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Devil's Lyric

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Summary: There was only one thing more frightening than being stuck in Silent Hill with no Slayer abilities, and meeting a Pyramid Head for the first time was it. (August fic a day challenge)

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Games > HorrorpezgirlFR131896105358 Aug 118 Aug 11Yes
Author: Orangethunder
Rating: 13
Warning: None
Fandoms: BtVS and Silent Hill 2

Summary: There was only one thing more frightening than being stuck in Silent Hill with no Slayer abilities, and meeting a Pyramid Head for the first time was it.

Feedback: Yes please!

Disclaimer: BtVS and Silent Hill belong to Mutant Enemy and Capcom respectively.


There was only one thing more frightening than being stuck in Silent Hill with no Slayer abilities, and meeting a Pyramid Head for the first time was it. Buffy could see why the name ‘Pyramid Head’ popped into her mind when it tried to identify the aberration; the most immediate feature was the bloodstained, metallic pyramid that encased the area where his head should be- and she knew that he had a head.

Where else were those moans coming from?

Buffy shuddered in the darkness, she peered through the gap between the wardrobe doors; the demon had its back to her, heaving his weapon along behind him with visible difficulty- she swallowed hard, the knife had to be about as big as her; the knife was the second feature she’d noticed.

She felt a little better knowing that the demon wasn’t able to use his weapon efficiently; at least, she didn’t think he could; even though the demon was quite muscular he seemed to struggle with the weight. But, on the other hand, the demon’s clothes... and she’d use that term loosely... were splattered with blood; the formerly white material of the robe was discoloured.

He had to have gotten a good shot in at least once or twice.

If the demon was faking the weakness, he was doing a pretty good job of it; although, the robe was a dead giveaway-

Buffy winced at the thought, as if she wanted to think of the word ‘dead’ in a situation like the one she was in!

Hoping the Pyramid Dude would just leave, Buffy eyed him silently from her hiding place; the little bit of the Slayer that remained within her mind rebelled against the act, she had to remind her head that the rest of her was undoubtedly human, and weak.

She allowed her eyes to drop to the huge blade in the demon’s grip, her mind went back over the last hour since she’d been separated from her friends; the worst feeling she’d had since entering Silent Hill was the one incurred when she’d been trying to dodge the bloodied man; running through those endless halls, wondering if she’s run into another one of those creepy, dead nurses, and then coming to a dead-end; none of the doors that had surrounded her would open.

They were all broken, jammed or locked; something that, until recently, wouldn’t have stopped her- and that was when she’d almost choked, her defencelessness highlighted yet again. And it was precisely that swirl of panic that had her hiding in a wardrobe; waiting for the abhorrent monster to leave the room.

The voice in her soul screamed at her to fight the demon, to do what she had been born to do; to act as though she was still the Slayer. But she had no weapon; had she been Slayer-strong she probably would have used the demon’s knife, much like she would have used Olaf’s Hammer against the troll himself had Willow not been able to finish the spell.

She wondered how Willow and Xander were doing, and hoped that they were a lot safer than she was; watching the Pyramid Head draw closer to her she knew that she couldn’t be less safe if she tried.

Well, she could always try to fight the demon- that ought to do it.

Unconsciously pushing herself back against the wardrobe, she held her breath as the Pyramid Head seemed to pause in his vague search; hopeful, she watched as it groaned in pain; the sounds echoing eerily within the pyramid, and then it lumbered slowly towards the door.

Buffy didn’t breathe until the very tip of the great knife disappeared around the doorway, and out of her sight.

She finally let out a shaky breath.

Where were Willow and Xander?

How much longer were they going to be trapped within Silent Hill?

Tentatively, she pushed the doors forwards and climbed to her feet; wary of the shadows lurking around the room. She slowly relaxed a little, and started searching the room for some kind of weapon.

The door that the demon had staggered though creaked open, sounding noisy in the silent room; wheeling around, she fully expected to see the Pyramid Head; and the last few moments of her life.

A man with floppy, dark blond hair was staring at her through frightened eyes; he glanced in the direction that the demon had disappeared in, “Are you real?”

Buffy blinked at the familiar question, and laughed, “You are not the first person to ask me that; to be honest it’s a little wiggy.”

The man nodded, looking faint, “Right, um... do you have any idea what’s going on here?”

Buffy shook her head, “I’m not the person to ask.”

The man stared at her for a few moments, then seemed to decide something, “I’m James Sunderland.”

James Sunderland.

Buffy nodded, “You looking for something in this town?”

James frowned, a suspicious glint flickering in his green eyes, “How do you know?”

She shrugged, feeling exhausted, “Everyone seems to be looking for something here.”

James looked a little worried; his eyes flitted around restlessly, and she realised that he was going to leave, “Right...

She wasn’t going to stop him; they all needed to find someone.

Warily, he backed out of the room; leaving her alone once more.


The End

You have reached the end of "Devil's Lyric". This story is complete.

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