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A Captains woe

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Bones of the Past 'verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: *Twisted Shorts - Day Eight* Kirk has a first-class strategic mind. However, even he was wary of breaking the news of a cancelled shore leave to his senior crew. Part of the Bones’ of the past verse.

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009
Games > Horror > Doom / Quake
hellbellsFR131729152,5388 Aug 118 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to BtVS, Doom or Star Trek 2009. I only own my twisted imagination!

Kirk was in a miserable mood and for once, it was not down to angry Romulan’s or natives.

The senior crew were ecstatic at the chance of spending some time on Risa. The pleasure planet was popular destination for shore leave. The women had all been planning what to wear, which meant that himself, Bones and Spock were being driven to distraction.

It all started with Nyota and Buffy deciding, which would be the most appropriate beachwear. They asked each other’s opinions about a variety of barely there bikinis.

Kirk had watched in fascination as Spock started twitching. Kirk thought that his first officer would definitely need some mediation time to calm down. Bones though, was a picture in repressed lust, mixed with deep possessiveness. Buffy was more than capable of handling herself but Kirk always enjoyed watching men swallow there tongues when Bones glared at them. Usually, Reaper only came out to play when the crew was in danger but Kirk would swear that Bones glares would contain a hint of Reaper.

However, the planned shore leave had been cancelled and the Enterprise ordered to report to Starbase-13. The Admiralty had told him, not to worry about his crew because at the same time he would have a new crew rotation.

Kirk had listened as Admiral Forrester had explained this and mentally winced. He asked, “will the remaining crew be allowed to take Shore Leave?”

“Negative, we have a delicate situation with the Klingon’s that requires your crews finesse.”

Kirk sighed, never mind finesse he would need body armour. “Understood, Kirk out.”

His crew had quickly learnt that you could not come between Bones and Buffy. Oh, and not to anger Buffy least they wish to suffer the consequences. Kirk personally admired her ability to cause mischief without violence. Bones would often help, it just goes to show that they had not spent all their years wisely.

Kirk knew that his Security Chief would be mad and if she got the women’s help, then the men would be miserable. He just needed to figure out how he could break the news gently. Damn it, he had no chocolate so that plan was out.

He looked to his top shelf, where a Klingon bat’lath lay. He had found it not long after the last disastrous mission where Buffy and Bones had had to rescue their asses. At the time, he had intended to give the Bat’lath as a gift but the chocolate had sufficiently placated Buffy. Kirk being a genius thought it best to keep the fancy blade in reserve for the next time he pissed off Buffy. Low and behold, he now had such a situation.

Senior Staff meeting

Kirk looked over his crew and sighed, “I’m afraid that we have orders from the Admiralty to proceed to Starbase-13.”

The crew froze; Buffy could read between the lines, “No shore leave.”

Kirk watched as Bones flinched, well that was ominous, “No but I do have some good news. You no longer will have cupcake as your Deputy.”

Buffy was clearly not happy, then again Gallia or Nyota were not happy. “I fought for the Shore Leave but we are the victims of our own success. We are being ordered to the Klingon border.”

The team knew it was not their captain’s fault but they were still unhappy. They went back to their posts, Kirk called, “Bones & Buffy stay a minute.”

Buffy looked quizzically at Jim. He said, “I really am sorry, I did try.”

Kirk did not know that Bones was planning to propose. Bones was disappointed but if there was, one thing his many years had taught him was patience. He would gain another chance soon enough.

Bones watched as Kirk reached up for a package, “I’m well aware that you were planning a romantic getaway.” He had a wry smile, “I did as well but I have something to say sorry.”

He handed the package over to Buffy. She opened it and gasped upon seeing the beautiful blade. She took several steps backwards to give herself room to swing her arms.

The men were treated to the sight of her performing several master level katas, when she stopped. Kirk asked hopefully, “Forgiven?”

Buffy’s mega watt smile clued him in, “yeah nothing says sorry like a sword.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He smiled in wry amusement.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Captains woe". This story is complete.

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