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One Screamer A Screaming

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Summary: Everyone needs a little stress relief.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralReallyBoredFR131893029228 Aug 118 Aug 11Yes
Disclaimer: No, I own NOTHING here! Joss Whedon and his group own all characters, settings, materials related to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.


An AU; a brief exploration of what might have happened if Buffy never slept with Angel--And if Angel had that moment of perfect happiness due to some other event.




Everyone needs a little stress relief.






One Screamer A Screaming




She heard screaming. There was screaming--Buffy was certain of it. But was it inside her head, or outside it? Meh, not that it mattered, so far out in the desert . . .who would hear her? But occasionally she did like to take notice of reality. Not really very often, but just enough to keep her from having to acknowledge it on a regular bases.

Who could blame her for wanting to escape her life for a tad bit, if only in the private place of her mind? Giles? Xander? Willow? Her mother? As for Angel . . .Oh-ho! The-Vampire-With-A-Soul comprised of about fifty percent of her problems! Or maybe she should start calling him by his new tittle: The-Vampire-Who-Used-To-Have-A-Soul!

Pity Jenny Calendar, A. K. A. Janna of the Kalderash (Kalderash, as in the gypsy tribe that Cursed Angelus), never bothered explaining how 'one moment of true happiness' would de-curse Angel, and replace him with Angelus--Soulless psycho killer!

That information would have been a nice thing to share, before Willow, happily and innocently, presented Angel with genetic proof of a surviving bastard bloodline--Oops, that was not very politically correct, was it? The 'bastard' part, Buffy giggled hysterically. Oh, God! She was losing it! So, um, how about 'surviving illegitimate bloodline'?

Oh, yeah, that sounded better.

Angel was happy, alright. He had on his face the happiest, goofiest grin, joy radiating out of him--The idea the demon had missed at least one family member (True, a bastard child, but still family), his family line still alive and healthy, was a sweet victory and a light of hope for Angel.

But, oh, that pleasant moment was far too fleeting.

After the grins came the spasms of pain, the doubling over and the screams. Exit Angel--Hellooo Angelus!

Bad, really, really, REALLY, bad!

The only reasonably good thing that happened was that the snarling thing, left in place of the departed soul, decided to retreat instead of attacking and disappeared while everyone was too stunned to move.

He headed in a straight line for his old pals, Dru and Spike. Geeze! Like that was a BIG surprise . . .Huh, Buffy snickered, she could imagine Spike pushing out at least a couple of kittens at his grandsire's sudden appearance! No . . .wait . . .Brain bleach! Brain bleach! Ack! The image of SPIKE pushing out anything--Ack! No! Just No!

Buffy calmed down and sighed. And that was just one reason the screaming in her head (or maybe outside it) started. She decided to defy Giles, and took another stab at educating her mother about the Supernatural. Only the second time around at the task, she had come prepared with proof! Or was that 'POOF!'? It took dusting only four vampires before her mother, Joyce, went down into a mindless, staring, open-mouthed heap. And Giles? Instead of praising her for pulling her Joyces's head out of the sand, he called her a fool for endangering her own mother!

Buffy huffed in frustration. Was it really her fault her mother laid into the Watcher--Once she awoke from her, um, 'nape'? A nape that lasted, oh, about . . .six hours--Give or take a few minutes. That Joyce blamed Giles for destroying her daughter's 'normal' life? Not that she remained unscathed . . .Her mother had come around to her . . .And that conversation was just one of the reasons little Buffy was out screaming at the desert (or maybe just inside her head)!

Then there was Willow's behavior--Her guilt inspired apology broke records for longest nonstop breathless babble, ever! Xander confirmed it. Hmmmm, Xander . . .Between comforting and calming down Willow, Xander was enthusiastically performing--on their main research table, with Giles' really old books within stumping range--a happy song-and-dance number that consisted of a bastardized Snoopy dance, to a I-Told-You-So chant. An irate Giles had to threaten the Twinkies to make him stop.

Reunited, the surviving members of the Scourge of Europe made plans to announce their comeback with a blue colored demon named ominously enough, The Judge. Plans they had to delay due to a missing body part--An arm. A blue arm that was currently scaring the clueless tourists at a World famous amusement park's haunted house in LA. Buffy smirked, Angelus and company expected them to personally escort the arm out of Sunnydale, keeping it in sight at all times. They never expected them to mail the thing out. Or, have Giles' contacts set it up in a public place, under everyone's nose.

Now? Buffy reflected on what now meant for them. She contemplated the nearly endless horrors a nearly reconstituted Scourge could--would--commit, and found herself grieving for what she had to do--Destroy Angel's demon infested body!

But for the moment . . .Heck, she had all day! Let the screaming continue!






Thin, I know . . .But I currently don't plan on doing anything more with it. Just a little Bunny that escaped, and got to do some hopping about. So, for now, this story is complete.

Thanks, and good-bye!

The End

You have reached the end of "One Screamer A Screaming". This story is complete.

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