiet while sneaking off into the opposite direction out of earshot. Nodding in satisfaction at this conclusion, Xander continued to perform the Macarena, and this time he avoided poking himself in the eye. Before tonight, the teenage boy had never thought how difficult it was to know exactly where all your extremities were when you became perfectly transparent.

It’d happened just a few minutes ago. The Scooby Gang had been making their regular patrols, and an hour ago in one of the town’s graveyards, Buffy had slain a highly belligerent demon that nobody recognized. Xander volunteered to check out Giles’ books in the school library to see if there was any information about the Slayer’s latest kill. Thankfully, there’d been nothing alarming when Xander managed to identify that not particularly dangerous demon, and he’d been in the middle of returning the aged volume to the library shelves, when a shimmer of white light had appeared over his body. A second later, Xander was staring at a book in front of himself that seemed to be floating in mid-air a few inches from the edge of his new long-sleeved upper costume, even though his brain was also insisting he was still firmly holding onto the book.

Sighing, Xander quickly identified yet another unwanted present from the Chaos magic he’d been exposed to last year, being changed into Lyle Norg of the Legion of Super-Heroes. In the 30th century, this young scientist developed a chemical serum that allowed him to generate an aura which redirected light waves around his body in such a manner to leave him completely invisible. This process somehow allowed Lyle to see even when he was invisible, despite the logical objection that his transparent eyes wouldn’t have incoming light waves reflecting from his retinal cells and thus carry this visual information to his brain.

Well, at least that had also worked for Xander, but unfortunately, due to the Chaos magic having a little bit of fun tonight, while he was invisible, his clothes weren’t! Glumly eyeing his apparently headless and handless reflection in the boys’ restroom mirror, Xander realized that this wasn’t going to be very useful to the Scoobies. Even with Sunnydale Syndrome, other people would probably notice an empty set of clothes walking around without seemingly anybody in these garments! Not to mention that vamps and other demons possessed such keen noses and other sensitive senses that even if these creatures of the night might not see an invisible Xander, they’d certainly know he was around them, his stake ready for action while this wooden stick was floating in the air.

A sudden inspiration had Xander drink from a paper cup taken out of the holder directly above one of the restroom sinks. However, despite removing the upper part of Lyle Norg’s costume, Xander didn’t get a chance to see the water he’d just consumed flowing down his throat into his stomach. Instead, this liquid seemed to disappear, or also become invisible when it went down past his lips, showing his invisibility power was working a fraction of an inch beyond his flesh. It was still totally cool to see in the restroom mirror the paper cup floating over a set of pants standing up straight from the floor, though.

Crumpling up the paper cup in his invisible hand (and that was fun to watch, too), Xander tossed it into the trash container nearby, and he wondered what to do next. It felt like his newest bit of Chaos magic would wear off pretty soon anyway, which favored staying safely inside the school until this happened, and then going back out to rejoin his fellow Scoobies on their patrol as an again-visible Xander. They wouldn’t be too worried if he didn’t show up right away, since nobody had known how long it’d take for their friend to find the information on their attacking demon, after all. So, what else could he do until then?

Xander glanced down at his boots and trousers standing upright in the restroom, and then he slowly lifted his head to look at the door of the boys’ facilities, an evil grin beginning to appear upon his invisible face.

When I dance, they call me Macarena,” hummed Xander under his breath as he gyrated down the school corridor while being stark naked. It’d taken just all of five seconds for him, after he’d stripped in the library and put away Lyle Norg’s entire costume there, to stop feeling so self-conscious and just gleefully throw himself into a truly unique experience he’d for sure never be able to do ever again. Or, at least until streaking came back into fashion.

Coming to a corner, Xander stopped humming, to then cautiously peek around the wall down another brightly-lit school corridor, totally deserted, and with a gleaming, just-waxed floor showing where the janitor had been working there a few minutes before. Nothing in the entire world would’ve prevented Xander from carrying out his next completely impulsive action.

Grinning from ear to ear as he slid on his feet over the slippery floor after a few running steps further back up the hallway to build enough speed, Xander sailed down the corridor. Halfway in his journey, after beginning to slow down, the teenager tucked in his arms and he added a few spins to his skating routine. Just after completing his final rotation, Xander was about to slide to a stop, so he then flung up his arms, about to hold them triumphantly over his head at winning the men’s figure skating Olympic gold medal. What’s more amazing, the incredible Xander Harris had finished off his routine with a perfect score without wearing any makeup, ruffles, glitter, or in fact anything else at all!

Lost in his dreams of glory (and very lucrative tv commercial endorsements), Xander continued to hold up his arms as he slowed to nearly a complete halt on the waxed corridor, and at that exact moment, the teenage boy made a direct collision with his entire body into something unseen standing in front of an open classroom door to the right.

Yelping in his sheer fright and absolute shock, Xander lost his balance and fell into the doorway, all while frantically flailing at the shrieking invisible entity that was completely tangled up with him. Alternatively trying to get away even as he defended himself, Xander tumbled into the classroom itself, rolling around the floor in a futile attempt to regain his footing and run like hell. His kicks, punches, and shoves only made contact once in a while with his mystery opponent, who was having an equal lack of success, and then Xander tried a frenzied lunge off his knees into the direction of the door and out into the corridor. Whatever he was fighting also had the same idea at that identical moment, resulting in two bodies again slamming together and falling back onto the floor, both in a desperate clutch with each other, as their fight instantly ceased.

LET GO, YOU PERVERT!” screamed a very high-pitched voice right into Xander’s ear.

This young man was at that point devoting just 0.01% of his concentration to such odd things as that final word yelled at him, his left hand holding a slim wrist that was trying to pull free, and his right hand clamped onto something round that felt both firm and soft through the cloth covering it, with a protruding nub digging into the center of his palm. Xander was far more concerned about what was taking up his remaining 99.99% attention. Mainly, the small hand with the very sharp fingernails that was now firmly fastened onto his genitals.

YOU LET GO!” screamed back Xander in a similar high-pitched voice, which he instantly prayed wouldn’t remain permanent.

That provoked another earsplitting shriek, combining fear and rage: “I DIDN’T COME BACK HERE TO BE RAPED! LET GO OF ME, OR I’LL RIP YOUR BALLS OFF!

In the next second, Xander’s brain worked faster than ever before in his life, connecting all that he’d just learned: invisible -- invisible girl (he abruptly realized just what his right hand was holding and at once let loose of this breast) -- come back here -- and the young man then came to the astonished and yet absolutely correct conclusion.

“Marcie? Marcie Ross?!

An incredulous gasp huffed into Xander’s ear, with this teenager himself uttering a choking whimper as the hand down there tightened slightly in sheer shock. A girl’s voice coming from out of thin air then bewilderedly asked, “Uh, what-- How-- Who are you?”

Gritting his teeth, Xander painfully forced out, “I’m Xander! Xander Harris!”

“I don’t remember--”

Really wanting Marcie to let go, Xander then said what he’d been hoping to avoid: “When you went on your rampage here last year, you locked me, Giles, and Willow in the boiler room and turned on the gas.”

The hand holding Xander captive was then hastily snatched away, accompanied by a very apologetic babbling, “I-- I’m so, so, sorry! I really am, over everything! Well…like I told my therapist, I still wouldn’t spit on Cordelia Chase if she was on fire, but, honestly, I’ve made great strides, coming to peace with almost everything else, and uh, could you please forgive me--” It went on like that for another minute or so.

Not that Xander was paying very much attention, what with the young man falling over onto his side and curling up around himself. Eventually, he became aware of something unseen prodding his right knee, following by a very bemused feminine voice, “Xander? Are you okay? Um, are you paying attention? Because I’m really curious why you’re invisible too, Also, about the whole no clothes thing--”

“It sounded like a good idea at the time,” groaned Xander, cautiously sitting up. Eyeing the deserted classroom brightly lit up like the outside corridor, Xander again failed to catch sight of a certain young woman currently sharing this space with him. Clearing his throat, Xander tried to explain without giving away too much information, “Sunnydale’s still as weird as ever since you left. I got turned invisible tonight because of another one of the bizarro effects caused by living here, but it should wear off soon.”

“Oh,” sadly replied Marcie, as Xander stared at the empty space a few feet away where her voice was coming from. Continuing in her subdued tone, she confessed, “That hasn’t happened to me. I haven’t changed back, even though I don’t live here anymore and people remember me now--”

Genuinely curious, Xander broke in, “Hey, just what went on with you last year after everything, anyway? We saw you head off with a couple of government-looking guys--”

It was Marcie’s turn to interrupt the other, as she earnestly told him, “Xander, I can’t talk about that. Let me put it this way -- I’ve got an important job, but it’s really secret.”

“That’s…great,” hesitantly responded Xander, who still had the uneasy feeling Marcie was keeping quiet about something important. But then, he had his own secrets about the Hellmouth and the Slayer and the Scooby Gang. The last who fortunately weren’t around the school right this minute, because Buffy and Wils and Cordy certainly wouldn’t be happy about Marcie being back--

Frowning at the question which had just popped into his head, Xander asked without thinking, “Marcie, why’re you here, at the high school? Does this have anything to do with your, uh, job?”

“Oh, no,” Marcie’s voice promptly replied. “I mentioned my therapist, right? Well, she persuaded me I needed to get some closure about what happened here to me in the first place, and how I dealt with it. So, I talked my-- Uh, we’re just paying a quick visit here. I’ll get picked up in a half-hour or so, and then we’re leaving.”

“Oookay,” drawled Xander in a rather doubtful tone. Feeling impelled to fill in the sudden awkward silence between the pair, he went on, “So, do you, um, feel better?”

There was another short pause, until Marcie uttered an unenthusiastic, “Eh, kind of. I wandered around here for a while, going to a few places like the music room that I’ve got some nice memories about. Other than that, even though I gave it a pretty good try, I still don’t like it here very much. I’ll probably never come back after this, Xander.” After that statement, the young girl uttered a short, unhappy sigh.

For some reason that sound seemed very familiar to the Scooby Gang member, prompting him to ask in his concern, “Is something wrong, Marcie?”

Another sigh came, along with a doleful admission absently delivered by the invisible girl, “It’s…why I’ve been depressed the last couple of weeks. Like I told Ms. Han -- my therapist -- nobody knows me.”

“What?” frowned Xander, tilting his head to stare at a vacant spot on the classroom floor. He pointed out, “You said before that people remember you at your job now--”

“That’s different, Xander,” corrected Marcie. There was a thoughtful note in the young woman’s voice, as she struggled to put her feelings into actual words. “They remember me -- that I’m around, working, training, that kind of thing. But…they don’t know me, just like the last time when I was here. I’m…scared that I’ll disappear even more, now that nobody knows who I am or what I look like.”

“I know what you look like, Marcie” Xander responded at once, feeling startled as he realized the truth of his abrupt statement. This astonishment made the teenage boy miss the indrawn breath of wonder and sudden hope coming from across the classroom, as Xander started speaking slowly, from his memories.

“You’ve got smooth, shoulder-length brown hair, parted at the middle, an open, pretty face with a strong jaw, and a good mouth that lights up everything when you smile. You’ve got…” For the next minute, Xander lost himself in his sincere description, to then finish in a satisfied tone over remembering so much.

Only to listen in sudden horror to the sound of soft weeping coming from where Marcie was sitting on the classroom floor. Knowing he’d just completely screwed up, even if he wasn’t sure how, the young man despairingly entreated, “Oh, geez, I’m sorry, Marcie! I didn’t mean to-- UFF!”

That abrupt grunt was due to a small body moving very fast to wrap itself completely around Xander’s chest, putting her arms in a chokehold encircling his throat, and pulling his head down to press the side of her head against his cheek. Not daring to move a muscle, Xander felt liquid dripping down his jaw line, as Marcie kept on crying. After a few more disbelieving moments, Xander started gingerly patting Marcie’s unseen shoulders and back, while also surreptitiously edging his bare legs away from where he thought her lower body was. All he needed now was for the sobbing girl in his arms to unerringly plant her knee into his crotch.

Finally, Marcie’s tears subdued into a few sniffles, until she then spoke in absolute gratitude. “You don’t just know me, Xander! Right now, you made me know myself. I can remember who I am, and I’ll keep what you told me! I, I can’t thank you enough…but I’m still going to try. You, Xander Harris, are always going to remember me!”

Blinking at that, a suddenly-nervous Xander warily pointed out, “Marcie, I’m invisible and sitting bare-ass naked on a kinda cold classroom floor. Plus, I’m also holding in my arms a really nice invisible girl. How’s it possible for me to ever forget this?”

An inch from Xander’s face, a soft, gleeful, feminine giggle sent a puff of air against his skin, as he also felt there smooth fingers gently touching him and tracing out his features. Holding his head stock-still, Xander’s eyes widened, as a finger remained at the tip of his nose to show where to guide someone else’s nose. Opening his mouth but not sure exactly what he’d been about to say, his lips suddenly felt upon them a descending pair of warm female lips that were the property of a young woman utterly determined to go through with this.

Several minutes later, Bill Nathanson, the late night shift janitor at Sunnydale High, was irkedly chewing at his unlit cheap cigar while following the trail of skidmarks down the corridor he’d cleaned and waxed just an hour ago. This workman halted in his tracks in front of the open doorway of a lit classroom, his attention suddenly caught by the steady noises coming from within this area. Squinting into there, Bill saw absolutely nobody in the classroom. However…

The teacher’s desk placed in front of the blackboard was now forcefully shifting, rattling, and bouncing, all without anyone near or even touching this piece of furniture. The astonished janitor also further heard the sounds of two young people in the classroom, one male and one female, both moaning and gasping and grunting…

Bill stepped back, did a hasty about-face, and got out of there as fast as he quietly could. He’d come back later. Much later. With every bit of cleaning supplies he could bring along. Just in case.

The End

You have reached the end of "Now You See Them, Now You Don’t". This story is complete.

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